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Uniquely designed app-supported thermometer for contactless temperature readings, but it can glitchy and sometimes inaccurate

What we tested

  • Ease of use
    A star rating of 2.0 out of 5.
  • Effectiveness
    A star rating of 1.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 1.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 2.2 out of 5.


  • Contactless temperature readings, well designed app, reasonably priced


  • Temperamental, unreliable, inconsistent readings, numerous bad reviews

The Wishbone is a smart thermometer designed to make taking your baby’s temperature easier and stress free.


Harry Hu, the founder of Wishbone and owner of Joywing Tech, used his experiences as a father and baby product store owner to develop a product which he felt eliminated the challenges of other thermometers.

From the feedback he was getting from his customers, he sensed that there was a need for a small, easy-to-use thermometer that can be used via your smartphone.

Wishbone was initially crowd funded via a Kickstarter project which raised in excess of $200,000.

What makes the Wishbone stand out from similar products currently on the market is that it’s small, compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and can also be used to check your baby’s bedroom temperature, and even your baby’s milk.

The Wishbone falls into the “smart thermometer” category on Amazon and I found the Jerrybox Smart Thermometer was popular in this category on Amazon and had the most positive reviews. Other similar thermometers include the Kinsa Smart Thermometer (£17.99), while the Braun NTF 3000 No Touch thermometer (£49.99) is a contactless option, but doesn’t connect to your phone.

The Wishbone Smart Thermometer is available to buy from Amazon, and Mobile Fun.

First impressions?

The Wishbone is nice and compact, I like the colour of the product and the design is unique, looking like the product’s Wishbone name.

I reviewed the thermometer with the help of my two trusty assistants, Jasmine, aged 3 and three quarters and Roselyn, aged 15 months.

How does it work?

You connect the Wishbone to a compatible phone using the headphone socket and open up the app.

Then place the sensor 3 – 5 cm away from the forehead skin in order to read a temperature. It does this by measuring the liquid temperature from the skin surfaces in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t emit any form of radiation or sound as it uses a passive sensor and therefore is safe to use on little ones.

The Wishbone is one of a few thermometers you can also use to measure ambient temperature, fluids such as your baby’s milk, and even your pets.

What’s the app like?

The app is well designed and simple to use. I especially like the fact that you can store historical data for multiple family members. Handy if you’re up all night with a sick little one(s) and can hardly remember your own name let alone the last temperature measurement you took!

The Wishbone app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Wishbone list compatible devices on their website. The app is free to download from Google Play Store or App Store.

I tried using both my Samsung Galaxy S4 and hubby’s Samsung Note 3; there were issues on both phones.

The thermometer would work once and then have continuous errors for days. Very frustrating and not reliable enough for me to trust it if one of my kids suddenly got a fever.

How accurate is the temperature reading?

I used the product on my eldest daughter and compared it to an in-ear thermometer. Bear in mind that a normal child’s temperature should between 36 – 36.8 degrees, I was getting the Wishbone reading of 36.1 degrees while the in-ear thermometer was producing 36.4 degrees. A variation of 0.3 degrees could be the difference between your baby having a fever or not. I must have complete faith in a thermometer time and time again – this was not the case with the Wishbone. The manufacturers claim that the difference should be +/-0.2 degrees.

Is it easy to measure your little one’s temperature?

It should be and the fact that no contact or probe covers are required should make this product very straightforward to use. In reality, this was not always the case. It was very frustrating when the device came up with error messages and I was constantly referring to the help tips to try and resolve the issue.

To get it to work most recently I had to reinstall the app, take the small and fiddly batteries out and reinsert them. I would not have had the time or patience to do this if my child was unwell.

Additionally my 15 month old was near impossible to get a reading from unless she was drowsy or asleep. When fully awake all she wanted to do was to grab my phone, touch the screen and pull at the device.

Do you need any extra accessories to use the product, if so can you buy them?

You will need to download the free app onto your phone. It’s available for Android and iOS phones.

Who is the product most useful for?

If the product was accurate and reliable - I would say any parents. Before having kids I don’t remember a single time I needed to know the temperature of anything other than my oven! I would add that I see this product working best with a small baby (who can’t yet grab the device) or a toddler who is able to understand (and cooperate) when being told to sit still. With my 15 month old it was a battle to get a reading.

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Is the product value for money?

Unfortunately no, it still needs a lot of work to make it more reliable. I would seriously consider asking for my money back.

Is there anything unique about this product?

Yes – the design and size.

Does it make a difference where you take your baby’s temperature?

With the Wishbone you can only take the temperature at the centre of the forehead.

Is it quick to take your baby’s temp?

Wishbone claims that a reading takes two seconds. Great if it would only work every time!

Will it travel well?

The Wishbone is extremely light, compact and portable. It would have been nice to include a small carry bag like the ones you get with earphones to keep it free from dust particles. We had to put it in the same drawer when not in use as its small size makes it easy to misplace.

Is it easy to use?

The product can be frustrating and temperamental but when it works it is very easy to use. All you need is the device and your mobile.

Is it worth the money?

The Wishbone is competitively priced with an RRP of £34.99. There are other infra-red thermometers out there around the same price and if the manufacturers are able to iron out the glitches in this product then it would be worth the money for a family with a young baby.

We have a Braun in ear thermometer which I was happy to pay £30+ for as I felt it was an important piece of equipment to have with two small kids.

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Product Specifications

ModelSmart thermometer
  • Contactless thermometer, compatible with Android and iOS devices