Kim Woodburn, celebrity queen of clean and star of How Clean is Your House?, tells us about her eco- and baby-friendly cleaning tips. Kim is reknowned for avoiding nasty chemicals and instead opting for more gentle ingredients such as baking powder and white vinegar in day-to-day cleaning. That’s what makes her cleaning tips so safe for use around children and what also makes them so kind on the environment. Here are her top ten eco- and baby-friendly cleaning tips to make life a little bit easier on busy mums and dads.


1. I'm sure many of you use disposable nappies. These are convenient to use but disposing of them can become a problem and nappy bins can soon become rather smelly! A top tip for keeping your nappy bin smelling fresher for longer is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking powder inside the bin liner and give it a quick shake around the sides. The baking powder should absorb most of the nasty whiff, but always empty your bin regularly to keep the smell at bay. Alternatively, sprinkle a little baking powder into individual nappy sacks to keep smells to a minimum.

2. If your little one’s cuddly toys have just a slight odour on them but are not dirty, place them in a pillow case and sprinkle in a generous amount of baking powder. Shake the pillowcase vigorously. This is best done outside! Remove the soft toys and bang them against your hand to remove the excess baking powder. A thorough brushing should follow, and hey presto, they will come out smelling lovely and clean.

3. For cuddly toys that need a proper clean just put them into a pillowcase, tie a knot and wash them in the machine with the Ecoegg. For all of you who are wondering what the Ecoegg is, it’s the revolutionary new way to do laundry. It contains no harsh chemicals but still cleans just as well as detergent. No measuring or mess, just pop it in your machine! It’s been approved by Allergy UK and is supported by the National Eczema Society, so it’s perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

4. I’m sure that many of you with children that are now toddling about will be forever noticing sticky finger prints on doors and walls. One easy tip for getting these sticky paws prints off is to keep a flour shaker full of baking powder to hand and to sprinkle a generous amount on to a damp face cloth. Wipe the surface and buff with a fresh dry cloth. It’s just so easy.

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5. When cleaning sticky finger prints from windows or mirrors, make a weak vinegar solution in warm water - one pint of water to an eighth of a pint of white vinegar. Apply with a lint free cloth, loosely ruffle up some newspaper and buff the windows to a shine.

6. Making homemade baby food is a great way to save money and ensure that your children are getting the right balance of nutrients, but by heck, it doesn’t half make a mess! Blending baby food always seems to result in half of the food going up the wall! An easy way to get splashed walls back to their former sparkling selves is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking powder on to a damp cloth, apply to the splash-back and buff dry with a fresh dry cloth. Simple, my loves!

7. For such small things, babies can get through an awful lot of clothes. Babies also have a nasty habit of accumulating tricky stains like baby food and never-ending milk vomit. The challenge is finding a product that cleans really well but also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that can hurt your baby's skin, just such a product is the ecoegg. It last up to 720 washes which is enough washes to last the average family three years! Just imagine the money you will save…

8. With children in the household, it often proves challenging to keep carpets looking and smelling fresh. For general deodorising where no stains are present, sprinkle some baking powder over the carpet using a flour sifter. Rub it in with your hands to make sure all of the area is covered. Leave it for an hour and then vacuum the whole carpet.

9. We all know how frustrating it is too see that our little ones have drawn on our walls with their crayons. One great tip for removing crayon marks on GLOSS paint is to spray the marks with hairspray and rub clean with a white towelling cloth. This will get the GLOSS paintwork back to its former glory.

10. Always keep baking powder in a flour shaker in the nursery and a fresh supply of white face cloths. For any marks that appear on the cot, drawers, surfaces, window sills - in fact anything but carpets or highly polished dark furniture - simply moisten the face cloth under a tap, wring it out and shake some baking powder over the cloth. This will clean and deodorise the area. It is also good for use on any plastic protective bedding inside the cot.

For more advice, join Kim at the London ExCeL Baby Show, 24-26 February, where she'll be introducing the Ecoegg, the revolutionary new way to wash your children’s clothes. For more information and to book a last-minute ticket to The Baby Show, click here.

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