Film review: Monsters, Inc. 3D

Say hello to Mike, Sully and co as Disney-Pixar classic returns to big screen


Whats blue and purple and fuzzy all over? If you’re a child (or adult) of the Disney-Pixar generation you will of course have guessed that would be James P “Sully” Sullivan, pride of Monsters Incorporated.


The very embodiment of the ‘his bark is worse than his bite’ adage, Sully and his cycloptic goofball bud Mike Wazowski spend their days contributing to Monstropolis’ dwindling energy supplies by collecting children’s screams. Which unfortunately is the slightly less savoury aspect of the gruesome twosome’s lifestyle; creeping into children’s rooms at night scaring the wits out of them in return for some electricity-fuelling wails from the unfortunate tots involved.

Still, its all for the good of the city, or at least that’s what we are led to believe before an impossibly adorable little girl enters the picture, leading to a large helping of on-screen hi-jinx with a side of mystery, intrigue and plenty of warm and fuzzy feelings to boot.

If this synopsis is giving you a strange sense of deja-vu, that’s because Monsters, Inc had its original theatrical release back in 2001 (which certainly makes us feel old!) And now, in anticipation of this year’s Monsters University prequel, the masterpiece of modern animation is returning to the big screen in glorious 3D.

Which means you can enjoy all of your favourite moments, creepy characters and too-cute-for-words Boo moments in with added dynamism, while the young and uninitiated in your family can get an introduction to Mike, Sully and co before the release of Monsters University in summer 2013.  


Monsters, Inc. is in cinemas from Friday, January 18. For more details visit Disney’s Monsters, Inc. 3D site 

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