Festival guide – all you need to know for your pregnancy, baby or child

The best festivals for families; health and safety advice for pregnancy, babies and toddlers; mums’ festival experiences; plus expert tips and advice for festivals with small children


Heading to a festival when you’re pregnant or a new parent can be fun, but does require a little more pre-festival preparation. Sounds like a lot of work? Well, not if you check out our festival advice, tips and listings below…


In our heading to a festival when pregnant guide we explain:

  • Festival food safety for pregnancy
  • Dealing with heat, cold and damp
  • What to do if you’re pregnant and feel unwell
  • What you need to know about dancing around
  • Hygiene (those portaloos!)
  • Whether you should see your doctor before you go

In our heading to a festival with your baby guide we investigate:

  • Food safety and how to feed your baby at a festival, whether you’re breastfeeding, bottlefeeding or weaning
  • Coping with heat, cold and damp
  • What to do about bites and stings
  • Hygiene
  • Whether your baby needs ear muffs
  • The first aid you need to pack

In our heading to a festival with your toddler guide we show you:

  • How to safely feed your toddler at a festival
  • How to handle the heat, cold and damp
  • What to do about bugs, insects and bites
  • How to stop cuts and grazes from getting infected
  • Hygiene (we’re talking mud, mud, using the toilet, and more mud)
  • What to do if you lose your toddler
  • Whether your child needs ear plugs or ear muffs
  • What you should pack in your first aid kit

Find out the festivals dos and don’ts for families, from the buggy to take and where to sleep, to the five essentials to pack for a festival with a baby or toddler.


We’ve also spoken to mums who have been there, done that – they spill the beans on their festival experiences with a family, including top tips.

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