Best children and parenting books

Half Term is on its way and there is plenty here to keep your big and little ones amused during the break!


6 months+: Amazing Baby Lost and Found!

This is the latest in a series of bestselling books aimed at the very, very young. These sturdy board books are perfect for growing hands – with lots of sliders to pull and cut-outs to investigate. Baby has lost his teddy, his ball and his rubber duck – can your tot help him find them? These books feature bright and attractive illustrations (by award-winning artist Emma Dodd) and are designed to get you and your baby having fun with books as early as possible.


Published by Amazing Baby!, 1st February, priced £4.99


2+: Noisy Orchestra

Noisy Orchestra provides a great introduction to classical music and the instruments of the orchestra – and as the title would suggest, you can also hear the instruments too. Press the sound buttons to follow the animal musicians as they rehearse for a show before hearing the entire orchestra playing together at the end. Featuring delightful tunes which were written and produced by Anthony Marks, this book will surely inspire tiny musicians everywhere.

Published by Usborne, 1st February, priced £12.99


3+: Naked Trevor

Naked Trevor is a very jolly book by acclaimed illustrator Rebecca Elliott. The story centres on Trevor – a little bird who would rather be naked than be like all the other members of his Sparrow family. One morning he goes out to find some new clothes and after getting into a few scrapes he finally emerges with a look all his own. This is an amusing story, with strategically placed flaps, about fitting in and finding your own personality.

Published by Templar, 1st February, priced £6.99


4+ MIA: The Sweetest Valentine

Robin Fairly’s The Sweetest Valentine is another cute tale about the little cat who just can’t help getting into mischief. It’s Valentine’s Day and Mia and her friends have decided to hold a party. Things get even better when they discover a big box of chocolates. In fact, with all the pink sparkle and decorations it’s the perfect day until Mia finds out that the box of chocolates was actually a present for her mum. Can she sort things out before her mum discovers the truth? This is a lovely little story – perfect for this time of year – and it comes complete with stickers to put on your own Valentine’s cards.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, 7th February, priced £3.99


5+: Creative Creatures

Creative Creatures is a fantastic new craft book from award-winning designer Donna Wilson. Her fun and quirky designs are really popular at the moment and this book offers her top tips on re-creating some of her most famous characters. There are great projects for you and your children to follow – ranging in complexity from banana bunting and Wilbur’s robot to the creatures themselves. But each one comes complete with clear instructions and a list of easily found materials. Great for wet weekends and school holidays.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books, 14th February, priced £9.99


French Children Don’t Throw Food

French Children Don’t Throw Food is the amusing, yet thought-provoking book from Pamela Drukerman (author of Lust in Translation). After moving to Paris, Drukerman began to notice how well French children behaved in comparison with children from other countries (namely her own). All her new French friends had babies who slept through the night and children who enjoyed whatever was put in front of them at mealtimes while chatting and joining in the communal ‘food’ experience. So Drukerman decided to let her children ‘go native’ and embraced the French style of parenting. This is part memoir, part parenting guide – but the advice is offered more in a ‘why not give it a go style’ rather than the ‘you must follow this to the letter’ style of some books, making it a much more witty and stimulating read.

Published by Bantam Press, 1st February, priced £7.99


The Natural Pregnancy Book

If you are looking for a more holistic approach to pregnancy, then The Natural Pregnancy Book by Anne Charlish and Kim Davis, could be just what you need. All the medical ‘dos and don’ts’ are covered, but alongside these are the more natural practices – acupuncture, meditation, herbalism etc – which some people consider to be far more useful during pregnancy and birth. This is a very sensible book that combines both medical and natural knowledge to ensure you get the pregnancy you want. It also includes a guide to healthy eating and a range of birth plans for you to consider.


Published by Southwater Books, 1st February, priced £9.99

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