How does your partner support your pregnancy?

You love being pregnant, but does your partner feel the same? We talk to seven women about sex, cuddles and support


“Luckily we have always had a good love life. We’re romantic, we like to hold hands, cuddle together on the sofa and enjoy stealing kisses. When we found out we were expecting our first baby none of that changed. While I’m pregnant we are making the most of quiet romantic nights in, special meals out and seeing friends, while the baby is still cosy and portable in the womb!”


Katie Carter, 27 weeks pregnant

“My relationship with my husband has definitely improved since I’ve been pregnant. It’s brought us closer together. We’re trying to make lots of ‘us’ time before the baby comes – going on a spa weekend and nice meals out – it all feels very romantic. My husband regularly tells me how beautiful he finds my new shape and gives me foot and shoulder massages whenever I feel tired – I’m very lucky! And though sex isn’t the first thing on my mind these days, as I feel so uncomfortable and big, I couldn’t have asked for more understanding husband.”

Ellie Allen, 36 weeks pregnant

“I haven’t really been in the mood for sex since I found out I was pregnant. We still love to kiss and cuddle, though this is starting to get uncomfortable now I’m getting bigger – it’s difficult to find a comfortable position. My emotions are all over the place too, I often cry over the slightest thing. My partner sometimes thinks I’ve gone mad!”

Sheryl Furness, 33 weeks pregnant

“Further into the pregnancy the physical side of our love life has slowed down. I find it hard to feel comfortable and sexy. I’m also exhausted most of the time. But the emotional side has improved quite dramatically, we spend a lot more time just sitting and cuddling, which is something we didn’t do much of before.”

Erica Corbett, 33 weeks pregnant

“I feel incredibly lucky because my husband is very supportive and caring. When he comes home from work complaining of his hard day, he pauses and says ‘I suppose that’s nothing compared to your day – you’re looking after a toddler and growing a whole new person!’ He loves the growing bump – he’s always stroking it and chatting away to it, which makes the whole thing seem worthwhile.”

Natasha Greensite, mum to Emma, 2 and 16 weeks pregnant

“Pregnancy has really brought us together – we were emotionally close before, but our bond is getting stronger as the weeks progress. David, my husband, finds the whole thing incredibly moving – he loves the fact that we’ve created a new human being together. And our love-life has changed too – although we’re not having sex so much as before, when we do, it feels really special.”

Emma Mitchell, 24 weeks pregnant

“My husband is away with work a lot at the moment, though this makes the time we do spend together very special. Once our little daughter has gone to bed we have the evenings to ourselves. Physically, I would have to say that things are better than they have been for a long time. Whether that’s just because we know each other so well now, or because having a little child has brought us closer together I don’t know. Whatever it is, I’m not complaining.

I speak to my husband on the phone daily and we always say that we love each other. My husband really tried to help out in any way he can – even if it’s just a lie-in at the weekend. And he nearly always cooks dinner. That to me is very romantic; it makes me feel special and cared for. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.”


Beverley Rogerson, mum to Evie, 1 and 8 weeks pregnant

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