There are various reasons as to why parents search high and low for a pushchair with a higher weight capacity. Some children tend to be taller and heavier beyond the national average.


For instance, toddlers aged 18 months old typically are 82.3cm (boys) and 80.7cm (girls) in height, then 10.9kg (boys) and 10.2kg (girls) in weight according to the national average. Of course, this isn't an immediate cause for concern if your child is way above or below this, most likely you would have already been informed of this information during pregnancy.

But having a taller or heavier toddler shouldn't be a hindrance for parents wanting to purchase a pushchair for their child, and shouldn't be a reason for their comfort to be compromised sitting in it. Likewise, parents with children who have special medical needs may need a pushchair with a longer lifespan, so a higher weight capacity, wide seat and long backrest length would be useful.

Buggy expert suggestions

Buggy expert Donna McCullough of Johnston Prams gives us some things to consider when shopping for a suitable pushchair "Parents need to look at the hood clearance around the child’s head. Many pushchair brands are a bit tight when it comes to this and have very low hoods.

"The current testing tests up to 15kgs but many brands state that their pushchair will cater for a child of up to 22kgs, so this is worth looking out for. It is hard to tell if your child will become big, but if parents are tall or large themselves, this is a distinct possibility.

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"All pushchairs are designed to last to 36 months (pushchairs are from birth, or from 6 months). Pushchairs will stand the test of time if they comprise of quality components. Look for good fabric and stitching, a strong chassis which is easy to fold, strong brakes, suspension for the child’s comfort and an adjustable seat."

We've rounded up some of the best-performing pushchairs for heavier toddlers and children, with prices to suit all budgets. We've found pushchairs offering a weight capacity of 22kg to 34kg, buggies with seat backrests that go as high as 53cm, and others with roomy seats.

Many of the options in our list below feature strollers but these can always be used from birth if you want to purchase a travel system with additional car seats and carrycots.

Best buggies for tall or heavy toddlers at a glance:

  • Best for a high back support: Silver Cross Pop, £245
  • Best buggy for a wide and adjustable seat: Bugaboo Bee 6, £593
  • Best buggy for travel and holidays: Cybex Libelle, £259.95
  • Best buggy for high seat: Joolz Geo2, £859 single mode
  • Best buggy with adjustable calf support: Babyjogger City Mini 2, £379
  • Best budget buggy: Joie Mytrax, £150
  • Best buggy for a spacious basket: Bugaboo Fox 3, £780
  • Best buggy for twins: Out N About Nipper Double, £480
  • Best 3-wheeler buggy: Hauck Runner, £175

What to look for when buying a pushchair for your tall or heavy toddler?

Weight capacity – Because you want your child to be well supported, you may want to consider a pushchair that has a high weight limit. Lots of pushchair companies simply state the age limit for a pushchair but weight is crucial to know how long you can get out of the pushchair. The buggies on our list all have a limit of 22kg or more.

Wheels/suspension – Rear wheels with a diameter of at least 30cm give a good indication that it'll be easier to push. Though the pushchair carries more weight you still want something that moves smoothly over all terrains. Larger wheels can take on more bumpy pathways but despite the size of the wheels, another feature to look out for is suspension wheels. This is essentially a mechanism that keeps the smooth motion of the pushchair by absorbing shock from bumpy grounds.

Seat measurements – If your child is tall and heavier for their age, you want to ensure they have lots of space in their pushchair – both width and depth-wise. Opting for a pushchair with a large, spacious seat will be the better choice for your toddler.

Adjustable handlebar – We have highlighted the pushchairs that have adjustable handlebars which is so useful, not necessarily for the child but for you. Parents with tall or heavy toddlers are usually tall themselves, so having this feature is a plus when out and about. It saves you from having to stoop low when accessing your child in the pushchair.

Removable hood – There are only so many options out there for tall toddlers and even if you've found the best pushchair, your toddler is still growing. Removing the hood can instantly offer your toddler more space above their heads. Some of the options on your list have this feature and this is something to bear in mind if your toddler is exceptionally tall.

Adjustable footrest – For long legs having an adjustable footrest is a plus, this means your toddler can have more leg room as they grow in height over time. This will provide more longevity with the pushchair and ultimately let your toddler feel comfortable sitting in it.

Price – You can find affordable options starting from £150 on our list and on the other end, you can find pushchairs that cost up to £860. These prices can also go higher if you're buying extra accessories and parts to accommodate a newborn, for instance when you are buying a travel system that comes with a car seat.

Here are our top picks of buggies for tall and/or heavy toddlers

1. Silver Cross Pop, £245

– Best for a high back support

silver cross pop

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 7.2kg | Backrest height: 50cm | Seat width and depth: W35cm x D21cm | Rear wheels diameter: 14.5cm | Adjustable handlebars: No

The Silver Cross Pop comes with a soft memory foam head hugger to keep your infant's head supported, and it also offers a good backrest height measurement of 50cm, allowing your taller toddler lots of room and means they don't feel restricted.

"I have just bought the Silver Cross Pop for my 2-year-old and the main reason was because it goes up to 22kg, it has a bigger seat than most and the straps fit comfortably even with a big coat on, he even fell asleep in it for a while so it must be comfy," commented parent tester Louise.

One parent we spoke to did find that even though the Silver Cross Pop has a high weight limit, they felt it was heavy and difficult to push. This could be because the wheels are a little on the smaller side with a 14.5cm diameter, but this also means it's lightweight: the pushchair weighs 7.2kg meaning it won't be hard to lift in and out of the car. Ultimately its suitability depends on lifestyle: smaller wheels are better for urban environments and pavements and won't perform well on tougher terrains.

When it comes to folding and storing it away, the Silver Cross Pop can be folded conveniently and has a neat umbrella-style fold. In the package, you'll also get a rain cover handy for when you're out and about in all kinds of weather conditions.

The storage basket has a weight capacity of 5kg which is a decent size to carry your personal belongings on a stroll.

Pros: Wide seat, affordable, large hood coverage
Cons: Heavy and difficult to push

Available from: John Lewis, Amazon and Boots

2. Bugaboo Bee 6, £593

– Best for a wide & adjustable seat

bugaboo bee 6

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 9.5kg | Backrest height: 49.5cm | Seat width and depth: W39cm x D40cm | Rear wheels diameter: 17.8cm | Adjustable handlebars: Yes

"When my son was little we needed a longer-lasting pushchair because he has disabilities and we knew he wouldn’t walk. We had a Bugaboo Bee which was fab! Lightweight but really solid and lasted a long time," shared parent tester Kimberley.

Parent tester Amanda swapped her previous pushchair to get the Bugaboo Bee 6 and she shared, "I find the Bee far nicer to push and the seat size is amazing". It's no surprise that this buggy is spoken of highly by these parent testers, the wheels are a good size at 17.78cm, giving it that smooth and 'easy-to-push' feel. It's not the most lightweight pushchair on our list but the wheels still make it a comfortable pushchair to take out with your tall and heavier toddler.

The seat backrest has a length of 49.5cm and not only that, but the ergonomic seat has adjustable height and length so as your child grows the seat can be adjusted accordingly and you won't have to worry about buying a new pushchair. The seat also is one of the widest and deepest on this list with a generous measurement of 39cm x 40cm.

The handlebar can also be extended too which comes in handy for you pushing it – especially if you are tall yourself. You can choose your favourite colour combination from the core colours available in the range, some colours include lemon yellow with black and vapour blue with grey melange.

When it comes to storing the pushchair, it easily folds with just one hand and has a neat and relatively compact fold. The basket gives you enough room for your bag and any shopping bits you've got during your journey. And if your toddler falls asleep on the way, there's a lie-flat feature to extend the backrest of the pushchair.

Pros: Wide seat, nice to push, lightweight but solid, adjustable seat, lots of colour options
Cons: Pricey

Available from: Bugaboo, Boots and Argos

3. Cybex Libelle, £259.95

– Best for travel and holidays

cybex libelle

Age suitability: 6 months to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 5.9kg |

The Cybex Libelle surpasses all of the pushchairs on our list in regard to pushchair weight. At a modest weight of 5.9kg, it's easy to carry around and is a dream come true for agile parents.

This luxury compact stroller folds one-handed into a neat cube-shaped package. It's the ideal solution for aeroplane travel or small home spaces. Due to its super impressive and compact fold, this pushchair is a brilliant choice for taking on holiday. It's worth checking with your airline to see if you can take it in the overhead compartment, although it meets most airline's size and weight limits.

Not to be deterred by the light weight of the Cybex Libelle, the pushchair has a good weight capacity of 22kg which will see you through to about 4 years. This is a brilliant deciding factor for parents who want to get maximum use out of the pushchair without having to buy another when their child gets bigger.

Should your toddler fall asleep while you're out and about (which is highly likely!) you can recline the seat unit with just one hand. The wheels are slightly on the smaller side so it might not be as smooth to push as some of the others, but the size and compact fold elements of this pushchair still make it a strong choice.

For a tall and heavy toddler, the pushchair itself has a total width of 52cm indicating a good amount of seat space for them to feel comfortable in. It's also available in various colours from black to grey and green - a great way to show off your taste.

Pros: Small compact fold, good for travel, lightweight pushchair
Cons: Small wheel size

Available from: Boots, Natural Baby Shower and Argos

4. Joolz Geo 2, £859 single mode

– Best for a high seat

joolz geo2

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 14.3kg | Backrest height: 49.5cm | Seat width and depth: W33cm x D21.5cm | Rear wheels diameter: 17.8cm | Adjustable handlebars: Yes

A hit with our parent testers, the seat and carrycot on this pushchair sit higher than a lot of rivals, making it great for tall parents as well as tall kids.

"The Joolz Geo 2 was fab for both my eldest. Off the chart in height and weight for my son (he’s 115cm and just turned 4!) and my daughter was about 90% centile. It has a really long carrycot which they actually never reached the end of as they wanted to sit up before that, and the seat was super long as if I remember rightly it was designed with taller children in mind," commented parent tester Emily.

This buggy features quality performance material created for outdoor adventures, and is sturdy with good-sized wheels that will stand the test along all terrains. The chassis (frame) is solid, but this does mean that the whole pushchair weighs 14.3kg, making it one of the heaviest on the list. On the plus side, your toddler will feel supported and you’ll feel confident pushing it as the wheels are 30cm in diameter so it will be smooth to push.

The seat isn’t the biggest in width and depth but this is probably due to the single to double capacity, making room for the double feature to be used if you have 2 children to push in the buggy. The length of the seat however is quite a generous size starting at around 93cm, and as it's high off the ground it's great for kids with longer legs.

If you’re tall like your toddler, this pushchair has a comfortable handlebar height that extends to 109cm which is the highest on the list. This will allow you to push the buggy without slouching or needing to bend. The Joolz Geo 2 is at the higher end of the market when it comes to price, but they have worked in some clever design details – the pushchair can even be pulled up by a table and used instead of a high chair.

You can choose between their colour options of classic blue and gorgeous grey, both are lovely staple colours to choose from.

Read the full MadeForMums Joolz Geo 2 review here

Pros: Single to double feature, colour options, large rear wheels, can be used as high seat
Cons: Pricey, heavy

Available from: Joolz and Kiddies Kingdom

5. Babyjogger City Mini 2, £239

– Best for adjustable calf support

babyjogger city mini 2

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 9.4kg | Backrest height: 49.5cm | Seat width and depth: W35.5cm x D23cm | Rear wheels diameter: 20cm | Adjustable handlebars: Yes

The Babyjogger City Mini 2 is a great pushchair for taking on errands and can be used from the newborn stage with the carrycot that can be purchased separately.

"My 3-year-old daughter still has loads of room in hers. It folds down small and has a great big sunshade! So easy to push on all terrains!" shared parent tester Bryony. The buggy has a neat one-hand fold and can be stored self-standing upright. The pushchair weighs 9.4kg which is a modest weight if you ever need to carry or load it into the car.

The width and depth of the seat measure 35.5cm x 23cm which is the average size in comparison to the others on this list. But there is also adjustable calf support perfect for keeping up with growing legs. Plus, you can recline the seat to an almost flat position and coupled with the large hood, this will be great for naps and relaxing on the go.

You can also store your shopping bits and a baby bag in the storage space underneath which holds up to 4.5kg.

Pros: Adjustable calf support, recline seat, self-stand one-hand fold, affordable
Cons: Average seat size

Available from: Amazon, Kiddies Kingdom and Baby & Co

6. Joie Mytrax, £150

– Best budget buy

joie mytrax

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 11.85kg | Seat width and depth: W35cm x D28cm | Backrest height: 46cm | Rear wheels diameter: 24cm | Adjustable handlebars: Yes

At a competitive price, the Joie Mytrax is a good choice for parents who want to accommodate a tall and heavier child without breaking the bank. Following close to the Bugaboo Bee 6, this pushchair has a deep seat depth of 28cm offering a generous seat space for your tall and heavy toddler. Your child will find themselves sitting comfortably while you're on your travels – holding onto the bumper bar as an option.

"Joie Mytrax definitely! Lovely to push, fits a large toddler and the air-filled tyres make it feel really light," commented parent tester Annie. Sophie also shared she "had very big and very long children" and highly recommends it.

It may be fairly lightweight but the sturdy design of this pushchair means it can certainly carry a child up to 22kg. The harness can be adjusted to 3 height settings, a handy feature to adjust your toddler in the seat as they grow.

One less thing to worry about is having to hook your belongings to the pushchair handlebar as the basket has a decent depth space for your things to go in.

Pros: Affordable price, easy to push, deep seat
Cons: Basket might be tricky to access

Available from: Smyths Toys

7. Bugaboo Fox 3, £780

– Best for a spacious basket

bugaboo fox 3

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 9.9kg | Seat width and depth: W42cm x D29cm | Rear wheels diameter: 31cm

"Bugaboo Fox is great for tall parents, as the handlebar extends very high. Also, the seat is a long and decent size, good with buggy board also," commented parent tester Sophie. The handlebar extends to a good height of 108cm, not the highest in the list but certainly up there! The elevated seat position means you won't need to bend too much to reach your baby if you're also tall in height yourself.

Designed to tackle lots of different terrains, this pushchair has large tyres for a smooth and comfortable ride. The rear wheels measure 30cm which is a large size, perfect for family adventures on foot. The storage basket underneath has easy access and is large and spacious enough to hold you and your child's belongings, plus any extras too.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 has a neat and decent self-standing fold which makes it a fantastic choice if you're tight on space. You can also choose from 4 colour options including midnight black, forest green, graphite/stormy blue and grey melange.

Pros: Spacious basket, high handlebar, large rear wheels, colour options
Cons: Quite pricey

Available from: Bugaboo, Mamas & Papas and Natural Baby Shower

8. Out N About Nipper Double, £480

– Best for twins

out n about nipper double

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 12.9kg | Seat width and depth: W28cm x D26cm | Backrest height: 49cm | Rear wheels diameter: 30cm

If you’re a family looking for an off-roading stroller for outdoor adventure, then this could be what you're looking for. A carrycot-compatible pushchair, the Out N About Nipper Double has been designed to give parents the best of both worlds – being equally happy in the city or countryside. Not only that, it makes a fantastic option for parents with twins or with siblings close in age.

The Out N About Nipper Double offers great space for your toddlers. Each seat can hold 22kg, a fantastic weight limit considering it’s a double pushchair. The backrest length is 49cm and the seat width and depth are a little less compared to the others at 28cm x 26cm but this is still decent space for a double buggy.

"We have an Out N About v4 which is great for multi-terrain. I'm 5ft9 and the handlebar does adjust slightly and I've never had issue with it. Plus it's great for my 2-year-old to climb in and out on walks. (We also have the double version which is just as good, just seats are narrower for older children)," commented parent tester Sophie.

The large 30cm rear wheels are perfect for all sorts of terrains, you can guarantee a comfortable ride for your toddlers and easy pushing for you too.

The Out N About Nipper Double is the heaviest buggy on our list but that's for obvious reasons as it's a double buggy. The pushchair weight is actually on the smaller side compared to many other double pushchairs, particularly tandem models.

You're spoilt for choice with the fabric colour options they offer, they include lagoon blue, purple punch, royal navy and more. This practical pushchair should go the distance and keep your tall toddler comfortable while on the move.

Pros: Great for twins, large wheels, good for all terrains, colour options
Cons: Heaviest buggy on the list

Available from: Out N About, Baby & Co, Kiddies Kingdom and Bella Baby

9. Hauck Runner 2, £175

– Best 3-wheeler

hauck runner 2

Age suitability: From birth to 4 years | Maximum weight limit: 22kg | Pushchair weight: 11.1kg | Seat width and depth: W33cm x D22cm | Rear wheels diameter: 40cm | Adjustable handlebars: Yes

Another relatively cheaper option on this list is the Hauck Runner 2 pushchair with large all-terrain wheels. It particularly serves well for active parents or those who often make their journeys on foot as the wheels are built to last, measuring 40cm in diameter for the rear wheels.

The Hauck Runner stroller has a broad width measurement of 59cm and the seat has a length and width measurement of 33cm x 22cm which is a moderately wide seat size. It's suitable for children from newborn age to 4 years old, or up to 110cm in height. There's the option to use the carrycot from birth and the seat can be reclined to multiple settings and is activated with just one hand.

The adjustable leg rest feature will enable the pushchair to grow with your child and you can adjust it to fit their little legs. To provide extra room for your toddler, the harness can be adjusted according to their height and to allow them to be comfortable in the seat.

On your off-road adventures to the fields, you can keep your belongings safe and secure in the storage basket. It is slightly on the smaller side of 3kg capacity but still so useful when out and about.

Despite this pushchair being quite larger in dimension size, it can still be folded away for storing in your car boot. Though the pushchair can hold 22kg in weight, the chassis (frame) is still quite lightweight to carry and easy to fold with a two-hand flat fold.

At a decent price of £175, this is a stroller that meets many family budgets and can be used for a long time. If you're an active parent you can feel confident that your tall and heavier child will fit comfortably in this pushchair and have a smooth ride while on your family adventures.

Pros: Good on all terrains, affordable, large wheels
Cons: Not the most compact fold

Available from: Argos, Kiddies Kingdom and La Redoute


How did we choose these products?

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Our Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

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