If you’re taller than average, using some baby-related products can be a pain in all sorts of places – and finding the right buggy is particularly tricky. Taller parents can find themselves stooping too low to reach their baby, hunching constantly over the handlebars, or shortening their stride to avoid banging their feet or kicking the rear axle (or “kick bar”) or a brake.


We're here to help you on your search by selecting some of the best pushchairs that have features that are suitable for taller parents: extra-high handlebars, cleverly designed rear axles or particularly well-positioned brakes and seats. We spoke to tall parents for their recommendations and compared the specs of dozens of buggies to find the ones that are most suitable.

Since you’ll probably be spending a huge amount of time pushing your baby in a pushchair from A to B (or a million times around the block to get them to sleep!) it is well worth trying a few of the pushchairs on this list and figuring out which suits your height the best. It goes without saying that a taller parent can often mean a tall baby, so considering buggy seat size and upper weight limits is also important.

Best buggies for tall parents at a glance:

  • Best for parents of different heights: UPPAbaby Vista V2, £962.99
  • Best for all terrains: Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller, £599
  • Best for a high seat: Stokke Xplory X, £979
  • Best for all-round comfort: Mamas & Papas Ocarro, from £899
  • Best for storage up high: Nuna Mixx Next, £600
  • Best for easy folding options: Babystyle Oyster 3, from £979
  • Best budget buy: Graco Near2Me, £200
  • Best single to double: Bugaboo Donkey 5, from £1,215
  • Best for style: Egg2 Stroller, £879
  • Best for sustainability: Joolz Geo2, £659.25

What to look for when buying a pushchair as a tall parent?

Handlebar extension – The handlebar on a pushchair is one of the most important features that will usually make or break the deal for tall parents. It’s ideal to have a handlebar that can extend to a good height (ideally around 110cm) to make pushing the pushchair comfortable for a tall parent.

Rear axle/ kick bar position – This is simply the bar that forms part of the frame of the pushchair. It’s the part where your feet most likely kick if you’re tall and have a long stride to your walk. This feature is one to look out for especially if you have long legs. Some buggies are cleverly designed with recessed kick bars or more legroom at the back, others (especially those that act as built-in buggy boards) may be a pain if you have a long stride.

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Seat extension - As well as the handlebar extension, it’s also good to have the option to be able to adjust/extend the seat in order to bring your baby higher up and closer to you. For tall parents, this will mean you don’t have to bend so low whenever you need to reach your baby. Plus your baby will have plenty of leg room and won’t be kicking the basket underneath if they’re tall like their parents!

Weight and size – Depending on the structure of the pushchair, some are heavier and wider than others. All-terrain pushchairs are usually quite heavy and bulky compared to standard pushchairs. Tall parents will be able to handle these larger pushchairs without a problem, but consider how often you’ll need to lift your pushchair when it's folded: putting it into the car boot or carrying it up the stairs, for example. We've provided the folded weight details of all the pushchairs in our list.

Wheels and tyres – The position and size of the wheels are also something to consider, especially if you have a long stride. However, usually pushchairs with large wheels bring up the position of the rear axle giving you more room for kick space.

Comfort – It's one thing to find a pushchair that's compatible with your height but it's another thing for it to be comfortable for the one who's sitting in it – your child. There are features that promote comfort such as soft padding, extendable hoods to block the sun and motion technology for a smooth ride. It's worth considering this, especially if you plan to use your pushchair very often. Needless to say, it needs to be comfy for you too. Features like padded handlebars and built-in suspension will help with this.

Fabric – If you're looking to take your pushchair off-road in all seasons, selecting a pushchair with waterproof fabrics will be your best bet. When your pushchair gets water or mud on it on your journeys, the splash-resistant fabric will save you lots of stress and cleaning time.

Price – Prices of pushchairs for newborn babies can vary significantly. They can range from a couple of hundred pounds to over £1,000; we’ve included pushchairs that cater for a variety of budgets. Remember to check what you get with an advertised price – there may be many accessories that aren’t included in the cost, such as car seat adaptors, rain cover and footmuff.

Here’s our pick of the best pushchairs for tall parents:

1. UPPAbaby Vista V2, £962.99

– Best for parents of different heights

uppababy vista v2 pushchair

Age suitability: Carrycot (from birth to 9kg) Toddler seat (from 6 months to 22kg) | Maximum handle height: 108cm | Weight: 12.4kg (frame and seat) | Folded dimensions: H84.5cm x W65.3cm x L44cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes | Key features: Extendable handle height, adjustable hood with pop-out sun protection, high seat, standing fold with seat

A popular choice with tall parent testers is the UPPAbaby Vista V2. It often gets cited as a great option for tall parents. The brand offers sturdy and well-designed pushchairs that have very well-thought-out features. The Vista can be used from birth with the included carrycot and is hugely versatile, as the toddler seat can also be parent-facing, and the Vista can be adapted as a double.

Its tall parent credentials include a telescoping handlebar, which extends by 12cm to 108cm. This is not the tallest handle height out there, but the Vista has the added benefit of a high back wheel axle, so it’s much easier to push with long legs. MFM tester Natasha commented, "I’m 5ft & my husband is 6ft, we have the UppaBaby Vista V2. We chose this pram because of the easy extension on the handle, so we can easily swap pushing the pram. The extension length is perfect." Likewise, if one partner is tall and the other is short home tester Becky praised, "I'm 5'0 and my husband is 6'0, we have the UppaBaby Vista and find it super comfortable. I don't even use the handle on the lowest setting!"

The toddler seat also has an adjustable canopy to accommodate your growing child, and it sits high off the ground (around 59cm), which is great for taller parents to interact with little one - makes strapping in much easier too when there’s not so far to bend. It’s also worth mentioning the massive basket, which is a great help when out and about.

Read the full MFM Uppababy Vista V2 pushchair review

Pros: Can be adapted as a double pushchair, extendable telescoping handlebar from 12-108cm, good kick space for long legs
Cons: Not the highest handlebar height, pricey

Available from: John Lewis, Mamas and Papas and Amazon

2. Mountain Buggy Terrain Stroller, £659

– Best for all terrains

mountain buggy terrain Solus

Age suitability: From birth (with additional carrycot) to five years (up to 25kg) | Handlebar height: 95 - 127cm | Weight: 13.5kg | Folded dimensions: H63cm x W93cm x L33cm (with 12” wheels) H63 x W93cm x L39cm (with 16” wheels) | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes, with travel bundle | Key features: Retractable leg rest, adjustable handlebar, full recline to upright seat, hand-operated control brake, shock-absorbing suspension

Mountain Buggy is a fantastic brand for the tall parent, as most of its pushchairs feature adjustable handles, with a long maximum extension and great seat capacity to accommodate a larger child. Originally engineered to suit the outdoorsy parent, the Terrain is particularly impressive. It has an adjustable handlebar height of up to a whopping 123.5cm, but retains a relatively manageable footprint when it comes to length.

The Terrain is definitely not a lightweight or compact buggy, but it is designed to be used on literally all terrains. MFM reviewer Anthony called it "strong and durable, yet light and easy to push." Despite its sturdy build and big air-filled tyres, it also features a good folding mechanism with folded dimensions of 93 x 63 x 39 cm.

If you’re not quite in the market for an all-conquering jogging buggy, the Terrain’s lightweight sibling, the versatile allrounder Urban Jungle, is geared more towards urban parents, but also features a higher than average adjustable handle with a maximum of 117.5cm. Additionally, for parents with twins, Mountain Buggy also has double versions in the name of Duo and Nano Duet. MFM tester Emma commented that her "husband is 6’8 and was able to push our twins’ Mountain Buggy fine!"

Read the full MFM Mountain Buggy Terrain pushchair review

Pros: Great terrain for outdoor adventures, good handlebar extended length of 123.5cm
Cons: Not a lightweight or compact buggy

Available from: Mountain Buggy, Amazon, and Direct4Baby

3. Stokke Xplory X, £899

– Best for a high seat

Stokke Xplory x

Age suitability: From birth (with carrycot) to 20kg (approx. 4 years) | Maximum handlebar height: 123cm | Weight: 12.8kg (chassis and seat) | Folded dimensions: H131cm x W56cm x L100.5cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: No | Key features: Height adjustable seat, adaptable handle (including height and angle), removable storage bag, smooth handling

This innovative and unusual-looking pushchair from Stokke is all about adjustability. You can slide the seat up the chassis to bring your little one much closer to you. This makes a great difference as you don’t need to constantly bend down to interact with your child, and also means that the Xplory X can be used as a high chair when you’re out and about.

The handlebar is also super adjustable, as you can change both the height (to an impressive 123cm) and the angle of the bar - great for finding the perfect pushing position. The footrest extends to three different positions and the padded inlay is removable to allow for more space in the seat.

The Xplory X also tackles another tall parent challenge: with a longer stride, tall people often end up kicking the back of the chassis when walking. The Xplory X, however, has a raised back wheel axle and the shopping basket (or bag, in this case) is set back, far away from your feet, so it never gets in the way.

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Pros: Seat can slide up and down, good extended handlebar length of 123cm, decent kick space for long legs
Cons: Pricey, unusual design may not suit everyone

Available from: Stokke, John Lewis and Bella Baby

4. Mamas & Papas Ocarro, from £899

– Best for all-round comfort

mamas and papas Ocarro pushchair

Age suitability: From birth to 22kg (or 4 years) | Maximum handlebar height: 106cm | Weight: 13.7kg | Folded dimensions: H40cm x W59cm x L78cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes, with travel bundle | Key features: Waterproof zips, ventilated hood, adjustable handlebar, safety reflective wheel rims

The Ocarro is a lovely contemporary pushchair that is a perennial bestseller, and frequently scores highly in the MadeForMums Awards for its adaptability and solid build.

For tall parents in particular, the handlebar is adjustable and can be set to a comfortable height that suits you. It reaches 106cm which is not as high as some on this list, but parents report it is well-designed for those over 6 feet tall. Parent tester Nirali commented, "We tried a lot of buggies but this was the best fit in terms of the price and ease. My partner is 6'4" and I am 5'5. The handle is adjustable and it has a one hand fold which is great! Also the seat is memory foam and lie flat from birth!"

The seat is large enough for tall children and has snug padding and a head-hugger that will allow them to be comfortable while you're on the go. There's enough kick space for long legs as the rear axle is positioned in a higher position compared to others. When it comes to storing it away, it has a relatively compact one-handed fold with a height of 40cm; perfect to tuck into the car boot or in the storage room at home.

Read the full MFM Mamas & Papas Ocarro pushchair review

Pros: Comfortable for child, good kick space for long legs, one-hand fold
Cons: Handlebar length not as high as others

Available from: Mamas & Papas, Very and Pram World

5. Nuna Mixx Next, £580

– Best for storage up high

nuna mixx next

Age suitability: From birth to 22kg | Handlebar height: 104.5cm – 113.5cm | Weight: 11.1kg (without arm bar and insert) | Folded dimensions: H42cm x W60cm x L76cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes | Key features: Locks when folded, phone pocket, two basket compartments

Nuna's modern-looking pushchair is super adaptable and has a handlebar that adjusts to 113.5cm, coupled with a high seat, which allows your child to eat at the table with you when out. The fold is also fantastically compact which makes it a good option for those tight on space.

Parents looking for innovative storage options will love the phone pocket, which allows you to easily keep your valuables nearby when you're out and about. When you do need to bend down, the basket is divided into 2 compartments to separate your belongings from your baby's.

Parent tester Jane said, "My hubby is well over 6' and I'm 5' 9". We preferred this over the prams/travel systems with handles that tilt on a pivot point as the handle actually extends out. This provides space then for longer legs. The ones that just angle up do not create more space for long legs walking.... something I think only tall people with a long stride would think about."

She continued, "The carrycot is at a decent height. We looked at some that were extremely low. Not great when you are tall and worse when you are tall and have had a C-section. My daughter is so comfy in the seat which can face either way, has plenty of space for a tall girl. She is up in the top centiles, especially for height."

Another home tester, Daisy, commented, "I’m 5’ 3" and my husband is 6’ 7". We had the Nuna Mixx which was great for my husband's height – the handlebars went up high enough and were at such an angle that his feet didn’t hit the basket. The carrycot was also at a good height so he didn’t have to bend down too low to get the baby out."

Read the full MFM Nuna Mixx Next pushchair review

Pros: Great extended handlebar height 113.5cm, high-positioned seat, decent compact fold, good kick space for long legs
Cons: Shallow seat for an older toddler

Available from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Mamas & Papas

6. Babystyle Oyster 3, from £708

– Best for easy folding options

babystyle oyster 3

Age suitability: From birth to 22kg | Handlebar height: 102 – 112cm | Weight: 11.75kg | Folded dimensions: H37cm x W57cm x L71cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes | Key features: Soft suspension, pull-out sun visor, large turbine wheels

The Oyster 3 ticks a lot of boxes for tall parents. It has great features including a spacious basket and a handle that adjusts to a generous 112cm. The kick bar at the back is also elevated, so you should be able to push with ease, no matter what height you are.

Parent tester Meghann commented, "I'm 5' 3" and partner is 6' 4". When looking at the options available we found that anything too low he ended up kicking the wheels. With the Oyster having quite an extensive range on the handle its suitable for both of us. I use it on the lowest setting and dad uses it on the highest. However when using the carrycot I could just about see over the hood. Now we are using the seat unit it's perfect for both."

Parent tester Megan praised not only the pushchair but its compact fold. She said, "I'm 5' 4", hubby is 6' 4". This was a big consideration for us when picking a pram! We have the Oyster 3 which we love and has an adjustable handle, and goes to the perfect height for both of us (and can go even higher). It also folds relatively compact (and does so easily!)"

The pushchair is able to fold compactly whether the toddler seat is facing forwards or backwards which is a clever design feature, and makes it super convenient when storing it away in between travels.

Pros: Spacious basket, good handlebar extended length of 112cm, elevated kick bar
Cons: Quite pricey

Available from: John Lewis, Pram World and Direct4Baby

7. Graco Near2Me, £200

– Best budget buy

graco near2me

Age suitability: From birth to 3 years (up to 4 years in front-facing mode only) | Weight: 11.19kg | Folded dimensions: H44cm x W65.6cm x L98.8cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes | Key features: 3 Slide2Me height adjustments, stand-alone fold for storage, large storage basket

You don't need to break the bank (or your back) to find appropriate pushchair. For tall parents, the Graco Near2Me is a great affordable option. The pushchair is a great all-rounder that has a brilliant 'Slide2Me' feature meaning you can bring your baby up closer to you while out and about. The unique feature has 3 height settings so if one parent is tall they can set it to the max, while still accommodating another parent or carer who might not be as tall, they can adjust it accordingly to their height too.

The Graco Near2Me will take your newborn from birth in a carrycot, right through to a seat when they're a toddler. The pushchair is also compatible with the SnugEssentials i-Size infant car seat that you can purchase separately. The seat is adjustable so your child can enjoy world-facing or parent-facing views on your walks.

The storage basket underneath is a very generous size and will keep safe your baby bag and any little things picked up on your errands. When it comes to storing it away, the pushchair has a stand-alone function so that once it's folded it can stand upright on its own.

Read the full MFM Graco Near 2 Me pushchair review

Pros: 'Slide2Me' seat feature with 3 height settings, great on all types of terrain, affordable price
Cons: Handlebar not adjustable

Available from: Graco Baby, Argos and Pram World

8. Bugaboo Donkey 5, from £1,215

– Best single to double

bugaboo donkey 5

Age suitability: From birth to 22kg | Handlebar height: 85-106cm | Weight: 12.2kg | Folded dimensions: H88cm x W60cm x L46cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes | Key features: Single to double, central suspension, high seat placement, self-standing fold, ultralight chassis, large basket, points to add cupholder attachment

The Donkey 5 model is an impressive addition to the Bugaboo family and is packed full of features that make for a smooth ride, and comfortable handling. An innovative design, it converts from a single pushchair to a side-by-side double by expanding outwards. Parent tester Iri said, "My partner is 6ft 6 and we’ve had the Bugaboo Fox and now that we have a second baby, the Bugaboo Donkey. He swears it’s really comfortable and the best he’s tested (and we did a lot of testing for comfort of pushing as this was a key requirement for him)."

The iconic Dutch brand does innovation remarkably well, and the Donkey 5 is packed full of new features. It has a smooth central suspension, a great seat placement to make tall parents’ life easier and a handlebar that’s adjustable up to 106cm. The back axle kick bar is also higher than usual so you can stride out with confidence. Best of all, the ultra-light aluminium chassis makes this buggy super user-friendly and light, and its fold is nice and compact too.

Parent tester Sarah B commented, “I’m 5’11 and hubby is 6’2 and we have a Bugaboo Donkey which we would thoroughly recommend. The handle goes high enough for both of us but also low enough for when my 3 year old wants to pretend she’s pushing. We chose it because I’m not a fan of the tandem doubles and it’s surprisingly easy to get through most doorways with 2, it’s also very easy to steer and not overly heavy which is always a bonus! We plan to keep using it with the side basket instead of the second seat for our new baby - it saves the need for a changing bag flopping all over the place!”


Available from: Bugaboo, Huggle and Direct4Baby

9. Egg2 Stroller, from £799

– Best for style

egg 2 stroller

Age suitability: 6 months+ | Handlebar height: 99-111cm | Weight: 13.5kg | Folded dimensions: 67cm x 29cm x 59cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Raincover included: Yes | Key features: Stylish egg shape, lightweight chassis, large basket space, Tru-Ride wheel technology

The stylish Egg2 stroller boasts a good maximum handlebar height of 111cm, plus a new seat height of an additional 7cm. The curvy egg shape and fun colour options make it an interesting purchase on face value, but it's not just about looks, and this is a pushchair that always seems to appeal to taller parents when we demo it on our buggy testing track at The Baby Show.

The tall frame makes it a versatile pushchair as you can conveniently add tandem seats for a sibling later on or for twins. The rear wheels are large which brings the frame higher off the ground a little, enabling those with a long stride to have some kick space. When it comes to storing it away or taking it on a road trip, the chassis is nice and compact and is freestanding when folded.

MFM tester Becki said, "I’m 5’9 and my partner is 6’4. We have the Egg and the extendable push bar is perfect height for us both. It also has tandem adapters so we can quickly turn it from the regular Egg stroller into a narrow tandem when our toddlers legs get tired."

Read the full MFM Egg2 pushchair review

Pros: Stylish design, good extended handlebar length of 111cm, freestanding pushchair when folded
Cons: Heavy, quite pricey

Available from: John Lewis, Direct4Baby and Simply Baby

10. Joolz Geo2, £879

– Best for sustainability

Joolz Geo 2

Age suitability: From birth (with additional carrycot) to 22kg | Maximum handlebar height: 108cm | Weight: 14.3 kg (pushchair and seat) 15.5 kg (pushchair and cot) | Folded dimensions: H108cm x W60cm x L99cm | Raincover included: No | Key features: High seat, compact fold and upright storing, adjustable footrest, eco-cred

Joolz has a fresh approach to designing products for parents, with a focus on good design and sustainability. For example, the company occupies a sustainable renovated factory in Amsterdam, has designed packaging that can be converted after unboxing (into a birdbox, a reindeer or a chair!), and it plants a tree in Colombia for every pushchair sold. So for the taller parent who values eco-credentials, this is a brand worth looking at.

The Joolz Geo2 is aimed at the cosmopolitan parent who likes going out with friends, in restaurants and parks. In terms of design features, it has a handlebar which extends to 108cm, and at a good angle to keep your stride clear of the chassis. The seat height is also good, saving your back from constant stooping. The frame is versatile and can be transformed to a duo if another sibling comes along or double if you have twins. Home tester Anna said, "My husband is 6’5 and I’m 5’. We have the Joolz Geo2 with an extendable handle. The seat is also slightly higher. It’s worked really well for us."

Pros: High seat, compact fold, a nod to sustainability
Cons: Quite pricey, not the highest handlebar height

Available from: Joolz, Natural Baby Shower and Pram World


How did we test these pushchairs?

When testing pushchairs we consider handlebar height, rear axle position, seat position, weight and size, wheels and tyres, fabric and comfort for your child. 

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

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