In a nutshell

A stylish wi-fi monitor with a large screen and HD video, packed with useful features like a night light and two-way talkback – although the battery life isn’t the best

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Sound/picture
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Signal range
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Design
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Easy set-up, links to app, large 7" screen, clear HD day and night view, plays sounds and lullabies, night light


  • Signal range affected by battery life, battery runs out quite quickly

While you may be more familiar with VTech as a popular electronic baby toy brand, it also offers a wide choice of audio and video baby monitors. The VTech 7" RM7767HD baby monitor is one of the brand’s wi-fi-enabled monitors, boasting a huge 7" viewer unit. It can be linked to an app on your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on your baby wherever you are, and is packed with lots of handy features like a night light, lullabies, two-way talk function and room temperature indicator – it’s also our MFM bronze award winner for best baby monitor.


Priced at £199.99, it’s certainly an investment for your baby’s room, although more affordable than other award-winning monitors like the Nanit Pro Baby Monitor, from £299 and the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor, £269.

Tested by

Sandy, a first-time mum to a 17-month-old baby boy, tested the monitor at their flat in London.

First impressions?

My first impressions of the monitor were good. I liked the size of the parent unit, the minimalist design of the monitor and appreciated the fact that there was an option to check on the baby remotely via my smartphone, when we go out to dinner or see friends.

I noticed that it came with a wall-mount option, but as I might move the baby’s room furniture around, I decided to keep the monitor camera freestanding.

VTEch monitor

How easy is the VTech 7" RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor to set up?

The monitor is very simple to set up, for both the parent unit and smartphone app options. I found simply laying out all the parts across the floor and reading through the instruction manual (which was in the box) very easy, and I was able to set it all up and download the VTech Baby Pro app on my phone within 15 minutes. I did not use the monitor immediately, as I left some time for the parent unit to charge up.

What are the key features of the VTech 7" RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor?

We have really enjoyed using the various functions of the baby camera – from the more practical high-quality picture, sound and rotation functions to the add-on offerings, including lullabies, white noise and night lights in three colours.

It is worth noting that there is also a temperature and room humidity function, providing alerts if either go too high or low. I have found this reassuring, especially with temperature fluctuations.

I did not think that I would have much use for the two-way talkback intercom function or the lullabies, however they have proved useful – especially in the mornings when my baby is up, but I need to prepare his breakfast (and grab a coffee for myself) before I start chasing him around the flat. I have used these functions to talk to and entertain him, rather than just leaving him alone in a quiet room.

Composite picture of RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor

How easy is it to position everything correctly with the VTech RM7767HD?

The VTech 7" RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor has a balanced base, convenient circular shape and so is very easy to position correctly. We decided against mounting the camera on the wall, to make it easier if we ever decide to move the furniture in the baby’s room around.

We have a mantlepiece opposite the cot that would have been perfect for the camera, but unfortunately no socket on that side of the wall for the camera to plug into. After considering different options, I decided to simply put the camera monitor on a stool in front of the baby’s cot. It enables clear viewing of the cot, but I do have to move the stool into the corner when the baby is awake, to prevent having the wire lying around. Others with more conveniently placed sockets would find it much easier to position the monitor correctly.

Does the VTech RM7767HD video baby monitor have an adjustable camera?

One of the monitor's best features is its camera. As well as offering a high-quality image in daylight and at night, it is adjustable remotely. You can use the parent unit – or the screen on your smartphone – to pan the device 360° around the room, as well as tilt it up and down. This allows you to follow your baby if they have moved to different parts of the cot, are lying down or standing up.

On your phone, you use your fingers to pinch the screen to zoom, or swipe slightly to move left or right, and with the parent unit you press the buttons to adjust the camera appropriately. One of our MFM parent testers, Gabrielle, does warn you need a light touch, commenting: “The camera is very sensitive so even a slight adjustment up or down sends the camera swivelling around – not so helpful if you’re trying to focus on a small child in a small space.”

Melodies and Soothing Sounds on RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor camera

What is the sound quality like on the VTech RM7767HD baby monitor?

The sound quality on the Vtech RM7767HD is extremely clear, to both listen to your baby and for the two-way talkback. It was a big plus when it came to using the monitor as our previous one was muffled. You are also able to adjust the volume on the parent monitor.

How was the background noise?

There is minimal background noise when using the VTech RM7767HD monitor. Of course, you can hear someone in the hallway on the monitor if the baby’s bedroom door is wide open, but that is more of a testament to the sound strength of the monitor.

What is the picture like on the VTech 7" RM7767HD baby monitor?

My favourite thing about this baby monitor is the high-quality HD picture on the camera. It was so refreshing to have a clear picture – in colour, both day and night – as opposed to the grainy screens on competitive monitors.

The camera quality is extremely clear and, I found, much more reassuring. I would say this for both the parent unit and the smartphone functions – although the parent unit does have a larger screen. Our MFM parent tester, Tara, also really rated the large 7" screen, adding, “The camera provides high-definition visuals and I can view my baby clearly in the day and at night.”

RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor camera showing Crib

Does the VTech 7" RM7767HD baby monitor offer analysis of your baby’s sleep?

Whilst the monitor does not offer sleep analysis, it does allow you to capture videos and videos remotely on your smartphone. I have found this a nice add on to capture moments, but not necessarily a practical tool.

Does the baby camera have a temperature indicator?

Yes, the monitor has a temperature indicator which alerts you to changes in temperature, as well as humidity.

Is there a talk-back function on the VTech 7" RM7767HD baby monitor?

There is a talk-back function with this camera, which I have used – especially in the mornings to reassure the baby that I will be coming in shortly. The sound quality is clear, for both the sound function on the camera and the parent unit or smartphone.

How secure is the wi-fi connection with the VTech 7" RM7767HD baby monitor?

I have friends who have refused to use a monitor with wi-fi connection, fearing that it could be hacked by strangers who could then watch their baby, or monitor when they are out of the house. Whilst I understand their fears, for me, I do appreciate the benefit of the wi-fi-enabled remote monitoring – and appreciated the safety warning and privacy guidance included in the instruction’s manual.

The VTech manual provides a list of steps and recommended practices to protect the monitor online and keep the connection private, which are worth following even if it takes longer to set up. These include securing the router’s wireless signal with encryption and choosing a secure 10-character long password.

Does the VTech RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor operate on mains or battery, or both?

The baby camera is connected to the mains, and the parent unit is battery operated but would need to be charged up on mains. I did find that the low-battery sound alert kicked in after just 5 hours of being unplugged, so I kept it charging all night. MFM parent tester, Tara, agreed the battery life let the VTech 7" RM7767HD monitor down: “My only negative is the battery life – despite being on charge overnight, the battery on the unit depleted really easily. This is pretty disappointing. The instructions do suggest keeping it plugged in, but for the price I’d expect a longer battery life, especially when the product is brand new.”

What did you think of the different lullabies and sounds that come with the monitor?

They are definitely a bonus. Whilst I occasionally use them, I could imagine using this setting a lot more with a newborn. I enjoy hitting the “play all” button on the traditional melodies available on the parent unit (including My Bonnie, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hot Cross Buns, Hush Little Baby and Brahms’ Lullaby) – you can also select songs independently if you prefer. As well as this, there are soothing sounds like white noise, crickets, streams, birds and a “shh” sound – which would be useful for a little baby.

It is a nice feature to have and reduces the need for parents to keep on buying different devices to entertain little ones.

Melodies and Soothing Sounds on RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor

What did you like most about the VTech 7" RM7767HD Ultra-Smart video baby monitor?

Without a doubt, my favourite feature of the baby camera is the picture quality. It is so clear on both the parent unit and smartphone, that it feels like you are really dealing with a high-end product.

I also really like the offering of both a parent unit and wi-fi-operated smartphone function, but would have liked this so much more if the range on the parent unit and its battery life were stronger.

I think the additional functions of soothing sounds, melodies, night lights and temperature monitor checks also reduce the needs for other appliances in the baby’s room – which I always appreciate.

Is the VTech 7" RM7767HD video baby monitor good value for money?

Yes, at just under £200 I would say that this baby monitor is value for money. For me, the purpose of a baby monitor is just that – to monitor your baby’s movements, cries, and check on the temperature and humidity levels of the room. This monitor does all of that very well.

Whilst I have friends who are happy to just listen at the door, or have a cheap and cheerful monitor with a grainy picture – for me, I think of all the baby items on the market, a high-quality monitor is definitely worth the investment.

How does it compare to similar baby monitors?

Product nameTwo-way talkbackNight lightRoom temperature displayRRP (£)
VTech 7in RM7767HD Smart Video Baby MonitorYesYesYes£199.99
Motorola VM65X Smart Baby MonitorYesNoYes£220
Nanit Pro Baby MonitorYesNoYesFrom £299
Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby MonitorYesYesYes£269

Where can I buy the VTech 7" RM7767HD Ultra-Smart Video Baby Monitor?

Available at Currys, Argos and Mamas & Papas.


MadeForMums verdict:

I really like this monitor and will continue to use it going forward. It allows you to clearly see your baby in colour, clearly hear them, monitor the room’s temperature and humidity level and provides add-on functions like melodies, soothing noises and a night light. I liked the option of using a hand-held parent unit in the home – and the remote wi-fi-operated smartphone app outside – but because of the limited range of the unit, I have often found myself turning to the smartphone screen for convenience. If it were better on this front, I would have scored the monitor much higher, but it’s still an excellent buy.

Product Specifications

Model7inch RM7767HD Ultra-Smart Video
Signal typeMobile networks/wi-fi
Video screenYes
Unlimited rangeNo
Number of channels2
Two-way talkbackYes
Night lightYes
Room temperature displayYes
Soothing lullabiesYes
Power supplyBattery
Power supplyBattery