Baby pranks dad trying to cut her nails

This baby plays a rather cheeky trick on her dad, and we have to admit, it's the cutest thing ever


Every parent knows cutting your baby’s nails is not the easiest of tasks. It’s important to keep their nails short so they don’t scratch their soft and sensitive faces, but we’re all in agreement at MFM HQ – no one relishes the prospect of getting the nail clippers out.


One mum (who will remain unnamed!) admits she’s never done it and ALWAYS leaves the rather delicate operation to her husband. Others won’t go near scissors and prefer to nibble their little one’s nails instead. Ideally when they’re fast asleep…

So we loved this video, of a little girl teasing her dad as he tries to cut her nails. Every time he goes to give them a snip she gives a little shriek, prompting him to pull away, and then the pair of them burst into giggles.

Puts a new spin on the whole operation and makes it look like a whole lotta fun.

Now, where are those clippers?

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