What is it?


It’s a hidden gem 7 acre park smack bang in the middle of London, named after Captain Coram, who is famous for creating the Founding Hospital and taking in abandoned children across the city.

Find it near the British Museum. The nearest tube station is Kings Cross St Pancras or Russell Square.

Best for:

All ages



What’s on offer

The park is home to numerous grassy areas where children are free to play and explore, but they also offer an adventure playground. There are two large sandpits and a water fountain-turned-paddling pool in the summer.

There’s a city farm with animals like goats, rabbits, birds and chickens for little ones to pet. They also hold dance and sports events during term time for toddlers and preschool children and sporting events during school holidays, as well as nursery services and after-school clubs specifically for 4 – 12 year olds.

Their youth centre holds a range of exercise and fun sports classes for children up to the age of 19. Check the website for full information of what’s on.

Coram’s Fields is a park for children and the security rules in place reflect this. No adults are allowed in unless they are accompanying a child and a park ranger secures the gate. There’s also a digital monitor ensuring this. There’s only one way in and one way out, so you can relax and feel assured that nothing dodgy is going on – or that your child will manage to escape.

The park’s facilities include special children’s toilets and nappy changing facilities


Young children will love everything Coram’s Fields has to offer, especially the petting zoo and aerial slide in the adventure playground. The park is really well equipped and the best of its kin in the area. The water fountain paddling pool is popular in the summer time, but sorely missed (along with the nice weather) in the winter months.

More like this

You can host parties at Coram’s Fields, but this isn’t disruptive to other families. It’s also easy to hang out with a large group of friends who have kids, too, as you can corner off a few sets of benches and let the fun begin.

Another highlight is how central the park is. It’s a huge shock to see such a big park in the middle of a busy city, but Coram’s Fields is an oasis for children in the midst of all that. Being central means it’s close to local amenities. It’s near Bloomsbury Square, where you’ll find a cinema and several places to eat.

What to watch out for

  • It might seem like a wonderful novelty to see and pet farm animals in the hustle and bustle of Central London – but don’t forget that all the usual health concerns need to be taking into a count. Wash your child’s hands before and after touching the animals, when entering and leaving the petting zoo. Keep cuts and grazes covered with plasters, too.
  • Don’t expect it to look as well maintained as St James Park or Kensington Gardens. It’s designed to be a fun space and is slightly worn from frequent use. It’s also run by a charity and it’s free entry. If you want the park to improve, make a donation!

MFM tips:

  • Our recommended itinerary is a trip to the British Museum, followed by a picnic in Bloomsbury Square or at Coram’s Fields, followed by an afternoon in the park!

What the owners say:

“Coram's Fields is a unique seven acre playground and park for children and young people living in or visiting London.

It includes a Youth Centre, Children's Centre, Community Nursery, Sports Programme, a city farm and a cafe which is open from March until October.”


Visit the official Coram’s Fields website