The best weaning and feeding products for babies and toddlers

Introducing your baby to solids, and moving from first foods to a fuss-free feeder, will be much easier with the right kit. Whether you plan to start by spoon feeding purees or try baby-led weaning (or a bit of both), here’s our round-up of the best products for lunch and beyond


1. Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station, £30.99, MFM Gold Award Winner

This Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station makes child’s play of filling your home-made purees into handy containers – literally.


Children love the action of this gold award-winning contraption, which lets you squeeze pureed food from the 3 tubes into disposable pouches. The soft rubber press gives an easy grip and the non-skid base prevents any slips and spills.

It is also dishwasher safe,  BPA, PVC and phthalate-free, and comes with 10 of the pouches included.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station:

“We use pouches when we are out and about and we usually have fruit purees in it. We just steam the fruits/vegetables and puree them and fill the pouches. Andy absolutely loves to fill the pouches so I would really recommend this as an activity with your toddler, as it makes them so excited to prepare their own food.” Mum of 1, Oana

“I found this product easy to use, and effective at doing the job it is intended to do. It was also easy to clean and simple to store.” Mum of 2, Lynsey

Read our MFM review of the Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station

Available from: Amazon and Daisy Baby


2. DoddleBags re-usable travel and food pouch, £10.99, MFM Silver Award Winner

These re-usable pouches are a great way to take purees and liquids out – and have your little ones’ favourite flavours to hand. They are a handy size, lunchbox friendly and free standing for easy storage.

Winning the MFM Silver Award this year, the DoddleBags feature a large opening with a zip seal at the top to secure liquids, and a classic pouch nozzle on the side – with a funky choice of colour stoppers. 

BPA- Phthalate- and PVC-free and recyclable, the pouches also allow you to see through one side to check contents, and they are dishwasher and hot water safe – perfect for repeated uses.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about DoddleBags re-usable travel and food pouch:

“I loved the ease of use, there is no need to use a separate gadget to get the food into the bag, just open wide and spoon in. The bags were a good quality and I can see they can be used a fair few times at least. Best of all my 2-year-old son who used to be addicted to Ella’s pouches when being weaned, finished his pouch of soup and even asked for a second helping. Anything that encourages him to drink my homemade soup is a winner in my eyes.” Mum of 3, Jenny

“Love these. I am keen to feed my son homemade food but this is difficult when we are out and about. I like the fact I can fill the pouches with my own food to take out with us.” Mum of 2, Sam

Available from: Kidly, Lakeland and Amazon


3. MAM Heat Sensitive Spoons & Cover, £6.50, MFM Bronze Award Winner

This set of spoons is great when you start out offering baby his first food. Our bronze award winner is made of non-slip material making it easy for baby to hold and it also changes colour if the food is too hot – an innovative feature that takes a bit of guesswork out of weaning.

A well-designed cover also keeps used and clean spoons separated and the two different sizes help the development of independent feeding. This is a great little product to start you and little one on your weaning journey.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the MAM Heat Sensitive Spoons & Cover:

“I like having two spoons as my daughter is of age where she wants to feed herself, but hasn’t yet quite got the dexterity so the broader spoon is really helpful and I can also feed her at the same time. The heat sensitive feature is really handy. The container to keep the spoons in is great and something I’ve not seen before.” Mum of 1, Katy

“We absolutely loved this product. The colour changes when the food is hot. Also the case that it comes with is very handy especially when you are out and about. I would definitely buy more.” Mum of 2, Soma

Available from: Amazon and MAM


4. Mummy Cooks Starter Weaning Set, £20.99

What a great, no-fuss set for weaning! Completely BPA-free, this is a practical set that allows you to freeze, store, transport and microwave home-made baby food. You get 50 pots and spill-proof lids, ranging from 1oz to 6oz, all dishwasher and steriliser safe too. 

The portion sizes are great to support different stages of weaning, and the set includes a weaning portion guide to support first-time parents. There are plenty of containers here for effective and time-saving batch cooking – great value.

 What our MadeForMums reviewers say about the Mummy Cooks Starter Weaning Set:

“I was impressed with these pots. They really helped. I like the fact there was several different sizes to choose from and they were really good quality but not too chunky and sizable (which makes storage easier). They washed well in the dishwasher too.” Mum of 2, Charlotte

“These pots are great, as they come in a range of sizes for as the child gets older or for different types of food. I find the smallest ones useful for freezing portions of hummus or dips for finger foods. The lids go on easily and are very secure and food seems to freeze well in them. The portion guide that came with them was also very helpful for me.” Mum of 1, Tina

 Available from: Amazon and Mummy Cooks


5. Squeasy Gear for Onco reusable food pouch, £12.5-£16

The Squeasy Gear is a reusable food pouch with a difference. It offers a removable no-spill insert that prevents spillage, but can be removed for a more free-flow option. Its wide opening makes it easy to fill, and it can contain purees, smoothies, yoghurts and liquids.

It is fantastically easy to clean, as the pouch can be turned inside out so that you can have a good old scrub of all the bits – and remove all mould and bacteria.

Made from 100% food grade materials, it is super safe, and the ergonomic design has a soft, light touch, perfect for little hands.

What our MadeForMums reviewers say about the Squeasy Gear for Onco reusable food pouch:

“This is a great concept and love that it’s eco-minded and easy to clean. It also has a really funky design that is attractive to kids.” Mum of 2, Samantha

“I love the fact I can avoid mould build up in this pouch/drinks bottle. It provides a great way to transport purees on the go, and can be used from weaning stage right up to when your child is older. I love the look and feel, it’s very tactile!” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

Available from: Onco


6. Bibetta Placemat with Pocket, £14.99

This clever waterproof fabric placemat can be used at home or on the move, on a highchair or table, to contain mess and spills, or in the absence of a bowl.

It’s a good size but folds down into a compact carry pouch. It has a handy pocket to catch dropped food and a non-slip backing.

Machine-washable and hygienic, this is particularly handy if you are doing baby-led weaning or offering finger foods.

What our reviewers say about Bibetta Placemat with Pocket:

“Useful product for containing mess at mealtimes – love that it’s machine washable and the non-slip base really works!” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“Could be a cover for a high chair tray, or additional food catcher at the big table.” Mum of 1, Kat

Available from: Kidly, Bibetta and Babies Corner


7. Asda Little Angels Out & About Suction Bowl, £3

Whether feeding at home or on the go, this bowl with a lock-tight lid is big on convenience and value.

It has a stick fast base for less mess and a handy wide-handled spoon that clicks into the lid, so you are always ready to feed.

Comes in three colours, microwave and dishwasher safe.

What our reviewers say about Asda Little Angels Out & About Suction Bowl:

“Love this bowl! Large volume and the suction works a treat, plus the neat spoon-in-lid design is great for keeping the set together.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“Great idea. I can imagine even using it as a lunch box.” Mum of 1, Kat

Buy Little Angels Out & About Suction Bowl from


8. Silly Billyz Messy Eater Bib, £9.95 

This long-sleeved bib keeps clothes clean and dry during mealtimes, thanks to an absorbent towelling outer layer with a waterproof backing.

It’s soft for comfort, extra long to cover your little one’s lap, and can be washed and tumble dried again and again.

What our reviewers say about Silly Billyz Messy Eater Bib:

“Good quality product with good elasticated neck and it feels durable.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“Very versatile bib, that has a long life span and is easy to clean, but really reasonably priced.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann  

Available from: Amazon, Easy Nappies and Kiddicare


9. Munchkin Deluxe Fresh Food Feeder, £4.25

Take the worry out of offering finger foods if your baby isn’t confident chewing yet, with this clever device.

Simply pop fresh fruits and veg, or even cooked meat, in the mesh bag and snap on the handle, then give to your baby to suck.

Only easily digestible pieces will get through and your little one can enjoy new flavours without fear.

Comes with a cover for use on the go and doubles up as a teether when used with frozen fruit.


Available from: Kidly, Baby Security and Amazon


10. Bamboo Bamboo Baby Feeding Set, from £7.99

It’s always good to have bowls firmly in place when it comes to little ones’ early weaning, and this all natural bamboo set features powerful suction bases that grip high chairs or tables effectively to prevent spills, flips and throws.

Made from food-grade silicone, the suction rubber is also removable so that you can transition the bowls to regular use when your child outgrows them. 

The bamboo is very lovely, tactile and stylish, so you will want to hold on to them well beyond the weaning stage.

Available from: Bamboo Bamboo

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