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1. Colief Breathe Easy Patch, £5.99

Type: Decongestant

It’s tough when you’re unable to help relieve your child when they struggle to sleep because of a cold and bunged up nose.

Colief Breath Easy Patch really comes into its own. Unlike other decongestants where you have to apply directly to the body, the Colief patch attaches to clothing or bedding, taking away the need to irritate the skin.

And with a blend of natural ingredients including eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon, the oils help to clear snuffles for a more restful night’s sleep - great for them and for you.

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MFM tester Georgina says: “This calming decongestant patch is great because it attaches to bedding or nightwear directly like a sticker, so avoids touching children's skin and remains a safe distance from their airways. The fact it will stay in place for 8 hours is a bonus, so won't wear off or be rubbed off.”

Available from: Holland & Barratt, Ocado and Amazon


2. The Gro Company Groegg2, from £21.99

Type: Nightlight and room thermometer

If you’ve ever wondered if the room is too hot or too cold for your baby, or if their sleeping bag tog is too low or high, then the Groegg2 can assist.

Its super sensitive digital thermometer means that you’ll always be in the know about whether the room is at the correct temperature via the Groegg’s bright colour scheme. Too low you can adjust the heat accordingly or your baby’s clothing, as the Groegg also co-ordinates with the right sleeping bag tog.

The night light also has 3 settings, low enough to check on baby, and high enough to be able to change them or feed, with minimal disturbance.

MFM tester Laura says: “It is really easy to use and has a colour guide to instantly inform you if the room is too hot, cold, or just right without having to get up close to see the temperature. It looks pretty and works as a night light, too, while not being too bright. I would highly recommend to any parent.”

Available from: The Gro Store, Amazon and John Lewis


3. Onco Bamboo Children’s Toothbrushes, £7.99 for 4

Type: Toothbrush

Did you know that bamboo is a natural antimicrobial that kills bacteria? So it makes for the perfect material for eco-friendly toothbrushes.

The sad fact is that over 2 billion plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill, so the Onco range of children’s brushes are a fantastic solution. With super soft bristles that can get to those hard-to-reach areas and totally recyclable, kids will love the bright colours, too.

MFM tester Dan says: “Very innovative, good to see an alternative to plastic toothbrushes that’s so well designed and affordable.”

Available from: Amazon and Onco


4. Merifor Tranquility Cotbed Mattress, £125

Type: Mattress

Sleep is the ultimate goal for all new parents - for themselves and their newborn.

So getting the best mattress for your little one to ensure they have a luxurious bedtime is possible with the Merifor Tranquility.

With an anti-allergy seal of approval, superior foam and micro-pocket springs, as well as adaptive heat regulating fabric, the Merifor really does provide the optimum sleep environment for little dreamers.

And the best thing, it’s two-in-one, so as your baby grows, you so does the mattress.

MFM tester Meena says: “Lovely soft mattress. I like how comfortable it is and that it has two sides, one for baby and one for a toddler. Anti-allergy is another bonus.”

Available from: Precious Little One


5. Klear-vol Inhalation Oils for Children, £4.19

Type: Health product

With so many age restrictions on decongestants, Klear-vol can be used for babies as young as 3 months.

Its soothing vapours of natural pine, thymol and menthol oils can provide several hours of comfort and can be used night and day. It’s simply a case of cutting off the top of the capsule and releasing the oil onto a cloth, tissue or even into a bowl of warm water.

MFM tester Rosemary says: “This product came is very handy over Christmas when our little one developed a nasty cold and we weren't able to get a same-day doctor’s appointment. A few drops on his pillow ensured we all had a good night’s sleep.”

Available from: Boots and Amazon


6. Motorola MBP70SN Non-Contact Digital Thermometer, from £39.99

Type: Thermometer

It’s not always easy to take a little one’s temperature, especially when they’re under the weather and extremely wriggly. The amazing tech of the Motorola Digital Thermometer means it can accurately read your little one’s stats without the need for contact.

Not only can it read body temps fast, but it can transmit results straight to your smartphone as well as temperature tracking and a reminder alarm.

MFM tester Natalie says: “This is a gadget for gadget lovers! The touchless aspect is brilliant when you've got a wriggly baby like mine, as is the temperature tracking for peace of mind and letting you know whether the medicine you're giving them is bringing their temperature down or not.”

Available from: Amazon


7. Nuk Nasal Decongester, £4.19

Type: Health product

This handy little tool is great for hygienically clearing up bunged up little noses. Squeeze the bulb, gently place the tip inside your baby’s nostril, press the other nostril and slowly release the bulb to suck out excess mucus and you’re done!

A great way to help your little one breath more easily throughout the day.

Available from: Amazon and Boots


8. Calpol Infant suspension, £3.50

Type: Health product

When it comes to arming yourselves with an arsenal of must-have baby items, then Calpol is should up there at the top of the list. It really does work wonders.

When baby is feeling unwell, Calpol Infant Suspension can help relieve pain such as teething, as well as help symptoms of a cold. Paracetamol is not to be given to babies less than two months old, and if symptoms persist seek medical advice.

Available from: Boots, Superdrug and Tesco


9. Haymax Allergen Barrier Balm, £5.98

Type: Health product

This award-winning balm totally organic and chemical-free. Made out of bees wax and sunflower seed oil, Haymax helps fight against hay fever, dust and pet allergies for sensitive babies and kids.

When our MFM mums tested the balm they found that it helped to reduce the allergic reactions of their children and loved the fact that it can be used at schools.

They also highly-recommended Haymax for kids as it’s organic, natural and a fantastic alternative for parents who don’t want to use chemical antihistamines.

Available from: Boots and Amazon


10. Ashton & Parsons Teething Gel, £5.23

Type: Health product

Instead of powder granules, Ashton & Parsons’ teething gel can be easily applied without the need of a finger.

Containing soothing aloe vera, the invisible cooling gel can be massaged into the gums and teeth with the soft applicator and help relieve pain and discomfort.

Lactose, sugar, alcohol and local anaesthetic free - and suitable from three months and above.

Available from: Amazon