Disposable pull-up nappies, pull-on nappies, nappy pants or easy-up pants

These are typically the next stage on from nappies, targeted at toddlers who are tottering through to those in the earlier stages of potty training. They can be pulled up and down like pants and tend to be thinner than nappies, with elasticated cuffs around the legs and at the sides. Unlike pants they can be ripped apart at the side seam, making it easier to take off when your child’s done a poo. They also have full nappy absorbency.


You might use these when you want to teach your toddler to pull their pants up and down. You might also opt for these if you want the ease of popping your child on the potty for practice sessions at regular intervals, but aren’t yet ready to tackle the ‘cold turkey’ (no nappy) stage of potty training. They are also great for toddler who won’t stay still at nappy changing time anymore, as they can be easy pulled on without you child needing to lie down.

Pull-up nappies, pull-on nappies, nappy pants, or easy-up pants can be used at night for a toddler who is potty trained during the day, but still requires protection at night. They can avoid any confusion your child might feel is she’s put back into a nappy at night.


Disposable trainer pants or potty training pull-up pants

These are specifically designed for your older toddler who is in the process of potty training and needs a prompter to let her know if she’s wet herself. For example, they might have a liner that’s less absorbent than a traditional nappy, or a pattern that changes when the pant is wet. They are typically slim fit and pull on and off like regular pants. Some brands, such as Huggies, offer a night-time version that offers more absorbency.


Reusable trainer pants

These are fabric, washable pants with a PVC liner that can hold up to one wee (and not much poo!), but still let your child know that she is wet. They pull up and down like ordinary pants, and (unlike the disposable version), they don’t have seams you can rip open.

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Night-time pyjama pants

These are designed for older children who are suffering from night-time bed-wetting, but don’t want to wear a nappy product. They’re usually designed to prevent embarrassment – with a low waist that sits below pyjamas, in quiet materials and with patterns suited to older kids.