Best children and parenting books November 2013

All manner of creatures are out in force this month. There are some very scary dinosaurs, funny bunnies and a certain group of tidy Wimbledon residents making a welcome return!


6 months+ – This Rabbit, That Rabbit

This Rabbit, That Rabbit is a fun, rhyming book for babies. The illustrations are a little more stylish than the usual cutsie animal images associated with books for this age group. The colours used – orange, turquoise, purple and green – are also not what you would traditionally expect, making this stand out in a very crowded market. The shiny rabbits are fun to touch and the simple word play should appeal to tiny ears!


Published by Baby Walker, 7th November, priced £4.99


18 months+ – Red or Blue

Red or Blue is a story of opposites by husband and wife team Diane and Christyan Fox. Snip and Snap are two crocodile friends – they may look alike but they certainly don’t like any of the same things. Snip likes blue but Snap prefers red; Snip loves fruit while Snap would always rather have cake! This fun-filled rhyming story is a great way of introducing the concept of opposites to young children and exploring why it would be boring if we were all the same.

Published by Orchard, 7th November, priced £10.99


3+ – Wind-Up Bus

Wind-Up Bus is the perfect book for inquisitive pre-schoolers! The book comes with its own wind-up London double decker which can then be driven around the tracks on the pages. Your child will soon know his or her way around the capital’s landmarks. They can also find out about them when the bus stops. The four tracks can be removed from the book and laid together forming one big image of London and one super track for the bus to drive round. This is a great book that offers hours of fun and is also a fantastic way of getting your child interested in the history and geography of our capital city.

Published by Usborne, 1st November, priced £19.99


4+ – The Wombles

It is more than 40 years since the Wombles were created by Elisabeth Beresford, and their eco-friendly ways are just as captivating now as they were then. This new Wombles gift edition, illustrated by Nick Price, also features a CD narrated by the voice of the original TV series , the wonderful Bernard Cribbins. The stories include all the favourite characters, Madame Cholet, Uncle Bulgaria, Orinoco and so on as they go about their business on Wimbledon Common. These are truly, lovely stories which will be enjoyed by children and parents alike!

Published by Bloomsbury, 7th November, priced £10.99


5+ – Patchi’s Big Adventure

This December sees the release of Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie – and this book, Patchi’s Big Adventure, is just one of the tie-in tales. Follow the little dinosaur as he sets off on a great adventure, only to find the world is a little scarier than he thought and the road back home a little harder to find. This book features some pretty fierce creatures. My five-year-old daughter squealed every time we turned the page, but I know there are plenty of dino-fans out there who would love the realistic nature of the images. This is a very exciting book but perhaps not a bedtime choice! Comes with a 3D poster.

Published by Macmillan, 1st November, priced £4.99


Parenting – Super Bright Baby: 50 Things You Really Need to Know

Super Bright Baby: 50 Things You Really Need to Know is a guide to nurturing your child’s brain through pregnancy into toddlerhood. Author John Farndon offers tips – including ways to bond, intelligence-building play and so on – that can be used throughout each stage of your child’s development. There is also a timeline outlining learning milestones and information from child development experts. Useful for those parents already planning a bright future for their baby.

Published by Quercus, 7th November, priced £9.99


Parenting – Calm Mama, Happy Baby

Derek O’Neill and Jennifer Waldburger’s Calm Mama, Happy Baby aims to deal with all the angst new parents feel once their baby has entered the world. For today’s mums (and dads) the amount of advice can be somewhat overwhelming and this book attempts to calm your nerves and follow your own path. Jennifer Waldburger and Derek O’Neill have worked with hundreds of parents and their theories of choosing ‘calm’ as opposed to over stimulating babies with complicated feeding patterns and sleep routines is a refreshing take on parenthood.


Published by Health Communications, 10th November, priced £9.85

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