We’ve all experienced one of those typical moments when your buggy tips backwards as your toddler jumps out or you can't pull the shopping out from the basket under your sleeping baby - but has anything really embarrassing happened to you? Oh yes...


MFM surveyed over 1,300 mums and asked them to confess their worst buggy disasters. When something goes wrong unexpectedly, the only thing to do is laugh!

Here are our top 10 favourite embarrassing buggy moments should we say most embarrassing, responses:

  • “When unfolding my buggy, I trapped my necklace in the frame and it broke. There were beads all over the car park!”
  • "The wheel broke off my buggy as I was getting on the tube but I didn't realise until the tube left and I saw my wheel on the platform."
  • "I blocked off most of the aisle with my buggy on a busy bus. The looks and tuts I got from other passengers who had to squeeze past me...
  • “I went into town with my buggy and it completely fell apart. We had to go to the nearest DIY shop and purchase nuts and bolts to put it back together…”
  • “Going out without the rain cover on a beautiful day, then getting caught in the biggest downpour. I had to try and position the parasol over my sleeping baby with my cardigan draped over, running home as fast as I could. I was exhausted and soaked to the skin - but my baby was dry”
  • “I drove my kids 10 miles to see a huge firework display and then found I couldn't put my buggy up. I couldn’t manage the kids without it, so had to return home with them crying all the way back! We ended up having to fork out on our own fireworks and hotdogs”
  • "I had to change platforms at my train station and was carrying my baby in my arms at the same time as trying to bump my pushchair down the stairs. Suddenly I let go of the buggy and it fell all the way to the bottom. People thought there was a baby inside, yet no one tried to stop it. They just stood there with their mouths open!"
  • "When I first bought my buggy I went out to a restaurant but couldn’t remember how to put it down so had to carry it fully erect up two flights of stairs”
  • I got on a bus and had to fold up my buggy, as there was hardly any room. When I got off the bus, I left my one year old on the seat while I took the buggy off to unfold it. As I turned round to get back on, the doors closed and the bus drove off! I had to chase the bus and when it stopped my one year old was on the floor crying AND the bus driver didn't even apologise"

So next time you find yourselves caught out (although we do of course hope there isn’t a next time) just remember it happens to everyone!


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