Best children and parenting books for May

This month sees the return of some old favourites and a great little travel companion...


Age 0+: My First Cloth Book

My First Cloth Book is a lovely, soft and squeezy book illustrated by Jo Moon. It’s never too soon to get your child interested in books, and this features some bright, high-contrasting images that will appeal to your baby from just a few months of age.


It uses soft, crinkly fabrics and silky ribbons, which will encourage your little one to grab and hold on to things. The front cover features a large mirror, and as babies love looking at faces, this should keep them amused for some time.

Published May 10th by Campbell Books, priced at £9.99


Age 1+: Spot’s Busy Day

There can’t be many children’s bookshelves that don’t feature a Spot book. Eric Hall’s loveable puppy has been entertaining (and educating) toddlers for more than 30 years, and this new “tab-top” adventure doesn’t disappoint.

In Spot’s Busy Day we follow Spot as he goes swimming, shopping and to a party. The pages are bright and feature colourful illustrations that encourage you and your little one to chat about things you see when you are out and about.

Published by Frederick Warne, available now, priced at £6.99


Age 2+: Busy Little Airport

Busy Little Airport by Mandy Archer and Ian Cunliffe is fantastic if you are preparing to go on holiday – or stuck in an airport! Its pages are packed with things to look at and talk about and it also features flaps and questions that will keep toddlers entertained.

As you follow Passenger Pete you will meet all the people who work at the airport and find out what they do. It also shows you all the different parts of the airport and why passengers must queue and do as they are told – which could be very helpful if you are delayed for any reason!

Published by Ladybird, available now, priced at £6.99


Age 3+: Christopher’s Caterpillars

Christopher’s Caterpillars is the second adventure for Charlotte Middleton’s gorgeous, gardening guinea pig. This time, Christopher and his friend Posie are forced to become detectives after the disappearance of their pets – six hairy caterpillars.

This is a lovely, gentle tale that will encourage pre-schoolers to think about mini-beasts, looking after pets and the environment.

Published May 3rd by Oxford University Press, priced at £5.99


Age 4+: Charlie & Lola, We Must Completely Go to London

Charlie & Lola, We Must Completely Go to London sees the welcome return of everyone’s favourite brother and sister. In this adventure Charlie, Lola, Lotta and Marv are on a school trip to London and we follow them as they see the sights of Big Ben, Nelson’s Column and Buckingham Palace.

This title comes on a wave of all things London in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, but it is still a good story and contains a quiz and two postcards that you can tear out and post.

Published May 28th by Puffin, priced at £6.99


For the adults: When Did I Get Like This?

When Did I Get Like This? by Amy Wilson is a funny yet often thought-provoking account of modern motherhood.

From the birth plan that inevitably goes out of the window, to the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets she guiltily feeds her children three times a week, this book reflects the constant battle mums face over the kind of parent they want to be and the kind of parent they become. Written in short, punchy chapters, it is perfect for busy mums.

Published in paperback May 1st by Harper, priced at £6.99


For the adults: The FitMama Method

Marie Behenna’s The FitMama Method offers pregnant women all the information they need to stay fit and healthy while their body undergoes this massive change.

Without preaching, Marie explains why staying active can mean a healthier pregnancy and an easier delivery – something all mums-to-be would like. It features exercises for the heart, legs and hips, tips on how to maintain posture and develop pelvic floor strength and how to master your breathing during labour. A great addition to your pregnancy collection.


Published May 3rd by Souvenir, priced at £15

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