Best children and parenting books July 2013

This month sees lots of books dedicated to the Royal baby and don’t forget the Summer Reading Challenge which runs in UK libraries from now until the end of summer


1 year+: That’s Not My Prince and That’s Not My Princess

Although there can’t be many homes that don’t own a That’s Not My… I couldn’t resist mentioning the two new titles in the series. That’s Not My Prince and That’s Not My Princess are published to coincide with the birth of our future King or Queen this month. As usual, there are a number of cut-outs and textiles for little hands to touch and feel and the chunky pages make these the perfect first books for your little prince or princess.


Published by Usborne, 1st July, rrp £5.99


2 years+: Bear’s Big Bottom

Bear’s Big Bottom by Steve Smallman and Emma Yarlett is a gentle tale about a loving but clumsy bear. Bear and his friends have lots of adventures but unfortunately, Bear’s big bottom often gets in the way and spoils all the fun. Bear’s friends get fed up and tell him they no longer want to play… that is until a scary fox reminds them why a big bear could be a good friend to have. The illustrations in this book are really interesting, and in quite a different style from many children’s books. The rhyming text is amusing and is great for building tension as the nasty fox approaches.

Published by Little Tiger Press, 1st July, rrp £5.99


3 years+: Time for Bed, Fred!

Yasmeen Ismail’s Time for Bed, Fred! is a beautifully drawn and beautifully told story about a dog called Fred, that will do anything rather than go to bed. Fred is fun-loving and bouncy – just like many toddlers – and on the whole well-behaved, but bedtimes are a problem and Fred can often be found hiding in puddles, up trees or even in the kitchen sink. Anywhere but in his bed! This book is really delightful and reminiscent of Debi Gliori’s gorgeous Flora’s Blanket (always a favourite in our house) and it is perfect for all those ‘not sleepy’ children.

Published by Bloomsbury, available, rrp £6.99


4 years+: Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby!

Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby! is a very funny book that will appeal to children and their parents. Written by Martha Mumford and illustrated by Ada Grey, it offers a very modern view of what bringing up the royal baby will entail. A palace is a very noisy place – there’s partying Pippa and Hip-Hopping Harry as well as a load of yapping corgis to deal with – how will Kate and William ever get their new baby to sleep? My children loved this – and my five-year-old gave it ‘a million out of 10’ which says how much she liked it, but not much about her maths skills!

Published by Bloomsbury, 18th July, rrp £6.99


5 years+: Noodlemania!

Noodlemania! offers 50 playful pasta and noodle dishes for you to make with your child. Each recipe has a child-friendly title, such as Little Ladybug Salad and Silly Sea Creatures, and each one includes a fun fact or picture to keep your child amused while you do some of the more grown up stuff. All the dishes are healthy and well balanced and there are even a few sweet treats you can make with noodles! A great way to get your child interested in what they eat and how to prepare it.

Published by Quirk Books, available, rrp £10.99


The All New Complete Pregnancy Cookbook

The All New Complete Pregnancy Cookbook by Fiona Wilcock is a beautifully produced guide to healthy eating during pregnancy. Keeping to a balanced diet during pregnancy is one of the most important things you can do to help your child, and here there are more than 100 recipes designed to give you and your baby all the nutrients you need without feeling like you are being punished. The meals are suitable for all the family and are quick and easy to prepare. The book also comes with a list of things to avoid and why. Wilcock offers straightforward advice that is not preachy and overly-scientific. She even suggests menu planners so you can store up some healthy options for when you may not feel like preparing food.

Published by Carroll & Brown, 2nd July, rrp £14.99


When Your Child Is Ill

When Your Child Is Ill has been revised once more and is now in its fourth edition. Written by Dr Bernard Valman and approved by the BMA (British Medical Association), this is an essential book for parents. Although now it’s so easy to go on to the internet, this book takes you methodically through symptoms rather than just screaming out the worst case scenario. It is fully illustrated and covers everything from nits to eating disorders. There is also a very useful First Aid section and tips for keeping your child healthy.


Published by DK Books , 1st July, rrp £14.99

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