Dads taking on more full-time childcare

Stay-at-home dads now take charge of childcare in over 14% of households


The amount of dads doing full-time childcare is on the up. Now fathers are in charge of looking after the kids in more than 14 per cent of households – up 10 per cent in the last decade.


Researchers also found out that in 25 per cent of households, mum and dads are sharing the childcare equally – a sharp rise from last year’s 18 per cent.

One of the reasons for dads doing the lion’s share of the childcare was that the mums earned more. Men losing their jobs was another reason given.

However, not all men were enjoying their role as full-time carers with nearly 20 per cent saying it made them feel ‘less of a man’ than being in full-time employment, and 13 per cent said they found it harder than going to work.

The poll of 2,000 families by the financial services company Aviva, suggests children’s services could be more father-friendly – considering 1.4 million fathers are now primary child carers.

Adrienne Burgess, of the Fatherhood Institute said: ‘Everyone has to be more aware that dads are there, their children need to interact with other children too. Invitations that go out through new mums’ networks should be going out to new dads too.’

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