Best children and parenting books for January 2013

As the festivities draw to an end there is still plenty to look forward to with a bumper crop of new titles on the market


6 months+: One Little Baby

One Little Baby is for all of you who can’t wait to snuggle down with your little one for a story. Written by Richard Dungworth the gentle text tells all about baby’s day, from breakfast to bedtime and everything in between. Accompanied by some very, very cute, pastel-style illustrations by Jane Massey, this would also make a lovely gift for new parents.


Published by Puffin, 3rd January, £6.99


18 months+: Douglas

Douglas has a gorgeous new woolly hat which his dad has given him. But as he plays the hat starts to unravel – who can Douglas turn to in his hour of need? His friends all have an opinion but in the end Douglas realises it is down to him to put things right. Don’t Worry, Hugless Douglas is the latest in the series from David Melling which has sold more than 350,000 copies worldwide. This is a lovely board book which pre-schoolers will adore.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books, 3rd January, priced £6.99


3+: Nuddy Ned

Nuddy Ned is a fun romp which will have your little ones laughing out loud. It has very silly rhyming text and some cheekily-placed flaps which protect Ned’s modesty as he takes to the streets minus his clothes. But will anyone catch him and convince him to cover up? There seems to be a trend at the moment for this kind of naughtiness in picture books – but the little ones love it. Coming from celebrated author Kes Gray, this is a really jolly read – perfect for brightening up a dull January day.

Published by Bloomsbury, 3rd January, priced £6.99


4+: Jumblebum

Johnny McNess does not like to keep his room tidy. In fact, it couldn’t be more untidy. But no matter how much his mum nags and pleads, he refuses to clean it up. Then, one night something starts to rumble under the heap of filthy clothes in the corner, something that thinks Johnny looks rather tasty… Jumblebum by Chae Strathie and illustrated by Ben Cort (of Aliens Love Underpants! fame) is an exciting read with a gentle moral message, which young children will soon grasp. Perfect for initiating a spot of early spring cleaning!

Published by Scholastic, 3rd January, priced £6.99


5+: Look Inside a Pirate Ship

Look Inside a Pirate Ship is the latest title in a series for inquisitive minds from Usborne. There are more than 50 flaps to lift that all feature fascinating facts and things to discuss as you go behind the scenes on Black Dan’s ghastly galleon. This type of book is great for wintry days and can really capture the imagination of your little one, spurring them on to play dressing up games or to get creative and make their own flags or pirate eye patches.

Published by Usborne, 1st January, priced £9.99



Linda Geddes is a journalist on New Scientist magazine and was so curious about what was going on inside her newly-pregnant body that she decided to do her own research. Bumpology: The Myth-Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-To-Be goes behind all those ‘old wives’ tales and the mountains of conflicting advice to deliver a no-nonsense approach to pregnancy. It answers such questions as, why do humans find giving birth so difficult to can my baby dream? A great buy for all parents-to-be and it also includes a guide to the perfect birth plan and what to expect during baby’s first year.

Published by Bantam Press, 3rd January, priced £10.99


What Should I Feed My Baby?

Weaning your baby and then getting them to eat healthily as they grow up can be very stressful for mums. But Pure Ebba’s What Should I Feed My Baby?: How to Introduce Your Child to Healthy Eating – from 6 Months for Life! aims to put your baby on the healthy eating track from first stage feeding. Even if you are not great in the kitchen or don’t think you have enough time to prepare gourmet dishes for your little one, this book offers easy recipes to help you get the most out of fresh ingredients. There are even healthy meals for special occasions, such as baby’s birthday.


Published by How To Books, 3rd January, priced £14.99

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