Lavatory sanctuary

With a never-ending list of chores plus a little one to look after, sometimes a minute’s peace is all you need to recoup.


Mum Symone 'fesses up how she sneaks a sanity-saving moment.

“I always say I need a wee when I really just want 2 minutes without being asked for something. But it backfires when they come in with you" - Symone Darvell, via Facebook


Munching madness

As a busy parent, it’s not unusual to skip a meal or two, but once your belly starts rumbling it's hard to ignore.

“I sometimes eat a piece of food my toddler doesn’t want that he’s already chewed" - Katie Edwards, via Facebook

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The saying "don't let good food go to waste" springs to mind!


Ditching a do

It's important to keep in touch with your loved ones, but gracing a family party with baby vomit in your hair just won't do!

“I sometimes make the excuse of not having a babysitter available when I’m invited somewhere I don’t want to go" - Michelle Reaves, via Facebook


The wipe rule

A quick cleaning blitz can be more tempting than hours of elbow grease, but you also like receiving compliments on being a real dust-busting Mrs Sheen.

Mum Victoria opens up on how she avoids the "big clean"!

“Baby wipes are now my only cleaning product – for baby, me, kitchen surfaces, the fridge, bath and more" - Victoria Horner, via Facebook


Selective hearing

You know you shouldn't, but it’s easy to filter out noises so as to concentrate on a task in hand.

“I sometimes ignore suspicious noises that probably warrant immediate attention, to quickly finish whatever job I’m trying to do at the time" - Claire Palmer, via Facebook


Stinky situation

You've caught a whiff of your boy's dirty nappy and know it's going to be a real chilli concarnage!

But dad’s got a stronger nose to battle through with, right?

“Sometimes I pass baby to daddy and act all innocent when he realises he’s done a poo" - Taylor Naylor-Hands, via Facebook


Porky pies & little white ones

What do you do if your little one wants to play superheroes but you're longing to curl up with a book and a cuppa?

“I lie and tell the little ones it’s ‘late’ and ‘past their bedtime.' Sadly, this will only last until they can tell the time" - Michala Dominey, via Facebook


The 'who done it?'

Once your child has got his eye on something, that's it! But what if it's your partner's precious iPad that you swore you would keep out of arms reach?

“I let my little one play with hubby's gadgets without him knowing. You just think, it's not mine, and it keeps her quiet for 10 minutes" - Tara McBride, via Twitter

Just make sure to wipe off the drool before he gets home!


Name game

If you've suffered from "mummy brain", you can definitely sympathise with mum Lauren's name conundrum!

"I have two little ones and constantly get their names muddled up. I call them sweetie or something similar to cover it up" - Lauren Coby Ryan, via Facebook


Strops and sulks

As a parent you try and be a role model for good behaviour, but one little thing can knock you off your podium as mum Charlotte knows all too well.

"Sometimes when I trip over my little one's toys on the floor I have a total toddler tantrum. My husband does it too" - Charlotte Thompson, via Facebook


And one from dad...

"I wipe my son's snot on his clothes when there's no tissue around. His mum has no idea, but we're both covered in so much baby-related gunk by the end of the day that it all blends in" - Roger Harwood, via Twitter