The 15 toys kids REALLY want for Christmas

You've seen all the 'official' must-have toys lists but here's the lowdown on which toys children ACTUALLY want Santa to bring them this year...


The retailers’ must-have Christmas toys lists began springing up MONTHS ago: MFM has its own (brilliant) best-of-the-best list, in fact.


But what the toy stores say kids will want and what they actually want could be worlds apart, couldn’t they?

To find out, we asked our mums on Facebook to tell us what their kids (aged 2 to 11) are asking Santa for this year. And here’s what they said…

Here are the 15 toys kids aged 2 to 11 years really want for Christmas….

1. LEGO sets (all ages)

These bright coloured bricks are a die-hard toy that never seems to go out of fashion – and they figure highly on the most-wanted lists of children of all ages.

Jade L says, “Our 3-year-old is asking for LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2,” and Pippa A says: “My 7-year-old son wants the LEGO City Undercover video game for the Xbox One.”

The bricks, that games that go with it: they want it all.

Best LEGO sets to buy?


2. Dolls (all ages)

Yes, no surprises here: dolls, and particularly baby dolls, comes up really high on children’s wishlists, too.

Whether all-singing, all-crying, or just plain and simple dolls to cuddle, little ones love them. Perhaps it has something to do with being like mummy?

Nicola N tells us: “My little girl who is two keeps pointing to the Cry Baby advert on TV. So I gave in and bought her one…basically a crying doll



Best dolls to buy?

  • This year’s new must-have is unquestionably the artificial-intelligence doll Luvabella, £99.99 (age 3+)
  • Cry Babies dolls, £29.99 each (age 18 months+) are also selling a storm right now – and may be more available (and cheaper!).
  • For more doll inspiration for children of all ages, including baby dolls, dress-up dolls and even Monster High Dolls, check out our 10 of the best dolls for boys and girls.

3. My Little Pony (age 3 to 7)

If you’ve got a kid obsessed with Equestria, there’s plenty to choose from in the My Little Pony line and so many of our mums said their little ones were hoping for something from the range.

Pia S says: “[My] girl aged 3 is desperate for every single My Little Pony item she sees in catalogues and on telly – especially the electronic Twilight Sparkle extra expensive pony thingy



Best My Little Pony toys to buy?

4. Peppa Pig toys (age 2 to 5)

She’s a bit naughty and divides opinion every time but, according to our mums, she’s the kind of popular pig that makes almost any toy with her picture on something kids really want to play.

“My 3-year-old Taylor wants the Peppa Pig family play house,” Sarah W tells us. And Susan A, says her little one, nearly 2, wants a Peppa Pig soft oy.

Best Peppa Pig toys to buy?


5. A bike (age 3+ or 12 months+ for a balance bike)

Ah, we wondered whether this classic Christmas gift would figure on a lots of children’s lists – and it absolutely did, across a wide range of ages. “My daughter will be 4 at Christmas and she would like a bike – and a jack in the box!”

Best bikes to buy?

6. Anything unicorn-related (all ages)

Unless you’ve been on the moon, you’ll not have missed the unicorn frenzy that’s been gripping small-person-world for quite a few months now. Vicky T says her little one wants “anything unicorn related”.

Best unicorn toys to buy?

7. Fingerlings (age 5 +)

These cute interactive monkeys that cling to your fingers have caused mighty stir of late – and our child testers’ super-enthusiastic ratings of them mean they feature highly in our 10 of the best tech toys list.

“My granddaughter wants a Fingerling,” says Sue F, and Adele G adds her little one wants: “A finger monkey thing in pink” (we’re pretty sure that’s a Fingerling!)

Best Fingerlings to buy?

  • You’ll have to move fast – or pay above the odds – to find a single £14.99 Fingerling, as they started selling out almost everywhere since they made it onto the must-have toys list for Christmas 2017
  • If you find they’re out of stock everywhere you look, you may be able to bag a Fingerlings Playset, £29.99 – which comes with 2 Fingerlings (bonus!)

8. Hatchimals (age 5 +)

These eggs that hatch into a owl/chick-like toy were last year’s big Christmas toy but they’re still incredibly popular with small people – and now you can buy little tiny collectible ones or the brand new Hatchimals Surprise.

“My granddaughter Summer would adore a Hatchimal,” says Debs C. And yes – they’re in our must-have Christmas toys list again this year…

Best Hatchimals to buy?

9. A scooter (age 2+)

“My 2yr old girl really wants a scooter,” says Maree M. And there are loads out there to choose from: from light-up to adjustable so they grow with your child.

Best scooters to buy?

  • The Ozbozz Lightburst scooter, £29,99 (age 4+) won Gold in our 2017 MadeForMums Toy Awards – our child testers swooned at the flashing lights and their parents were impressed at the price.
  • For other scooter inspiration, check out our list of 12 of the best scooters
  • Or for a younger child, try the Evo Globber 5 in 1, £90 (age 12 months+) which starts as a ride-on and then converts into a scooter when your child is ready.

10. Family games (all ages)

There’s nothing like a game to bond the family (or cause arguments!) over the festive period. Kids love them too, apparently! Emma K tells us: “I’ve just asked my 3-year-old daughter and she said ‘Gassy Cow’ – it’s a game!!!”

That particular one’s not made our lists (though you can buy it on Amazon if you fancy it) – but we do have some really good suggestions for games to keep the whole fam entertained…

Best family games to buy?

11. Dolls house (age 3 +)

If you’ve got dolls they need somewhere to live! And this traditional toy is still making children very, very happy.

“My 8 year old wants a wooden dolls house which I’m making for her,” Kelly W tells us. Pretty impressive stuff!

But, if you don’t have the time to make your own – a couple of lovely dolls houses feature in our toys for pretend play.

Best dolls house to buy?


12. LOL Big Surprise ball (age 6+)

LOL Surprise balls (watch Georgie, age 7, unwrapping one on our MadeForMums YouTube Toys channel) have been a party-bag hit for quite a while but it’s the LOL BIG Surprise Ball that’s got everyone talking this Christmas. Plenty of our mums told us their kids are keen to get their hands on one on Christmas Day. “Lois aged 7 has asked for a LOL Big Surprise ball,” says Fiona B.

Best LOL Surprise buys?

13. Shopkins (age 5+)

These cute collectibles have been popular for a while, and they came up a fair few times we asked our mums what their kids wanted this year. Kelly C says: “6-year-old daughter – anything animal related … and Shopkins!”

Best Shopkins buys?

14. The LeapFrog ice-cream cart (age 2+)

Now this was one of the toys that got a lot of specific mentions – not just an ice-cream cart but the LeapFrog ice cream cart. Gemma M, for example, wasn’t alone in saying, “My 2 year old would love the LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream cart.”

And we’d have to say we’d give this toy a ringing endorsement: it went down a STORM with all our child testers and ‘scooped’ (fnar) itself a Gold Award in the 2017 MadeForMums Toy Awards: just read what our testers had to say about it.

Best LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart buys?

  • The LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart, £39.99 (below, age 2+), is currently out of stock at Smyths Toys and The Entertainer but we’ve spotted it at £5 off at Argos
  • You could also try to get it for FREE by winning our £430 toy bundle that includes it


15. Craft stuff (age 2+)

It doesn’t have to all be new-fangled, fancy stuff. Quite a few mums told us their little ones were hoping for make and do treats this year. “My 10-year-old grand-daughter wants clothes, makeup and crafty stuff,” Gillian M told us.

And there is so much great craft stuff out there.

Best craft gifts to buy?

And the slightly more unusual requests…

We did get a few slightly quirkier requests coming up too! Just a few were:

  • a ladder
  • orange trousers
  • a smoke machine
  • an electric toothbrush
  • a potato-shaped cushion

Well, we hope every child gets their wish! ??

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