1. Easytots EasyMat Mini, £14.99

Type Weaning aid


This cheerful silicone suction plate encourages kids to feed themselves and works just as well for a highchair at home as it does on holiday.

It has engaging happy-face sections to hold the food, and corner suction cups to hold the plate steady – making mealtimes less messy.

Simply fold up the sides to make a compact carry case and add the lid for use on days out and about.

MFM tester Izabela says: “This is probably the best product we have tried that really helps with weaning and makes the baby interested in trying to feed himself. I absolutely adore it.”

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MFM tester Rebecca adds: “It’s really handy to be able to put lid on and carry food while out and about. My son has allergies and I have to take food with me, so this is really easy to take out and have already plated up.”

Available from: Easytots and Amazon


2. Bibetta Weaning Pack, £26.99

Type: Weaning aid

Fun, eyecatching and incredibly helpful weaning aids which really make independent feeding much easier to achieve.

Cars, birds, dinosaurs and safari designs are guaranteed to appeal to kids, while parents will love the extremely practical features.

Every item has a flip out pocket to catch dropped food, and even the placemat folds up into own pocket trapping any mess inside.

The UltraBib with sleeves can also be used for messy play!

MFM tester Annajane says: “The best bib we came across – no marks left on our babies’ clothes. I’m going to buy more from the range!”

MFM tester Magda adds: “Well made and beautifully designed tableware products that help keep your little one clean and tidy.”

Available from: Bibetta


3. Bobo&boo 5 Piece Bamboo Dinnerware Set, £9.75

Type: Tableware

This cheerful, bright tableware from an Australian brand looks fashionable and stylish, while being good for the environment.

It’s made from non-toxic, natural bamboo fibres that are a by-product of the bamboo industry, and comprises a bowl, plate, beaker and cutlery.

It even comes in biodegradable packaging.

The vibrant colours can easily co-ordinate with your home décor, and there is not a cartoon character in sight.

MFM tester Katharina says: “I love this set and it appealed to me straight away. It’s eco-friendly whilst not breaking the bank. The set might be a bit more expensive than others but in my opinion with its sleek and simple stylish design, this set can easily last you from toddler all the way through to primary school.”

Available from: Amazon and Storkz


4. Doidy Bowl, £9.99

Type: Weaning aid

Combining Doidy’s long established unique slanted bowl design with a suction pad base has created a winning formula when weaning.

The bowl grips tightly to surfaces while the slanted design helps develop good feeding skills as children can easily see what’s in the bowl.

Made from food grade silicone, it’s flexible enough that you can roll the bowl up for feeding on the go when out and about, and comes with a handy carry pouch.

MFM tester Karen says: “The suction base is a great idea as our 7 month old loves to grab the bowl and try to pull it towards him!”

MFM tester Meena adds: “The suction is easy to use and also easy to release. The bowl is a good size and my daughter can easily see into it. It cleans incredibly easily and is really handy for taking out and about”

Available from: Bickiepigs


5. Weaning, by Annabel Karmel, DK, £12.99

Type: Book

Reaching that all-important milestone of weaning your baby can be exciting, but also a little bit daunting.

DK Weaning is an updated version of a book that has been helping mums since 2010, and contains lots of really helpful advice on topics ranging from bringing up a vegetarian baby, to which foods to avoid in the first year and how to cope with messy eaters.

MFM tester Rebecca says: “The book was extremely well presented, it contained plenty of opening information and unlike many other books I’d come across, it explained weaning even if you’d chosen to start before the recommended 6 months. I found it the most interesting, engaging and informative weaning book so far.”

Available from: Waterstones and The Works


6. Babycup First Cups, £6.99

Type: Weaning aid

Encouraging kids to sip rather than suck from cups is good for teeth, and consequently dentists recommend open cups.

These mini open cups are just the right size for little hands and mouths, while the translucent sides mean that you can see just how much is inside. Babycup First cups are equally handy when it comes to dealing with feeding challenges such as bottle refusal, latch difficulties or cleft palates.

MFM tester Izabela says: “It’s such a cute and great first cup, even my 2-year-old baby girl loves them. I think they are useful and have great quality.”

Available from: Babycup and Amazon


7. Babymoov Foodii, £11.99

Type Weaning aid

A useful snack filling and feeding system you can use at home or on the go.

It can be used from early weaning until early years using spoons or a snack spout – you just fill the pre-sterilized pouches with baby foods using the wide-spouted snack filler bottle, and pop on the leakproof cap.

MFM tester Angelita says: “My 8-month-old daughter has a busy schedule, so I was making food to put in containers, and bringing extra spoons, and bowls when we were out. Foodii means I can store food easily and feed her easily with no mess.”

Available from: Babymoov and Amazon


8. Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station, £29.99

Type: Feeding aid

This Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station makes child’s play of filling containers with your home-made purees – literally.

Children love the action of this gold award-winning contraption, which lets you squeeze pureed food from the 3 tubes into disposable pouches.

The soft rubber press gives an easy grip and the non-skid base prevents any slips and spills. It is also dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, and comes with 10 pouches included.

MFM tester Oana says: “My little one absolutely loves to fill the pouches so I would really recommend this as an activity with your toddler, as it makes them so excited to prepare their own food.”

MFM tester Lynsey adds: “I found it easy to use, and effective at doing the job it is intended to do. It was also easy to clean and simple to store.”

Available from: Amazon and Argos


9. Doddl Spoon Set, £16.95

Type: Feeding

The Doddl Children’s Cutlery is a lovely little set that reduces mess at mealtimes and helps children develop the pincer grip and fine motor skills.

The knife is very clever, designed to cut food, but safe on skin.

The set makes eating easier for little ones, which makes for a more peaceful mealtime all round. They are high quality and long lasting, and entice little ones to enjoy family meals.

MFM tester Corrine said; “I have used this with my 17 month old and she loved the spoon and it’s easy to use with the fork. It’s easy to clean – the best product I have seen so far for children’s self feeding.”

Available from: Amazon


10. MAM Heat Sensitive Feeding Spoons and Cover, £6.99

Type: Weaning aid

This clever set of spoons is great when you start out offering baby their first food. Made of non-slip material, these spoons are easy for baby to hold and also change colour if the food is too hot – an innovative feature that takes the guesswork out of weaning.

A well-designed cover also keeps used and clean spoons separated. This is a great little product to start you and your little one on your weaning journey.

MFM tester Katy says: “I like having 2 spoons as my daughter wants to feed herself but hasn’t yet got the dexterity, so the broader spoon is really helpful and I can also feed her at the same time. The heat sensitive feature is really handy. The container to keep the spoons in is great and something I’ve not seen before.”

Available from: Amazon and Uber Kids