Christmas Eve box – enchanting trend or just more pressure?

I'll definitely be doing a Christmas Eve box but not everyone feels the same way....

mother giving christmas eve box to child

So, Christmas officially begins in like, August, these days, right? Well, maybe that’s a teeny bit of an exaggeration but the Crimbo hullaballoo does start weeks and weeks ahead of the actual day, so isn’t it kind of a shame that Christmas itself is only ONE day?


Which is why I’m making more and more of a thing of Christmas Eve. Sure, I’ll probably still be working in the morning, and am picking my turkey up from Sainsbury’s at 5pm but once that’s out of the way… let the magic begin!

And I’m not alone in wanting to start the celebrations a bit early: the rise of the Christmas Eve box is unmistakable. From the BBC reporting on it as a ‘curious’ new thing a few years ago, it’s definitely gone mainstream, with retailers like Not On The High Street are selling proper sturdy wooden Christmas Eve-specific boxes for £40.

Though no, I won’t be buying one of those. I’ll be keeping it fairly simple (and fairly budget from a pound-type shop).

Errr, what’s in a Christmas Eve box then?

I’ll take one of the smallish pressies from Christmas Day (a little teddy), a fun board game we can all play that evening, some new (budget but cute) jim-jams for my little one and perhaps a little sachet of hot choc and a Christmassy book we can read before bedtime, and give it my daughter after dinner on Christmas Eve.

I like the idea of the extended Crimbo Day. There’s such a run-up to Christmas these days that to keep all the pressies for the Big Day itself means it’s all over in a flash: 2 days of fun makes the run-up more worthwhile in my book.

Plus, my daughter won’t be getting anything extra from all of this; it’s more like the same amount of gifts spread over 2 days rather than 1.

Still, not everyone agrees – and I get that too. I only have 1 child for a start, so 1 Christmas Eve box is a lot cheaper / easier / less time-consuming to sort than 2, 3 or more.

And Christmas shouldn’t be all about getting gifts, should it?

Still, if nothing else, I know that buying new pyjamas might just be what it takes to get my 5-year-old ready for bed in the midst of the festive excitement.

And a little teddy for her to snuggle might just help, too, when I give her classic night-before-Christmas line: “The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner Santa will be here.”

Though whether that will actually happen or not remains to be seen….


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