Guide to the 10 official Disney Princesses

Who is your child's fave Disney Princess? Our guide has everything you want to know about her and all of Disney's official princesses



Cinderella lives with her stepmother Lady Tremaine and her evil stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella. Cinderella is treated like a maid and must clean all day long. Only the animals want to help her. But, when Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother helps her get to the ball, the Prince falls in love with her. After her lost glass slipper reunites them, they live happily ever after.


Loves: mice, birds, magic and glass slippers


Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora lives in an enchanted forest completely unaware of her real identity, believing she’s a peasant girl named Briar Rose. When she meets Prince Phillip he immediately falls in love with her. But, Aurora gets put under a spell (along with the whole town) and falls into a deep sleep. Prince Phillip’s true kiss saves her and they’re reunited with their families.

Loves: good fairies, the forest and animals



Belle lives with her father in a small French village. She loves to read and battles to protect her father Maurice’s reputation. When he’s captured by the Beast and locked in a tower, Belle swaps places with her dad. Against the odds, Belle and the Beast fall in love and the spell over the tower is broken, revealing the Beast’s real identity.

Loves: books, horses and singing dishes


Snow White

Snow White, a scullery maid, angers The Queen after her magic mirror tells her that Snow White is the fairest of them all. The Queen gives Snow White a poisoned apple and only love’s true kiss will revive her. The Dwarfs refuse to bury the beautiful Snow White and rest her in a glass coffin. The Prince finds her, kisses her and they go on to live happily ever after.

Loves: Dwarfs, mirrors and friendly huntsmen 



Pocahontas, as Chief Powhatan’s daughter, is expected to marry Kocoum, the bravest warrior in the tribe. Her free-spirited nature means she dislikes the idea of marrying someone so serious. With some help from her animal friends and Grandmother Willow, Pocahontas helps alert the tribe that the English have arrived, before falling in love with John Smith and ultimately saving him from death.

Loves: raccoons, hummingbirds and waterfalls



Rapunzel is a lost Princess locked in a tower by an evil old lady pretending to be her mum, Mother Gothel. Gothel uses Rapunzel’s magical hair to keep her looking young and tells her scary stories to stop her leaving the tower. Dazzled by the floating lanterns that appear on her birthday, Rapunzel leaves the tower with the help of scoundrel Flynn Ryder where she learns the truth about her past and is reunited with the King and Queen.

Loves: hair, painting and magic



Jasmine is a Princess in need of a Prince and her Sultan father brings her many suitors – but the Princess is never impressed. One night Jasmine escapes from the palace and meets street rat Aladdin, who uses the Genie to turn him into a Prince to impress her. After Aladdin reveals his true identity, the pair are eventually reunited and banish evil Jafar from their lives.

Loves: magic carpets, tigers and genies



Ariel, a mermaid, lives with her many sisters and her father King Tritan under the sea. Besotted with the human world, Ariel goes against her father’s wishes by going to the surface. Here she spots Prince Eric and falls madly in love. Signing a deal with the Sea Witch Ursula to give her legs in return for her voice, Ariel sets about trying to get Eric to fall in love with her. After defeating Ursula and getting her father’s blessing, Ariel chooses to spend her life above water as a human Princess.

Loves: guppy fish, cutlery and legs



A budding chef in New Orleans, Tiana works two jobs in order to save for her own restaurant. But, after kissing Prince Naveen in his frog form, she’s turned into a frog herself. Tiana and Naveen accept their life together as frogs, but after marrying are miraculously turned back into human form.

Loves: cooking, New Orleans and frogs



A self-confessed tomboy, Mulan takes her father’s place in the Chinese army in order to protect him from a likely death. Mulan initially struggles to behave like a man, but eventually becomes an experienced warrior. She is granted the role of a Fa family guardian after returning victorious.


Loves: martial arts, dragons and family

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