Recently, former Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a cute pic of her 5-year-old son after having his fingernails painted at a local salon.


It caused quite a stir across social media for 2 reasons: one was the fact he's a boy, the other was the fact he was getting his nails done professionally at, what some thought, was rather a young age.

Here at MFM HQ, we totally get that boys as well as girls like nail varnish. But we were keen to find out what age our mums would take their child for a manicure.

One of our mums, Charlotte B, tells us she's been taking her little one to get them done since she was very young:

"My daughter's been going to the nail salon since her first birthday for her first mani pedi❤️."

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And another mum, Rebecca W, has a similar story: "My daughter has just turned 3 and has been coming with me to get her nails painted for at least a year. It’s only a bit nail varnish. Don’t see the big deal."

We wonder if a few mums see the salon trip as a bit of a mummy and child time?

For example, Laura M says: "My daughter came with me just before Xmas and she is 4. That's the first time and she loved it."

And Sammi H reveals: "My little girl is 5 and I often take her to the nail salon with me.

"They are so good with her and apply normal nail varnish whilst I have gel nail varnish applied to mine!"

Another issue that came up was around the colour. Sarah Michelle Gellar's little boy was rocking black nails, which some people thought might be a bit intense on such a young child.

Debbie C said: "My little boy likes his nails painted but we only use pale shades x. And Cari H agreed: "I would let him get a clear manicure."

And finally, mum Sarah W shared with us that "a lass I went to school with takes her 3-year-old daughter to a salon for false nails" ?

We reckon that's another talking point entirely ?

What do you think?

Does your little one like having their nails done? Do you do it at home or take them to a salon - and if not yet, at what age would you consider it? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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