Best Legoland Windsor deals – the cheapest ticket offers and discounts

Legoland Windsor is a fun but expensive family day out - so here's how you can save money on family tickets, find 2-for-1 offers and grab limited-time-only deals


Legoland Windsor, in South East England, is a fun family day out for all, especially if you’ve got little ones who really love LEGO.


It’s well known that visiting the magical land of LEGO isn’t so easy on your wallet, though. In fact, rocking up in your car and purchasing a family ticket at the gates on the day can cost a lot more than you might think.

So, how do you ensure you’re getting the best deal on ticket prices? Look no further than our definitive guide to the best, most recent, offers and discounts available right now…

What to know about Legoland Windsor BEFORE you book

Before you nab the latest Legoland ticket offers, make sure Legoland Windsor’s definitely the right place for you and yours to visit.

After all, there are loads of theme parks to choose from, many of them slightly cheaper, and even some other LEGO-based activities for children to enjoy across the country.

There’s lots you need to think about before you go: How busy is it? Is the park pushchair friendly? Will older kids enjoy the rides and activities? Are the queues massive? Can I stay over? And will the food on offer cater to my family’s needs?

Check out our parents’ guide to Legoland Windsor right here…

Here are the best cheap Legoland Windsor ticket deals available…

2-for-1 entry on Merlin Attractions with promo packs of Cadbury chocolates

cadbury legoland deal

On some promotional packs of Cadbury’s chocs, you can get a 2 For 1 deal on tickets to 20 of Merlin’s parks and attractions – Legoland Windsor being one of them.

Keep your eyes peeled for branded packs of:

  • Dairy Milk Giant Buttons
  • Twirl Bites
  • Caramel Nibbles
  • Freddo Faces
  • Cadbury Oreo Bites
  • Crunchie Rocks
  • Cadbury Bitsa Wispa
  • Boost Bites
  • Curly Wurly Swirlies
  • Dinky Deckers
  • Fudge Minis
  • Mixed Buttons
  • Picnic Bites

It’s also available on loads of multipacks, including Flake, Twirl, Chomp, Curly Wurly, Dairy Milk and Freddo Faces.

To claim, simply give your voucher to the cashier when you’re paying for an adult ticket (on the gate, at full price) and another person will gain free entry.

For full details of attractions and which dates are excluded (apparently a few in August *sigh*), head to the Merlin/Cadbury website.

This voucher itself is valid until 31 July 2019, but the packs are expected to fly off shelves really quickly by about August 2018  – so act fast, and size up your deal to the one’s we’ve got below…

Get a child ticket FREE when you pay for an adult ticket

kids go free

Until 5th August 2018, the Legoland official website says that when you book online, you’ll have one child (under 15) go free.

You can redeem this offer for 2 adults per transaction only, so we reckon it’s really worth looking into for a family of 4: 2 adults and 2 kids.

However, if you want to redeem for more than 2 adults, then you can book separately on the site.

Don’t forget that kids under 3 go free, anyway. For more T&Cs, check out the official Kids Go Free deals page.

Choose your visiting times wisely

To be fair to Legoland, they are pretty transparent on their official website about the fact that some days are more expensive than others.

So, if you plan your visiting dates carefully, you can work around their calendar to ensure you’re getting the best price possible. Take a look at the full list of cheap dates for June, July and August to help you plan your visit…

june 2018 legoland prices
july 2018 legoland ticket prices deals
august 2018 deals on legoland tickets

Throught June and July 2018, it would appear weekdays are a little bit cheaper. Of course, there’s every chance your child will be in school if they’re a bit older – but this might come in handy for parents of toddlers and little ones still at nursery.

Note that August 2018 – the height of summer – is peak season, so there are no ticket deals on these dates. You’re stuck on the set price of £47pp+. Obvs ?

To buy tickets this way, fully explore their interactive booking chart, or look at dates beyond summer 2018 – visit the Legoland Windsor ticket site.

Buy print-at-home Legoland tickets at least a week in advance

legoland ticket deals buy week in advance

It should go without saying that showing up without pre-booking tickets means you’re going to be spending more money at the gate.

To save splashing out for on-the-door prices, you’d be much better off planning your visit online, and booking your tickets at least 7 days in advance.

Legoland Windsor are pretty explicit about the fact that this is a simple way to save money. Just look at their illustration, above.

To get this deal, visit Legoland Windsor’s ticket site.

Save 31% on tickets AND get a meal deal with AttractionTix

legoland meal ticket offers and deals

Currently, AttractionTix are advertising that you can save up 31% off tickets – compared to prices you’d pay on the door.

It’s a 1-day ticket that includes one of the following:

  • Burger Kitchen Meal
  • Farmer Joe’s Chicken Meal
  • Fish & Chips Meal.

This is definitely a great offer to check out if you’re hoping to buy your meals in your ticket price, to save yourself from carrying around a picnic or packed lunch all day.

But if you’re just as happy to bring a picnic, it might not be the very cheapest option you can go for…

How does it compare to other offers? We selected a random Thursday in May 2018, booking 2 weeks in advance.

For 2 adults and 2 children, plus the 4 meals, and our total came to £151.60 with AttractionTix.

On the day, at the door, the meal deal ticket would’ve come to £248 for 4 people. So, technically, that’s a saving of about £97. We’d have paid £188 at £47pp without the meals.

Booking for 4 people on the same date, 2 weeks in advance, on the Legoland website, it comes to £188 with the meals, at £47pp. So, a saving of £37.

But it’s still cheaper overall to forego the meal ticket altogether, buy on the Legoland site and bring your own packed lunches and snacks instead. Book at the same time, on the Legoland website, and a ticket for 4 comes to £128 in total, at £32pp.

If you want to size up the AttractionTix deal for your chosen dates – visit their website now

Get a 2nd day free when booking Legoland Holidays

legoland castle hotel discount on main park

If you’re shelling out for a full on mini-holiday at Legoland, then you might as well get another day free, right?

Currently, Legoland Holidays are offering a 2-day ticket to the park, with the 2nd day free, when you purchase a package that includes an overnight stay at the Legoland Castle Hotel, Windsor Resort or another partner hotel (that includes a free breakfast, too ? )

If that’s the incentive you needed to push you into staying overnight, just keep in mind that you’ll probably still be paying a lot – though selected dates in May 2018 and June 2018 are running a ‘KIDS GO FREE’ offer in conjunction with the 2nd day free offer.

Check out the 2nd day free deal and KIDS GO FREE deal on the Legoland Holidays website

Sign up to Legoland Windsor’s newsletter for discounts

lego newsletter

This one’s a bit of a long shot – but Legoland do advertise that they feature special offers for their newsletter readers from time to time.

In order to have a chance at snagging one of these offers, you’ll have to be prepared to receive emails from Legoland and also give them your:

  • Email address
  • Title, first name and last name
  • Birthday
  • Postcode and country

You’ll also have to confirm you’re over the age of 16 – and then you’ll have the option to opt-out of further emails from Legoland’s parent company, Merlin Entertainments Group.

Purchase the annual Merlin pass for multiple visits

If you’re visiting Legoland Windsor once this year – and that’s your big theme park visit done, then this option won’t be for you.

But if you’re planning on visiting multiple Merlin attractions like the London Eye, Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds and the SEA LIFE Centre within a year – it’s definitely worth looking into an annual pass.

There are 3 options you can choose from: Standard, Premium and VIP passes. Here’s what they cost:

  • Standard: £179pp or £139pp when buying for 3 or more
  • Premium: £229pp or £189pp when buying for 3 or more
  • VIP: £725pp or £625pp when buying for 3 or more.

Unless you’re really raking it in, we’d guess that most of you would be looking at a Standard pass. Let’s weigh up the pros and cons…


merlin calculator

  • The Merlin annual pass website has a savings calculator, so you can properly tot up whether the passes which actually save you any money in the long run. See above!
  • We tried out the calculator ourselves and it looks like the pass would save us money if we were visiting 4 or more attractions: For a family of 4, we saved £132.52 against the standard entry price for London Eye, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons, Alton Towers and Legoland Windsor.
  • There are a few little extras with the Standard pass, including 20% off in theme park restaurants, cafes and shops. There are potentially some discounts on hotels, too.
  • If you have a Standard pass, your family and friends can enjoy discounted entry to Merlin attractions.
  • A lump sum payment for the pass might suit your budget if you’ve got it saved – and it means you’re covered for 12 months of activities.


  • It takes a fair few visits for a family of 4 before you’re seeing savings of more than £100. Visiting 3 or less attractions in a year would mean you don’t save ANYTHING with this pass.
  • Keep in mind with the Standard pass you’re still paying for travel costs and food etc, even with any discounts.
  • The pass doesn’t give you free parking, priority entry or queue-jumping powers unless you purchase the premium or VIP passes, respectively.
  • We can’t know for sure if this is the best deal for you, given the various offers available for Legoland Windsor.
  • Finally, a lump sum payment for the pass won’t suit every family’s budget, especially those who save for trips one at a time.

In summary: think ahead about your family activity plans for the next 12 months, do your sums, make use of the calculator, and check out all the other deals we’ve listed here before buying anything.

Explore Merlin pass options at the official Merlin website

Buy the Legoland Windsor annual pass for multiple visits

legoland annual pass

Similarly, if you’re planning multiple visits to Legoland Windsor within 12 months, there’s a Legoland annual pass you can get, too.

There are 3 kinds of Legoland annual pass available, called Saver, Standard, and Premium:

  • Saver costs £70pp – and grants unlimited entry on green days only
  • Standard costs £90pp – and grants unlimited entry on green and yellow days
  • Premium costs £110pp – and grants unlimited entry on green, yellow and blue days.

All of these passes give you:

  • discounted entry on special events, known as ‘red ticket days’.
  • 10% off in the park’s shop
  • 20% off on food in the park.

But do they save you any money? Well, it really depends on when you’re going, and who you’re taking with you.

If you live nearby to Legoland Windsor and you have a toddler who loves the park, and free time in the week – you might find yourself there pretty regularly. In that case, a Saver ticket would probably save you a fair bit of money.

If you”ve got schoolchildren, the Saver pass is effectively useless as the green days tend be off-peak, i.e. on weekdays during school time. Handy ?

So, that leaves you with 2 options: Standard or Premium.

The Standard pass covers yellow days. Most weekends, when it isn’t the summer holidays or half-term, are yellow.

You’d need to visit on 2 yellow days, plus a green or yellow day, to save any money on your tickets.

That’s based on the online, advance price of £37pp for a yellow day. You’d save about £21 total on ticket price – but you wouldn’t be able to go during the summer holidays.

The Premium pass lets you in whenever. We worked out that you’d need to visit on 2 blue days and either a green, yellow or another blue day in 12 months to save any money.

Again, that’s based on the online advance price of £47pp on a blue day. You’d save £31 if you went on 3 blue days, a bit less if you added a green or yellow.

If you’re visiting more than 4 times in 12 months, that’s when the savings on ticket prices really start to kick in.

In summary, we think the Saver and Standard Legoland annual passes are most useful for:

  • Local families who’ll definitely be visiting regularly
  • Families with toddlers or have flexible schedules not dictated by school holidays.

The Premium passes are most useful for:

  • Families who are certain they’ll be visiting Legoland at least 3 times in the next 12 months.

Check out the passes for yourself at the Legoland website

2 for 1 Legoland tickets with National Rail

days out guide

Until 31 October 2018, National Rail are offering 2 For 1 admission to Legoland Windsor, when you purchase train tickets to the nearest stations.

The nearest stations to Legoland Windsor are:

  • Windsor & Eton Central – 2.2 miles away
  • Windsor & Eton Riverside – 2.4 miles away
  • Datchet – 3.3 miles away
  • Sunnymeads – 3.9 miles away
  • Burnham (Bucks) – 4.1 miles away
  • Ascot (Berks) – 4.1 miles away

How to claim the offer:

  • Visit National Rail’s Days Out Guide website
  • Choose Legoland Windsor resort as your attraction, and add to basket
  • Head to your basket and pop in the date you’re travelling and the station you’re travelling from
  • Click ‘confirm my order’ – and you’ll be taken to your National Rail account
  • From there, link up your day out with your tickets, and you’re good to go!
  • At the park, present your train tickets and your vouchers to claim the discount.

Top tips:

  • You must present your train tickets on arrival for the voucher to work – so make sure you’ve got proof of purchase or that you don’t let the ticket barriers eat your ticket at the station. Ask a member of staff to let you through the gates, instead…
  • If you’re travelling by car, it might still be cheaper to book a train ticket to Windsor & Eton Central from a nearby station, and claim the 2 or 1 vouchers, than pay full price. Just don’t forget to print off your tickets or pick them up from your local station before heading off.

Visit the Days Out Guide website for more info

Turn your Tesco Clubcard points into vouchers

tesco clubcard

If you have a Tesco Clubcard, you can save points each and every time you do your shop. When you have enough you can turn them into vouchers.

Did you know that you can use these vouchers to get 1-day admission tickets into Legoland Windsor?

£13 worth of vouchers will buy 1 person entry – so you’d need £52 of Clubcard vouchers saved for a family of 4 to have a free day out.

Simply visit the Tesco Clubcard website to find out how to redeem your vouchers. There’s a little bit of small print, so make sure you read everything very carefully before committing your hard-earned points!

Get this deal – and read the small print – on the Tesco Vouchers website

Images: Instagram/Legoland Windsor, official Legoland, Merlin, National Rail and Tesco websites.

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