Does your child have a birthday either on or near Christmas Day? If so, how do you celebrate it? What's the best way to make sure your child doesn't feel their birthday's always side-lined by the 'bigger deal' of Santa, Christmas trees and turkey dinner?


We asked the parents in our MadeForMums communities on Instagram, Facebook and our Top Testers Club and got some great ideas from parents who've found their own ways to make a Christmastime birthday feel special...

Lose the Christmas decorations

For birthdays just before and just after Christmas (we have some birthday-on-Christmas-Day suggestions below, the main tip from our parents was to make all the Christmas decorations scarce.

"My little girl will be 3 on December 17th," says Carol-Ann R. "So we don't put the Christmas tree or decorations up until December 18th, to separate the two events."

And Josie M, whose son has a birthday on December 30th, says, "I have a rule that there must be no Christmas-themed things around – and no one can use Christmas wrapping on his presents!"

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Say no to joint presents

And then of course there's the all-important ban on joint birthday-Christmas presents.

"We tell everyone no joint presents, as I don't think it's fair," says Josie M. "He knows his siblings get presents at Christmas and then separate presents for their birthday, so it feels all wrong if he's the only one that doesn't get separate birthday presents."

Think about a 'half-birthday' party

It can be tricky to get people together for a birthday party at this time of year. This is particularly true when your child is older and their nursery or school is closed for Christmas and all their friends are busy with family stuff, quite often at relatives' houses a long way away.

So, lots of parents opt for the 'half-birthday' party instead, picking a date in the early summer for a celebration that more people can come to – and when the weather's better!

"My daughter's birthday is on December 27th," says Vanessa P, "when all her schoolfriends have family visits and things planned. So, we have a small family birthday tea on the day, and then a big party with her friends half way through the year. She loves it: she says she has 2 birthdays!"

But what if your little one's birthday falls on Christmas Day itself?

"My daughter turns 4 on Christmas Day!" says Hannah K. "She was born at 11.17am, so we let her open her Christmas presents when she wakes up and then at 11.17am, we gave her all her birthday presents and cards.

"We also throw her a party in the summer, as we understand – of course – that people have other commitments on Christmas Day!"

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