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10 of the best all-terrain and 3-wheeler buggies

We've chosen the best all-terrain and 3-wheeler pushchairs, built for handling tough and bumpy terrain – tried and tested by parents with their families


All-terrain pushchairs are designed to tackle rough terrain, making them an ideal choice if you live in the countryside or regularly take your buggy across rugged ground. There’s a whole range of 3 and 4 wheelers on the market made with this purpose in mind – that’s why we’ve meticulously researched and tested over 650 buggies including over 50 designed for all terrains.


Using a combination of expert journalist reviews as well as feedback from MFM parent testers and users, we’ve compiled a list of the top all-terrain pushchairs to suit different needs including sturdy 3-wheelers, singles, doubles and travel systems.

What to consider when buying an all-terrain pushchair

Wheel size – The general principle is the larger the wheel, the better it will handle rough terrain. Many regular pushchairs have two larger wheels at the back and two smaller ones at the front. All terrains with large wheels both front and back will give you and your baby the easiest ride and lightest push even over very rough terrain.

Tyre type – Air-filled tyres give the smoothest of rides on the bumpiest of grounds, so if you’re looking for a really tough all-terrain or a buggy you can jog with, these are a great option. However, they are prone to punctures and you’ll need to carry a repair kit. Increasingly we’re seeing all-terrain pushchairs designed with foam-filled tyres which handle rough terrain very well but do add weight.

Suspension – A good suspension will also help off-road pushing. Some all terrains feature heavy-duty suspension and shock absorbers.

Number of wheels – A 4-wheel pushchair offers stability and often a bigger shopping basket, as they don’t narrow at the front. However 3-wheel models tend to be easier to manoeuvre over rough ground due to the single steer at the front.

Weight – All-terrain pushchairs tend to be quite heavy in order to tackle rough terrain. Think about how often you’re going to be lifting your pushchair when folded (eg loading into a car boot or carrying up stairs).

Accessories – The joys of UK weather mean that we can encounter rain all year round. If you’re out on long walks a raincover will be pretty essential so check if this included or if you have to buy it separately, along with other accessories such as footmuffs for winter or a cup holder.

Fabric – Are the fabrics waterproof? If you plan to take your pushchair off-road, then you will certainly have to factor in getting it muddy and damp, especially with 3-wheelers being closer to the ground, so check if the fabric is water and mud resistant.

Do I need to buy an all-terrain pushchair?

Yes – if you regularly encounter bumpy terrain, especially if you live in a rural area, a standard pushchair or pram might not have the features to help you tackle this with ease.

Probably not – if you’re looking for a buggy that will be able to handle occasional country walks and regular trips to the park. A regular pushchair is likely to be able to handle these kinds of terrains, as long as it has reasonable sized rear wheels. The only buggies that really struggle with very rough terrain are strollers with small front and rear wheels and little suspension.

Are all-terrain pushchairs suitable from birth?

Most of the pushchairs on our list are suitable from birth, either with a carrycot or a lie-flat seat. However, according to standards that assess whether a pushchair is suitable from birth, lie-flat is at least 150°, not 180°.

Given the scientific evidence behind keeping your baby lying flat in a pushchair, we recommend that if you’re using this buggy on a frequent and regular basis with your newborn, you use either a carrycot or choose a buggy with a full 180° flat recline.

How much does an all-terrain pushchair cost?

Depending on your budget size and how much you are willing to spend, prices can vary significantly.

All-terrain pushchairs tend to start in the mid-range market and go up to higher end models – we have highlighted models starting from just under £400 to over £1000.

Consider how much you are willing to invest, but leave some wiggle room in case you want to buy extra accessories such as a newborn carrycot or raincover, which sometimes don’t come included.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best all-terrain pushchairs and 3-wheelers:

1. Mountain Buggy Terrain Pushchair, £599 + £169 for carrycot

– Best for versatility

Mountain Buggy toddler seat and carrycot

Suitable from: birth (lie flat or additional carrycot) to 25kg | Weight: 12.9kg | Unfolded dimensions: H92.5cm -123.5cm x W63cm x L110cm | Folded dimensions: H93cm x W63cm x L39cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 16″ and 12″ | Suspension: Shock-absorber wheel suspension | Raincover included: No

One of the standout features of the Mountain Buggy Terrain is the fact it comes with 2 sets of air-filled back wheels for no extra cost. This allows you to easily switch between off-road mode (sturdy 16″ wheels) to urban assault course (lighter 12″ wheels), letting you choose which wheels suit your day. Whether it be off-road or a day shopping our MFM reviewer, Anthony, found the Terrain “light to push in any environment”.

Plus, there are multiple brakes on this model with a foot brake pedal on each side and a handlebar brake, just like you’d get on a bike. This is particularly useful if you regularly take your buggy on runs. Other handy features for long walks or jogging include 2 bottle holders (one for your child’s drink and yours), multiple storage pockets including one in the hood and a tracking cog which stops the wheels steering the pram off in another direction.

MFM reviewer, Anthony, also praised the quick one-hand fold: “No wrestling skills required to fold this buggy up!”. This is done by twisting the handle and pressing the button under the front of the seat.

The only downside would be the raincover not being included in the price and if your child is snoozing the hood doesn’t fold back too smoothly. To recline the seat back you have to fiddle with toggles., but once back the seat goes to a lie-flat position which is useful for nap times.

Pros: 2 sets of wheels, 2 types of brakes, easy to fold, wheel tracking device
Cons: Raincover not included, hood doesn’t fold back smoothly

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Available from:Mountain Buggy, Amazon and Natural Baby Shower

2. Jané Trider & Matrix Light 2 travel system, £860

– Best all-terrain travel system

Jané Trider and Matrix Lite 2 travel system

Suitable from: birth (carrycot included) to 3 years | Weight: 14.7kg (with seat unit) | Unfolded dimensions: H83 – 108cm x W60cm x L108cm | Folded dimensions: H70cm x W60cm x L39cm | Car seat compatible: Yes – Matrix Light 2 included | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 10.5″ | Suspension: Adjustable with central shock absorber | Raincover included: Yes

Travelling across forests and fields is where the Trider comes into its own, featuring an adjustable suspension and shock absorber on the rear C shape axle. The large 26cm puncture-proof wheels also help the smooth run; they are strong and robust with a front 360-degree swivel, which can be locked at the front for the bumpy terrain if needed.

MFM reviewer, Rachel, found these all-terrain features suited her active lifestyle: “For exercising, I give the Trider a big thumbs up. Suspension and manoeuvrability at speed are a pleasure. This is where the long handle design comes into play as there is no risk of hitting knees or feet on the wheels or back axle as you are set away from the frame when running.”

We also like how the Trider incorporates the PRO-FIX system, where Jané carrycots and car seats can be fitted without the need for adaptors. As part of this travel system, you get the Matrix car seat which also handily doubles as a lie-flat carrycot.

One of its setbacks is its “thin and narrow” basket, which our MFM reviewer found didn’t allow for much storage. It also weighs a mighty 14.7kg (with seat unit), making it difficult to lift when using public transport or moving up and down curbs.

Pros: Adjustable suspension, easy to switch seats, car seat doubles as lie-flat carrycot, puncture-free
Cons: Small shopping basket, heavy to lift

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Available from:Jane and Samuel Johnston

3. Bugaboo Fox 2, from £949

– Best 4-wheel all terrain

Suitable from: birth (carrycot included) to 22kg | Weight: 9.9kg | Unfolded dimensions: H108cm x W60cm x L105cm | Two-piece folded dimensions: H34cm x W52cm x L86cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 12″ | Suspension: Central joint suspension | Raincover included: Yes

For a pushchair that suits both city and country life, Bugaboo’s popular Fox 2 has impressive all-terrain features. “The central joint suspension makes all the difference in providing a comfortable ride,” said MFM reviewer Natalie. “It allows the buggy to soak up bumps from the core of the frame, not just from each wheel.”

The Fox 2 is definitely one of the pricier pushchair options, but unlike some all-terrains, the carrycot comes included in the price. Reviewer Natalie called it “one of the cosiest” and “most-pillow-soft” carrycots she had seen, making this a great all-terrain option for a newborn – although it’s not suitable for overnight sleeping. The spacious bassinet also converts into a toddler seat – a brilliant concept that saves on money and space.

We also like that you can adapt the fold depending on your storage space. The most compact fold comes from removing the seat and storing it in 2 pieces. However you can also fold it with the seat (and even carrycot) attached and leave it freestanding which our MFM reviewer said was an “invaluable feature”. Although it has a relatively compact fold, when stored sideways as a 1-piece fold (eg in a car boot) it has quite a big height/depth, so worth measuring your storage space before you buy.

Be prepared to dedicate some time and patience to assemble the Fox 2, as our MFM reviewer and in-house testers did find this to be a lengthy process with complex picture instructions.

Pros: Excellent suspension, spacious carrycot, folds with and without seat, puncture-free
Cons: Higher price point, initially tricky to build

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Available from: Bugaboo, Mamas & Papas and Amazon

4. Out ‘n’ About Nipper Sport V4, £374.95

– Best for easy off-roading

Suitable from: occasional use from birth (near lie-flat and no carrycot) to 15kg | Weight: 9.8kg| Unfolded dimensions: H103cm x W61.5cm x L137cm | Folded dimensions: H61cm x W61.5cm x L104cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 16″ | Suspension: Front and rear suspension | Raincover included: Yes

Out n About has a well established reputation when it comes to all-terrain strollers. There’s no denying that its Nipper pushchair is ideal for long walks over multiple terrains, with its hard wearing pneumatic tyres. Along with the fixed front wheel and rear suspension, these features make the Nipper “glide like a dream”, according to MFM reviewer Lucy.

The auto-lock feature also makes folding and storage easier, which can come in handy with bulkier all-terrain pushchairs. Compared to other models, the Nipper does have quite a long fold so it’s worth measuring up the boot space in your car before you buy. Our reviewer managed to fit it in her Vauxhall Corsa, but reduced its bulkiness by removing the front wheel.

It’s worth noting that the Nipper doesn’t come with a traditional shopping basket underneath the seat, but instead has a mesh shopping pouch. “It has plenty of room for nappies, shopping or a water bottle,” said Lucy, so you can still take a few items out with you. You can also buy a compatible storage basket if you find this isn’t enough.

If your child enjoys a nap or two whilst out and about, reclining the seat is done with a strap and toggle at the back of the pushchair which can be slightly fiddly. “I learnt that you have to support the seat as you adjust the toggle, or your little one will fly backwards,” said Lucy. She also found the hood noisy to adjust, which may disturb a light sleeper.

Pros: Smooth ride, fixed front wheel, auto-lock when folded
Cons: Strap recline is fiddly to use, limited storage, long length

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Available from: Uber Kids, Very and Amazon

5. iCandy Peach All Terrain Forest Double, £1,245

– Best single to double all-terrain

Suitable from: birth (carrycots included) to 25kg | Weight: 14.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: H99cm x W55cm x L52cm | Folded dimensions: H42.5cm x W61cm x L70cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 11″ | Suspension: All-round suspension | Raincover included: Yes

There’s no escaping its expensive price tag, but the iCandy Peach All-Terrain Double is certainly a powerhouse of a pushchair that can navigate all types of ground. “It was super sturdy, solid and could tackle almost any surface with ease,” said MFM reviewer Rachel. ”It travelled well on grass, dirt track and gravel. I also used it on cobbles and it didn’t feel like the children were being jiggled too much.”

This super versatile pushchair can be turned from a single to double with the converter kit, and there are multi-wheel options too (3-wheeler in single mode or 4-wheeler in single and double). The carrycot frame can also be turned into a seat unit, like the Bugaboo Fox 2, saving space.

The Peach All Terrain also features a simple-to-use harness and buckle on the seat unit. “The straps are super easy to adjust and feel very secure,” said our reviewer.

There’s no doubting that the Peach All-Terrain is a weighty pushchair (19.5kg in double mode) that takes up a lot of space (it can’t be folded with the seats attached), so it may not be the best fit if you’re short on space. However if you live in a rural area and need a heavy-duty double, this sturdy design is built to last.

Pros: Converts from single to double, 3 and 4 wheel mode, puncture-free
Cons: Heavy in double mode, high price point, requires large storage space when folded

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Available from: iCandy, Amazon and Baby Planet

6. Mountain Buggy Duet V3, £649 + £169 per carrycot

– Best slimline double all-terrain

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and additional carrycot) to 4 years | Weight: 14.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: H114cm x W65cm x L76cm | Folded dimensions: H89cm x W63cm x L32cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 10″ | Suspension: All-round suspension | Raincover included: No

Mountain Buggy has designed the Duet to be the slimmest side-by-side double on the market at 65cm, taking up the same footprint as a single. “Despite the seat’s narrow width both my 3- and 4-year-old girls fit into the toddler seat very comfortably,” commented MFM reviewer Sybilla.

Patience is definitely needed when trying to assemble the Duet, taking our reviewer around 45 minutes to put together. However once assembled its suspension in the air-filled tyres makes steering this a breeze over bumpy terrain. “You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb,” said Sybilla. “Not only is it light, it’s easy to steer and you can change direction at the drop of a hat.”

The hand-operated brake also gives a little more control going downhill or over uneven ground, which can be a welcome addition when pushing 2 children on steep ground.

Its 1-piece fold removes the hassle of having to take off the seats, but this also means it doesn’t offer the most compact of folds. Although it’s light to push, at 14.5kg, it’s not so light to lift once folded as one MFM user found: “It’s quite heavy to lift into a car especially as I have a bad wrist.”

Pros: Ultra slim, lighter weight for a double and easy to manoeuvre
Cons: Narrow seats and bassinet, difficult to initially assemble

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Available from: Mountain Buggy, John Lewis and Samuel Jonhston

7. Thule Urban Glide 2, £659.99 + £200 for carrycot

– Best for jogging

Suitable from: birth (with additional carrycot) to 15kg | Weight: 11.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: H101.5cm x W69cm x L104.5cm | Folded dimensions: H89cm x W69cm x L34cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 16″ | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: Yes

If you’re a fan of Scandi design, then you’ll love the 3-wheel Thule Urban Glide 2 for its sleek, minimalist look and all-terrain capability. In particular, the all-wheel suspension makes it ideal for extreme terrains such as long grass, gravel or sandy beaches.

The Urban Glide 2 is also a buggy that is “blessed for storage space”, as described by MFM reviewer Kath. Thule has designed these storage spaces with all-terrain use in mind, with a waterproof cover over the shopping basket which is secured by a zip and velcro. There’s also a mesh pocket on the back of the seat as well as 2 mesh pockets inside the seat, which our child tester Harvey particularly liked for storing toys or snacks.

As a tall parent, reviewer Kath, also liked the “ergonomic handlebar” with its 5 adjustable settings that can be adapted whatever your height. “I’m relatively tall so ran with it on the highest setting” she said. “But it’s easy to change even when at pace.”

It’s not the most compact or light pushchair, but Kath found it easy to push on hills even with the added weight of her child. Although she did note, “Its length means you need to be careful on tight corners. However I quickly learnt to adapt and allow more space to manoeuvre it.”

Pros: Lots of storage, smooth on extreme terrains, ergonomic handlebar
Cons: Wide for a single pushchair

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Thule Urban Glide 2

Available from: Thule, Amazon and Uber Kids

8. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, £429 + £199 for carrycot

– Best for city and country living

Suitable from: birth (with additional carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 10.3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H109.5cm-112.5cm x W65cm x L105cm | Folded dimensions: H25.5cm x W65cm x L81cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 8.5″ | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: No

Proving that all-terrain pushchairs don’t have to be large and cumbersome, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is a streamlined design that offers lots of all-terrain handling in a smaller package.

Despite its relatively small wheels for an all-terrain buggy, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 boasts all-wheel suspension that allows you to negotiate any terrain with speed and ease. “It glides across all surfaces, giving your child a smooth ride,” said MFM reviewer Becky. “Its agility makes it a great option for those who like rugged family adventures off the beaten track.”

But the real standout feature for our MFM reviewer and testers was its super simple one-handed fold – you just pull on the 2 separate loops located on the seat. One of our testers did note that the seat fabric is left exposed on the outside once folded which “could easily get muddy/worn when in storage/being taken in and out of the car boot”. However this is where the freestanding fold comes in handy, making it easier to keep clean and store.

Another popular feature is it’s hand-operated brake on the right-hand side. “Although I found the handbrake a little hard to get used to, its position means there is no chance of kicking the brake by accident while walking along,” commented MFM reviewer Becky – particularly useful when pushing across uneven ground.

Pros: Compact size, genuine one-hand fold/unfold, puncture-free, hand-operated brake
Cons: Seat left exposed once folded, not as smooth off-road as bigger all terrains

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Available from: Amazon, Kiddies Kingdom and Boots

9. Stokke Trailz, £964 + £169 for carrycot

– Best for high seat position

Suitable from: birth (with additional carrycot) to 15kg | Weight: 15kg | Unfolded dimensions: H127cm x W62cm x L95.5cm | Folded dimensions: H50cm x W63cm x L95cm | Car seat compatible: Yes |  Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 12″ | Suspension: Rear-wheel suspension | Raincover included: No

Norweigan brand Stokke is known for its smart design and eye-catching pushchairs. One of the major plus points of its all-terrain pushchair, the Trailz, is how high up the seat is positioned. “My grandson loved the comfort of the seat, and the fact that he could see a lot more,” said MFM reviewer Michelle. “He didn’t actually want to get out when we got back to the car!”

When it comes to comfort, the seat itself is also extremely spacious and has lots of padding to offer support for your child – particularly handy if you’re covering lots of bumpy terrain when you’re out on walks.

We are also a fan of its generous shopping basket and MFM reviewer Michelle found it could easily hold a decent size food shop with easy access. Keeping its all-terrain purpose in mind, Stokke has also designed the basket to be waterproof.

As you might expect from an all-terrain, this is no compact stroller when folded down, as Michelle discovered when trying to fit it in the boot of her car. “Everything else had to be removed to make it fit and it was very tight,” she said. This was also echoed in a review left by a MFM user who praised the Trailz for being “good quality and durable” but found it’d “fill the boot of small and medium sized cars and may even need the wheels to be removed when putting it away.”

Pros: Spacious and high seating, lots of padding, large waterproof shopping basket
Cons: Very large and bulky frame, limited rear-wheel suspension

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Stokke Trailz

Available from: Huggle and Pramworld

10. Bumbleride Indie 2020, £499.99 + £149.99 for carrycot

– Best eco-friendly all-terrain 

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and additional carrycot) to 25kg | Weight: 10.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: H67cm-116cm x W62cm x L94cm | Folded dimensions: H29cm x W48cm x L81cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled |Rear wheel size:12″ | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: No

With its big pneumatic wheels, a 360-degree swivel front wheel with in-line lock option for all-terrain and great suspension, the Indie is a great town-to-country buggy that’ll handle wet and muddy woods or parkland.

Our MFM reviewer, Claire, particularly liked how these features made the Indie easy to manoeuvre in different situations. She found the ability to swivel it one-handed “really easy” with a dog lead in one hand or if you like to sip a coffee when you stroll. When it came to more active elements of her lifestyle she added, “The sturdy suspension means the baby stays asleep even when I run with the buggy.”

Bumbleride has also placed sustainability at the heart of its brand and now the Indie 2020 uses eco fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. In fact each pushchair uses 28 recycled plastic bottles, according to Bumbleride. In its black colourways, it has also said it’s using a new dye process which conserves between 94 to 151 litres of water.

You can see the craftsmanship and care that went into the production with an adjustable footrest for infant and deep footwell for toddlers, as well as a “really roomy basket”. However a downside is that the buggy does not come with many accessories like a raincover (pretty essential for British weather) or a padded seat lining, so you might need to spend a bit more to kit out your Indie.

Pros: Sustainable design, all-wheel suspension, large shopping basket
Cons: Not many additional accessories

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Available from: Smart Kid Store and Little Arrivals 


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