Free Doctor Who activity sheets to download

Puzzles, odd one out and spot the difference activities to print out from Doctor Who Adventures magazine


Grab a pencil and follow the trail to the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, then find the real Tardis in this fun doctor who puzzle sheet!


Download your free Robo Puzzle and Tardis Trouble Doctor Who Adventures activity sheet here

Answer: Laser C, Tardis 4

Can you spot the odd one out amongst these dodgy Daleks?

Download your free Dodgy Dalek Doctor Who Adventures activity sheet here

Answer: Dalek J

Keep your eyes peeled and try to spot 5 differences between these two terrifying robots!

Download your free Spot the Difference Doctor Who Adventures activity sheet here

Download the answer sheet here!


See more like this in Doctor Who Adventures Magazine!

The countdown to Christmas begins with the amazing Doctor Who Adventures advent calendar.

The new issue of BBC Doctor Who Adventures, the magazine for young Doctor Who fans, is out now. The issue comes with the perfect gift to get readers ready for Christmas – an awesome advent calendar full of mini monster figures.


  • A sneak preview of the final Doctor Who episode and a round-up of the series so far.
  • The Alien Babies take a day trip to the moon.
  • There’s a spooky comic strip for the Doctor and Clara called Witch Work written by former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel.
  • Check out our guide to the Cybermen – you’ll need it because they’re everywhere in the final episode of Doctor Who!
  • Monsters pair up for Strictly Monsters Dancing! Discover which pairing are the winners. The judges are harsh.
  • Cut out a Cyberman mask.
  • Go behind the scenes on this year’s Dalek episode.
  • More fact figures to cut out and keep.
  • Mega prizes, puzzles and four posters! Win the Series 8 box set and an iPad.

The new issue of BBC Doctor Who Adventures, Issue 358, is on sale for four weeks from 5 November – 2 December, priced £4.99.

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