Hmmm, a birthday at Christmas. Does your child have one either on or near the big day? If so - how do you 'do' it?


It's been an issue for years - how to 'fit in' a birthday with the busy hubbub of Christmas and, especially if you have a little one, making sure they don't feel disappointed if their birthday's side-lined by the 'bigger deal' of Chrimbo.

One of our mums-to-be, Amber W, whose baby is due very soon, is already trying to work out how to handle the festive birthday situ, saying: "I'm due to give birth on 23rd December and wondering how we're gonna do it every year - hoping she comes any day now."

Emma H agrees saying: "[My] little mischief maker will be 2 on Boxing Day. Still trying to get to grips with the logistics of how to make birthday separate from Christmas."

Luckily, those who've been dealing with it for a few years now have their own tricks on how to do it.

We love Josie M's 3-rule idea, for example.

"My son will be celebrating his 1st birthday on New Year's Eve so I have 3 rules:

  • no joint presents as I don't think it's fair
  • no Christmas wrapping or Christmas-themed things
  • a small party for him during the day

When he's older he will then know that they are two different occasions."

Oooh - we love that thinking, Josie.

Others of you have some really good ideas too. Lots of you see the tree going up or coming down as a big signaller that Christmas has started / ended and make sure it's not around at the same time as a birthday.

Carol-Anne M says: "My little girl will be 3 on December 20. For now we don't put the Christmas tree or decorations up until after December 20 to separate the two events."

Others of you who have little ones with post-Christmas birthdays make sure the tree's down before the b'day celebrations begin.

But what if your little one's birthday falls dead on Christmas Day? Hannah K told us what she does:

"My daughter turns two on Christmas Day! She was born at 11.17am, so what we did last year was let her open her Christmas presents when she woke up and then at 11.17am we gave her all her birthday presents and cards.

"This year we will be doing the same and we're more excited as she will understand more and be very excited at the fact she gets two lots of gifts.

"We throw her a party the week before Christmas for her friends and family to attend as we understand people have other commitments on Christmas Day."

The other option we've seen mentioned is moving the birthday fun to earlier in the year.

As Vanessa D explains: "My daughter will be 3 on New Year's Eve. We take the Christmas decorations down 28th/29th December.

"We take her out for the day on her birthday and half way through the year she gets an extra 'birthday' present. Xx"

Good plan!

What do you think?

Do you have a little one with a Christmas birthday? What do you do? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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