Sippy Cup

Oxo Tot's Sippy will help your little one move from a bottle to a cup £7,


Bandana Bib

Invest in a bandana bib for your little dribbler, from £6.99,


Fish & Chips Moses Basket

You won't need any salt and vinegar with the Fish & Chips Moses Basket, £74.99,


Toadstool Night Light

A toadstool night light, featuring robots, cars and planes, is a little boy's dream, £46,


Sassy Xylophone

Bright colours and silly sounds make the sassy xylophone fab learning fun, £7.99,

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Chug Chug Print

A Chug Chug print makes a fab nursery decoration, £28,


Fabric Change Bag

Despite the name, Pink Lining's latest change bag is available in 'Blue Lost Meadow' fabric, £75,


Little boy blue accessories

Issie muslin security blankets are decorated with elephant prints and have a soft satin trim, £15.95 for two, adenandanais