Babies will love attending these sessions where there are plenty of play apparatus for them to tackle. The group also welcome toddlers and pre-school children, so if you have older siblings that need to be accommodated, this could be the group for you. It’s an ideal situation in which to meet other people and families with babies. Sessions are held weekly with a focus on crafts, and storytelling.


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Baby Sensory
If you are looking for a unique and sensitive class filled with creative sensory experiences that you and your baby can attend from birth, check out a Baby Sensory class. Baby Sensory classes are designed to tune into your baby’s developing senses and physical ability (think sight, physical co-ordination, touch and listening) by providing a raft of baby specific activities. Classes typically involve massage, cuddling and rocking as well as baby signing and musical elements to help enhance early communication skills. As well as the formal instruction, classes also include an exploratory session involving free play over various stimulating and engaging structures and props. Classes vary from week to week and parents can sign up to join at any point.

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Relax-a-tot (baby massage)
Baby massage classes offer a way for you to bond with your baby whilst also aiding his physical development and assisting common ailments such as colic, teething pain and constipation. You will learn a range of massage techniques during a Relax-a-tot massage class that will help benefit you and your baby. From learning how to reduce your baby’s muscle tension to enhancing parent-infant bonding and reducing post natal depression, a baby massage course is a great all round class for young babies and their carers. Relax-a-tot courses run for 5 week blocks and each class lasts for one hour.

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Sing and Sign
Combining baby signing and music is the winning formula that makes Sing and Sign classes so popular and enjoyable amongst parents and babies alike. Sing and Sign classes harness real-world first words in their songs and signs that are prominent in a baby’s world from nappies to first tastes of food, bedtime and bath time. Signs are taught by incorporating traditional and specially written or adapted songs that engage a young audience. Mixing education, learning with baby directed entertainment makes this a fun and enjoyable option for both mum (or dad) and baby.

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YogaBellies (Baby Massage)
If you are looking for one on one tuition in baby massage or for a private group session for you and some friends, YogaBellies might be just the answer. In addition to bespoke sessions, YogaBellies also offer regular baby massage course suitable for newborns through to mobile babies. During a typical 5 week course, parents will learn a range of techniques and stroke that can help to settle, soothe and relax their little ones as well as aid physical ailments. Handouts and oils are also provided as part of the course fee.


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