Don’t judge me for my child’s food journal

I was slightly nervous when my daughter came home from school with a food diary...


I don’t think any piece of homework my 6-year-old daughter has brought home has put the fear in me quite like this from a couple of weeks ago: an A3 sheet entitled My Food Journal with spaces for a breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week.



Now, if food really does equal love, as one Masterchef mum suggested a few months ago, then my daughter’s in serious trouble.

Dinner usually starts off being something vaguely sensible like fish fingers, peas and rice – and ends up being more like, peas, rice, some red pepper, tomatoes and a packet of popcorn because she’s decided (since literally the day before) that she HATES fish fingers.

On a good day, breakfast could well be a croissant (if it’s a weekend) or some chocolate rice puff cereal (I call that good). On a day where we’re scrabbling a bit, it might be Doritos, an apple or a fromage frais.

In short – mealtimes in our house aren’t exactly what ‘experts’ would probably say they should be. Though in between she eats tonnes of fruit and loves raw veg – none of which would be reflected in this journal.

So, my daughter filled in the first few boxes of the diary. ‘Nothing’ for breakfast. Good start. Really, I challenged her? I’m sure you had something (though if it was the day you had those leftover crisps ‘nothing’ might sound better….)

Chicken and rice for lunch? Good! Oh, that was at school?

Pizza for tea? Um, yeah, we might have got takeaway that day ?

Since the first 3 boxes got filled in the sheet’s randomly gone AWOL (I swear it wasn’t me). We did have a roast on the Sunday, but the other meals might have been a teensy bit experimental.

Am I getting judged by the teacher? Who knows? But I’m pretty sure she won’t fancy coming round for tea any time soon…

What do you think?

Has your child ever been asked to do a food journal? Were you OK with it? Or were you worried you might feel a bit judged? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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