Enjoy Every Mummy Moment

Your little one won’t be this small for long, so as every hour unfolds, be sure to preserve the memories and savour the highlights of life with a beautiful baby


7am: All your baby wants is you

From the minute she stirs and opens those teeny, tiny eyes, she needs you. “It’s all 
about the bond between you both that makes her look for and want you,” explains Annette Briley, midwife for Tommy’s, the baby charity. “She looks for you, as another day starts, for reassurance and comfort, which is a fantastic feeling for you both to begin the day with.”

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8am: It’s a unique bond

“In the first few weeks, your baby’s eye focus is around nine inches, which is the perfect distance from your face down to your breast, so when she feeds, her eyes are looking up at you,” says Annette. “It’s a brilliant bonding experience for you and your baby, and great for quiet time with just the two of you.” If you’re bottlefeeding, there’s no need for you to miss out on the feeding experience, just position your baby up between your chest and face so she can still gaze up at you, and focus in on the fact that you’re mummy.

Be prepared to receive plenty of cute outfits and baby extras as gifts, so don’t spend too much when shopping in pregnancy.

9am: Those baby clothes are so cute

Everybody loves to shop, and clothes are so much cuter when they’re small and dainty. “Shopping for baby clothes is fun when you’re pregnant, and even better when you’ve had your baby,” says Kara Plant from Mamas & Papas. “Once your little one is born, you can really start buying clothes that suit her looks and personality. The key to keeping it fun is to choose the perfect shopping area, somewhere that’s calm, tranquil and that you can really feel relaxed in and not rushed.”


12pm: Relive your youth

Get your dungarees on and dig out your toys as a day with your baby isn’t complete without playtime.

“It’s so lovely seeing Harvey’s face light up when we play together,” says Charlotte Aston, 33, from the West Midlands, mum to Daisy May, 2, and Harvey, 18 weeks. “Playtime with Harvey has really helped us bond. We make time every day for play, and it doesn’t have to be anything super-expensive, just simple activities that let Harvey see his mum smiling helps keep him happy. Singing to him or just counting the poppers on his babygro out loud is sometimes enough for us both.”

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2pm: No more deadlines

With your little one to care for, you’ll say goodbye to 9 to 5 and embrace your new role as mum of the house, with no deadlines, overtime or office politics to worry about. “Having a baby completely changes your life,” says Denise Knowles, Pampers Village Parenting Panel relationship expert. “It’s important to develop 
a new routine, and not try to fit her into your old working routine. Have a weekly plan and think about what you can fit into your day. If you were in a sociable office and find yourself a little lost without the company of others, try and meet your friends as much as you can, even if it might be a challenge to plan around their work schedules.”

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