Your toddler will love helping with washing when she gets to hang it up instead of use the tumble dryer

Play turn-it-off

Sneak around the house and put a few electrical appliances on standby, then race your toddler around the rooms to find them and see who can turn them off first. While you’re doing it, explain that the TV, DVD player and washing machine all need to be properly shut down so they don’t use any electricity.


Invest in a furry friend

Get your toddler an animal adoption so she learns which species are in trouble and need help. London Zoo has a great package for £30, which includes free zoo entry and regular updates from her new friend. Browse the animals up for adoption at

Hang it out

Every toddler loves copying mum, so next time you do the washing, hang it on the line together rather than using the tumble dryer. You’ll save energy (and she’ll use up some of hers), get into good habits and enjoy the fresh air.

Shop green

Tell your tot it’s her job to remember to take your shopping bags to the supermarket. Remind her to pick them up on the way out of the house, look after them in the car and pack them full at the checkout. When the cashier asks if you need bags, explain that you have your own and that your little helper is in charge. She’ll love the responsibility.

Hunt for bugs

Get out into the garden and look for creepy crawlies and bugs of all sizes among the grass. Take snaps of the critters and head inside to Google her findings and see what they eat, and better still, what tucks into what. An easy way to explain the food chain to your inquisitive toddler.

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Hit the bottle

If your area has a bottle bank, pack up the car and get her to help you sort out the different colours and lift her up to put them in the correct bin. She’s bound to enjoy the smashing sounds as they drop down, but don’t let her near any broken bottles.


Get app happy

Got an iPhone in the family? Go to and download The Recyclies app, a short cartoon show full of fun characters that recycle and reuse things they discover. Episode one’s available for free, then it’s 59p.