Home-made birth announcement cards

Use your own photos to make fabulous birth announcement cards.


There’s nothing more exciting than the birth of your baby, and you’ll want to share the news with everyone.


Print out your own new baby photos with the SELPHY ES3 Compact Photo Printer from Canon, to make these stunning announcement cards for your friends and family.

What you’ll need:

  • Doodlebug Bubblegum Swiss Dot Paper,  £0.69 (search code: DBG 1806)
  • Doodlebug Bubblegum Boutique Stripe Paper,  £0.69 (search code: DBG 1808)
  • Doodlebug Cupcake Sugar Coated Paper, £1.99 (search code: DBG 1539)
  • Papermania Textured Card Stock, £14.99 (search code: PMA 1641000)
  • Doodlebug True Love Icons Cardstock Stickers, £3.99 (search code: DBG 1983)
  • Anitas Pink Organza Ribbon, £0.69 (search code: ANT 3671111)
  • Doodlebug Bubblegum Boutique Trim, £6.99 (search code:  DBG 1860)
  • Papermania Pale Pink Shimmer Dots, £2.25 (search code: PMA 351206)
  • Doodlebug Simply Sweet Beetle Black Mini Rub Ons, £2.50 (search code:  DBG 1248)
  • Papermania Square (13.5 x 13.5 cm) White Card Blank
  • Stick It Adhesive Foam Mini Dots. £0.99 (search code:  STI 4002)
  • Anitas Tacky PVA Glue, £0.99 (search code:  PVA 22171)
  • Xcut Guillotine 12 inch x 6 inch wide, £34.99 (search code: XCU 2542002)
  • Xcut Kushgrip Precision Non Stick Scissors, £10.99 (search code:  XCU 2631001)

How to make the cards:

Cut a piece of the pink or blue striped paper to measure 14cm x 6cm making sure the stripes run vertically. Rip off a small amount from each end. Stick on the card on the left-hand side.

Trim the pink or blue glittery card to measure 6cm x 13.5cm. Stick across the width of the card approx 2cm from the bottom. Trim off any excess.

Cut the dotty card to measure 4.5cm x 13.5cm. Stick on the centre of the glittery card. Trim off any excess.

Mount your photo on pink or blue card with a 3mm border and stick to the greeting card with foam dots.

Stick an embellishment from the True Love card stock stickers to the bottom left of the photo.

Cut a small strip of lilac card and using the letter transfers, apply your greeting. Trim and stick to the bottom of the photo.

Tie a length of pink or blue organza ribbon around the left-hand edge of the card and tie a smaller piece of patterned ribbon on top.

Stick shimmer dots to the outside corners.

Thanks to Beckie Dreyer,  designer at Docrafts. For more information see:  www.docrafts.co.uk


For more on the SELPHY ES3 Compact Photo Printer, visit www.canon.co.uk/selphy.

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