It's safe to say most parents kiss their children on the lips when they're small. They're just so scrumptious, why wouldn't you?


But at what age do you stop?

No one would question a goodnight kiss for your baby or a kiss when you leave him at nursery… but what about leaving him at the school gates with a smooch on the mouth? Would that be unusual? Of course, by the time they're at senior school, anyone who can even air kiss their teenage son is doing well...

The debate about kissing children on the lips has been fired up by Sam Faiers and her partner Paul Knightley.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star was the focus of a one-off show about the birth of her baby called The Baby Diaries. When 25-year-old Paul was shown kissing his mum Gaynor on the lips on the show, he was criticised on social media. So in defiance, Sam shared a picture of herself kissing her baby son Paul on the lips.

"I will kiss my baby boy on the lips forever ?❤️ thank you for everyone's support and kind comments on our show. Media & people will always try find negative. I'm happy & so totally in love with my family ???☺️?? #myworld #positive x," she commented on Instagram.

But the haters were quick to criticise yet again.

"I have to say me and my fiancé were watching the show and were rather shocked about the intimate kiss Paul and his mum shared. Cringe!!!!!" one user commented.

"That kiss was not normal! Yes kiss your children!!!! But not your 27-year-old son - it wasn't even just a peck, it was a full intimate kiss #weird !!!! It was very awkward to watch @samanthafaiers1," another added.

"Guess I wasn't the only one not liking him ? n that kiss... Oh gosh never seen anything like it!" another viewer wrote.

But others were more supportive, one saying, "I always kiss my little boy on the lips and have done since he was first placed in my arms ? xxxx" and another who said: "Keep kissing - they grow too quick xx."

Photos: Instagram / Sam Faiers and ITV Be

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