Improve your work-life balance

Are you a working parent? Here’s how to make it work for you and your family.


Improve your work-life balance

Are you a working parent? Here’s how to make it work for you and your family.


Getting the work-life balance right is even more difficult once you’ve started a family. Many mums (and dads) find themselves torn between wanting to pursue and advance in a fulfilling career, and dedicating themselves to bringing up children.

Some choose to take a career break, but others are loathe to lose that toehold in the world of employment. for fear it will be difficult to get back on the career ladder with a gap in the CV to explain.

If you do decide to return to work after having your baby, there are ways to make it work for you. Click through to find out how.


Improve your work-life balance

Look into your options

Work doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There are plenty of different working options: part-time, full-time, flexi-time, term-time, working from home. Think about how you would really like your week to run in an ideal world and make some choices about how to achieve it.

Employers are legally obliged to consider requests for flexible working from parents with a child aged under 16 (under 18 if the child is disabled). Click HERE for more information on flexible working rights.


Improve your work-life balance

Be positive

Employers invest a lot of time and resources in training and retaining women, so there is no need to apologise for having a family and wanting to work around your home-based obligations.

If you want to change your hours, emphasise the positive when putting your ideas to the boss.

Part-time workers are often more productive hour for hour than their full-time colleagues. Employees offered flexible working are also less likely to leave for employment elsewhere.


Improve your work-life balance

Do not feel guilty

Feeling guilty that you are not putting enough hours into your job or your childcare responsibilities helps no one – it just makes you feel worse.

Cuddle your children while you are with them and focus on the reasons why you are a great mum.

Concentrate on your job while you are at work and recognise that you make a valuable contribution there too.


Improve your work-life balance

Enjoy your job

When you’re at work, enjoy yourself, be productive and leave on time. There are real benefits to being a working mum, for you as an individual, your family and your company.

Don’t try to slip out unnoticed at the end of your day – with good time management, leaving on time will soon become second nature. You are entitled to do so!


Improve your work-life balance

Switch off when you’re at home

When you are at home, be 100% mum and leave work at work.


dentify family times when you switch on the answer phone and switch off your mobile. You do not have to be on call 24/7 to anyone – colleagues or family.

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