Fun things for kids in the school holidays

Here are MFM's best features on things to do in the holidays with the children. Enjoy!


Yes, we’ve got loads of info and tips for families going away on holiday, but we all enjoy downtime at home with the kids and that doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune.


Lido swimming

Nothing says summer holidays quite like swimming outdoors, even if you’re still at home!

There are a surprising number of well-maintained lidos around the country, so indulge in some nostalgia for the simple pleasures and introduce your kids to the fun of freezing cold water, soggy towels and dripping ice-cream cones. They’ll love it!.


Hanging at home

Cheap and cheerful – invite some friends round and go mad in the back garden with these fun outdoor games for 5 children or more.

Fire up the bbq or make a picnic and turn it into a party!


Rainy day fun

Surely it can’t rain any more this summer?? It probably will, so be prepared for some indoor fun with these rainy day play ideas and activities


Kids Sport

Organised sport doesn’t have to cost a fortune, Premier League clubs’ soccer schools, for example, are heavily subsidised, so have a look at our holiday sport programmes for kids,


Down on the farm

Everyone loves a goat! – or a lamb or a pig… introduce your kids to farm animals on of these family-friendly farms but remember to check their pockets when it’s time to leave!


Traditional fun and games

Remember charging about outside without a care in the world? Simple, good clean energetic, often hilarious traditional games for kids of all ages.


Best family picnic spots

Regardless of the weather, it’s always fun to enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic, complete with squashed sarnies and spilt orange squash!


Here are some tips on the best picnic spots around the UK

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