Is it OK to chuck away your child’s toys when they’re not around?

Lots of our mums reckon it's the only way to do it, though some think it should be a joint decision....


If you manage to walk more than 3 paces in our house this soon after Christmas without stepping on a doll’s head/cuddly giraffe/rabbit/fox or mislaid piece from a Trolls game – you’re doing pretty well.


Our 5-year-old daughter’s toys take over her bedroom, OUR bedroom, the lounge and any possible hallway or stair area like a sea of bright plastic and I find myself wondering how much an extension would cost JUST for all this stuff.

But what exactly is the best way to get rid of old toys?

My daughter tends to come back to her favourites all the time – so when I suggested once we take some to a charity shop, while she initially agreed, she did a 360-degree turnaround and decided she wanted to keep everything.

Oh Lord. ?

Luckily our very own MFM Facebook mums have come up with some solutions on how to streamline the endless toys at home.

And – in case you felt bad thinking about chucking some away by stealth – don’t. ‘Cos you’re definitely not alone.

Rachel B reckons the best way to start getting rid of stuff is to “just sort them when they are in bed and take them to charity shop next day.”

And we have to say – most of you reckon doing it by stealth is the only way to go.

“I do it in the evenings as would never get it done as he would want to keep everything lol,” Claire S tells us.


Imelda B agrees: “In my experience…..[get rid of stuff] when they aren’t there. It’s amazing how they forget they have stuff! Obviously don’t throw out the stuff they play with all the time.”

If you have older children, Triley C recommends doing it when they’re at school – and bedazzling them with a brilliant tidy-up job:

“Let the room get really messy, tidy it, chuck loads of stuff: when they get back their room is spotless and they say wow thanks mum.” Ooooh, good tip ?

A few of you, though, do have little ones who it seems you can let in on it all, which we think is pretty lovely.

Laura A recommends honesty: “Tell them that there are other children who are less fortunate and can use old toys or take care of teddies as we will be receiving new ones for Christmas/birthday. Works a treat in our house.”

And Lisa S agrees: “My children have always been included in the sorting process. They have been extremely generous over the years, donating toys they no longer use to charities or the our local hospital.

“They know they’re lucky to have lots of toys and they also understand that not all children are so fortunate.”

Fair do’s. One thing’s for sure – it has to be done – somehow and soon for lots of us, right? And some of you are already on it.

Kitty D told us: “We took bags to the charity shop yesterday. Feels so good to have a good clear out!”

And also says: “My New Year’s resolution is not to buy crap we don’t need! Going minimalist!”

Ah. Now maybe that’s the solution ?

What do you think?

What’s your preferred method of chucking old toys? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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