Sing and Sign - Marylebone
Ease your baby’s frustrations and join an entertaining baby signing class. Using familiar songs, puppets, props and pictures to inspire your baby’s interest, they can help to understand your baby’s needs, thoughts and ideas, especially when singing about mealtimes! It also gives you a chance to have a chat with other Mums and enjoy a cup of tea. Sing and Sign has won numerous awards for development, and it’s fun...


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Gymboree - Whiteleys
Get your toddlers up and moving with a class that uses music, movement, props, imaginary play and custom-designed apparatus to create a fun and magical world where children learn. Yes, learning through play is what Gymboree claims to offer and has even published its own bestselling books on the subject. There’s a baby play class for newborns using sensory exploration and an apparatus-based class for mobile babies with six different developmental levels.

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Monkey Music- St Michaels Church, Belgravia
Music is a great way to engage children, something Angie Coates, the founder of Monkey Music, realised when she had her first newborn baby. She developed a curriculum to promote early learning through music, and the rest, as they say, is history. The classes are now thriving. For babies from 3 months old, there is a‘rock‘n’roll’programme with gentle songs, soothing sounds and absorbing activities to share some very special moments with your baby

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Water Babies - Westminster Centre, Bayswater
Teaching your baby to swim is an invaluable skill that could save their lives. A popular franchise, Water Babies has developed a great class to watch your baby move freely and confidently through water with grace and autonomy. It will give you a thrill and peace of mind. Babies can start as young as six weeks and classes at Bayswater take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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West London Tots - At The Alice House
A stylish setting, The Alice House in Queens Park is a beautiful cocktail bar with a vintage interior, a unique and perfect place to host a new baby and toddler group. West London tots run a range of classes at this wonderful venue, ranging from music classes with Rock-a-bye babies to baby massage, baby and toddler art and even pampering sessions for Mum.

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Mini Mozart - Maida Centre
Have you got a potential music prodigy on your hands? This could be the place to find out. A course created by Clare-Louise Shaw who drew inspiration from her experiences as a BBC Classical Music Television presenter, her music degree, and her children, encourages children to actually listen to the music, not just hear it. Through specially designed exercises they encourage children to be passionate about music, even learning about rhythm, dynamics and tempo through fun games.

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Westnine Yoga, Yoga Bears - Porchester Centre, Bayswater
Want to get fit and have fun with your baby at the same time? Join a group of Mums on a Wednesday morning for Mother & Baby Yoga and Baby massage. Learn postnatal moves to help you get back in shape and connect with your baby through movement in a calm environment. The high physical stimulation can even help them sleep more soundly. A win-win situation for everyone.

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Westminster Sure Start - Church Street
One of the earliest courses you can do as a new Mum, baby massage is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, and has even been credited with helping cure postnatal depression. This 4-week course introduces you and your baby to the joys of baby massage, which you can repeat in the comfort of your own home. Babies from birth to sitting are welcome. Contact Penny layne on 0207 723 8797 for more information and course dates.

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Baby Yoga - Gracelands Yard
Your baby is more robust than you think, and Alice Morgan who produces educational DVDs on baby yoga, holds classes at the fabulous Gracelands Cafe Courtyard to demonstrate this. The yard is a creative holistic centre that has two beautiful light and airy yoga studios. And, after all that hard work you can pop in to the cafe for a well-deserved coffee and slice of cake. These classes can be booked as a course or as a drop-in session.


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