1) Bucket baths

Still relatively new to the market, these are plastic, bucket-shaped baths designed so that babies can relax in the foetal position. As your baby sits with water up to his shoulders, you can be sure he’s getting a good soak while keeping warm, leaving your hands free to wash him.

Always stay with your baby when he's in the bath. You're the most important safety feature your baby can have!

2) Top ’n’ Tail Bowls

Not strictly a bath, these are medium-sized bowls, split into two or three compartments – two larger ones for warm water to wash your baby’s face and bottom, and the smaller one to hold the soap or a cloth. They work well for newborns and are completely portable so you can place them on your baby’s changing unit, or take them into a warm room with you.

Your baby's bath time might be harmful, say skin experts

3) Sit-up bath seats

Also known as bath rings, these are suitable from about 6 months. They consist of a seat with a support between your baby’s legs and a plastic ring that goes around your baby’s middle. They're good for keeping slippery babies in an upright position, or if you have to bath more than one child at a time...


4) On-the-go baths

Whenever you go away, even just for a night, you still might want to take a bath with you. Inflatable or foldaway baths are ideal to pack in your luggage or put in the car boot. They can also be a good choice when space and storage are limited at home too.


5) Bath supports

Designed especially for the first few months, bath supports can be made of towelling fabric, foam or moulded plastic. Your baby reclines on the support and is only partially covered by the water, making it easier for you to wash him.

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Mum says...

“If you bathe your baby in the adult bath, or use the baby bath in it, a little plastic stool to sit on will really help your back,” said Angela Munroe, mum to Eddie, 5 months.