While both the UPPAbaby Vista and the Bugaboo Cameleon3 have accumulated multiple awards between them, the debate about which buggy is the finest still continues. We reveal the pros and cons in our buggy showdown...


Which pushchair is most expensive?

UPPAbaby Vista £629 Cameleon3 £869

Firstly, we’ll start with the all-important issue of cost, which is also the biggest difference between the buggies. With the Cameleon3, you get the chassis, seat, carrycot and raincover for RRP £869. This makes the Dutch-made buggy one of the most expensive pushchairs on the market and may explain why it's been adopted by many celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Myleene Klass and Orlando Bloom.

The Vista, on the other hand, offers a chassis, seat and carrycot in its package, but also a few additional extras such as 2 raincovers, 2 SPF 50 sunshades, 2 insect nets and car seat adaptors for the price of £629. This good value price tag is one of the reasons why the Vista has become such a popular model. It also has a few of its own celebrity fans, including Drew Barrymore.

Which is easier to fold?

Ease of folding is where the UPPAbaby comes out on top. Out of the two buggies it comes the closest to a one-touch fold system.

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Plus, when folded the UPPAbaby's handlebar is positioned on the floor. This means the buggy can stand upright while resting on the handlebar and wheels. The downside of this is, if you have a wet or sticky floor, the handle will also get wet or sticky.

The Cameleon3 has to be taken apart into two pieces before it can be folded. The carrycot or car seat is taken off first and then the chassis folded down after. Although the chassis fold claims to be one-handed (an improvement on earlier models) having to dismantle the buggy pre-folding needs two hands.

Which has the most compact fold?

Cameleon3 30.5cm x 60cm x 90cm Vista 30.5cm x 63.5cm x 81.3cm (without seat attached)

* See full specs for UPPAbaby Vista

We wouldn't describe either as having a compact fold. Our reviewer found that the Vista could fold with the seat unit attached or not. The main complaint from Cameleon3 users is that you can't hook the two folded pushchair components together, so it's not easy to carry around.

How much do they weigh?

Cameleon3 9.4kg Vista 11.5kg

This is the weight for the chassis, wheels and seat for both buggies. Neither could be termed lightweight, but because of its larger size, the Vista is a noticeably heavier buggy, making the Cameleon3 the clear winner here.

Which buggy is best to push?

There is nothing that separates the Cameleon3 and Vista when being pushed in the city. They’re comfortable and easy to push on flat surfaces, plus they feel responsive when steering. However, Vista users tend to feel the suspension is too firm and the hard no-puncture tyres can make for a bumpy ride on uneven surfaces. No such complaints from Cameleon3 parents.

The Cameleon3 also has some special sauce when it comes to coping with more difficult terrain.

Firstly, you can have either the small swivel wheels at the front or the larger foam-filled 12” wheels at the front. You simply switch the parent handle over - easy. Why have the two choices? The swivel wheels are essential for city pushing, whereas big wheels at the front will help you push over uneven ground.

Secondly, the Bugaboo has an unusual two-wheel mode (above), which means you can pull the buggy on just two wheels, rather like a chariot or wheelbarrow. This is to help you cope with your buggy over more extreme ground, such as sand or snow. Perfect if you’re a jet-setting parent who likes to take your buggy on the beach or slopes. If you’re not, then you might think it's more of a cool (and slightly fiddly to achieve) gimmick.

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Which has a better shopping basket?

Where the Vista does much better than the Cameleon3 is on storage space. Most Vista users comment on how 'massive' the underseat basket is, including our reviewer who describes it as "the hugest shopping basket ever on a pushchair".

The UPPAbaby basket coped well with the multitude of bags, clothes and coats our tester put in it. No matter the position of the seat unit or carrycot, the basket remains easily accessible, because the seats are so high on the chassis.

While Bugaboo boasts that its buggy can hold up to 24 litres, we found it to be fiddly to get shopping in and out, and almost impossible to reach when the carrycot is in place.

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Which is more suitable for babies?

Both pushchairs come with a carrycot suitable from birth to roughly 6 months.

A welcome feature on the Vista is that the carrycot (or bassinet) has been tested and approved for overnight sleeping.

However, it has to be said that many mums reveal on forums that they use the carrycot that comes with their Cameleon for occasional overnight sleeping.

Another great little feature that the Vista offers is that it can double up as a highchair when you’re out and about. This is due to the high position of the seating unit on the frame, which thrilled our reviewer when she was eating out.

Are they travel system compatible?

Yes, both buggies are travel system compatible, allowing you to add a Group 0+ car seat for your baby.

The Vista is compatible with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, Pebble and BeSafe Infant car seats. However, the Cameleon3 offers more choice, as it’s compatible with Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Cabriofix and Citi, Britax Baby-Safe Plus II and SHR II, Be Safe iZi Go, Cybex Aton and Bebe Confort Pebble.

The one difference - the Vista car seat adaptors are included with the buggy whereas Bugaboo customers have to pay an additional £34.95 for Cameleon3 adaptors.

Which is more likely to grow with your family?

This is one of the biggest differences between the two buggies.

The Vista has been designed to grow as your family does. Unlike the Bugaboo, the Vista has the ability to become a double pushchair.

With the addition of the Rumble Seat (pictured above) for £99.99, you can transform your Vista into an inline pushchair, allowing you to take 2 children around. However, many parents, while thrilled with the option, say it works better as single buggy because space with the two seats fixed on can be quite tight.

The Cameleon3 comes with a full 3-year warranty. If looked after there is no reason why the good-quality pushchair could not be used again for a second child.

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What is the age range of the buggies?

As we know age and size can vary significantly between children, which is why most companies use the word 'approximately' when talking about a product's age range.

And while the majority of buggies on the market are suitable for children up to 15kg (approx 3 years), the Cameleon3 offers a higher than normal upper age limit of 17kg (approx 4 years).

The Vista takes it one step further and is suitable for children who weigh up to 20kg (approx 5 years). The lifeline of the buggy is further increased with the extendable seat unit that expands for taller children.

But accommodating for larger/older children means that when standing the Vista is wider (63.5cm) and slightly taller (101.6cm) than the Cameleon3 (60cm wide x 100.5cm tall) and not so great for tight spaces.

Any accessories?

Pushing both buggies you could almost feel like James Bond with all of the additional extras.

The Vista already comes packed with a range of extras, including 2 raincovers, 2 sunshades and the car seat adaptors. On top of this you can buy a travel bag, parent organiser, snack tray, cup holder or baby Ganoosh.

The Cameleon3 also offers an array of pricey accessories, including footmuff, blanket, seat liner, bag, sun canopy cup holder.

Most importantly, both can be fitted with an attachable buggy board, for toddlers to ride on the back. Here again, price is a factor but if you were expecting the Cameleon3 to be the more expensive option you’d be wrong. At £60 the Bugaboo buggy board is almost £16 cheaper than the UPPAbaby version that costs £75.99.

And what about looks?

If you are looking for statement buggies you’ve found them in both of these pushchairs. The Cameleon3, however, does boast an iconic design, which has since been much copied. Both offer chassis that come in either stylish black matte or en vogue aluminum finish, plus a range of colour options.

The Cameleon3 has 7 statement colours, while the Vista is currently available in 8 eye-catching colours.

Which is better - the Vista or Cameleon3?

If you want a high-quality, long-lasting statement buggy and are not worried about having an easy to fold buggy or a big shopping basket, then you can't go wrong with the Bugaboo Cameleon3.

If you're after an all-inclusive, good looking, city buggy with a massive shopping basket, which can be converted into a two-seater then the UPPAbaby Vista is a great choice.

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