How to be a new mum and keep your non-mum friends

If you relish an in-depth natter about your baby but want to keep hold of your friends who aren’t mums, here's how to avoid the 'baby bore' label


New mum? Here are five vital tips to help you avoid deterring your non-mum friends…


1. Steer clear of parenting jargon.

Talk about vaccines, weaning, sleep patterns and potty training will challenge the most patient of people. It’s fine to talk about your little ones, but keep it simple to avoid the glazed over ‘boredom’ eyes… Best keeping this kind of chat for when you’re with fellow mummy friends.

2. Keep your baby snaps to a 10 picture limit.

While it’s great to have treasured moments captured on camera for you, it’s not so interesting for your friends when subjected to a power point presentation of baby pictures and a short film on your baby’s development so far…

3. Leave out the gory details.

By this we mean avoid detailed descriptions of how many times your baby vomited today, the colour of the nappy contents or how the other day, your precious darling urinated all over you… Your non-parents friends will find this terrifying and it’ll probably put them off the baby talk altogether. But if it’s worrying you, always talk to a GP.

4. Spending a lot of time with a baby can cause you to lose the art of conversation, which is why it’s vital that you use your hairdresser or younger relative as your personal RSS feed.

Catch up to speed on the latest in news, politics, fashion and showbiz gossip, so the next time you meet with your non-mum friends, you’ll have plenty to talk about other than your baby.

5. Read the newspaper everyday.

It might sound simple but with the demands of a baby taking up your every moment, it’s not always the case. Get yourself a Kindle or electronic book reader so you can catch up on the news in between feeds without the rustling of paper disturbing your little one.

Find out how you can avoid the Baby Bore pitfalls


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