After the lukewarm response to the Penguins of Madagascar, DreamWorks Animation is hoping for big things with its alien adventure movie, Home.


Home hinges on the loveable relationship between an other-worldly creature named Oh and a girl called Tip.

You could be forgiven for thinking "I think I've seen that movie before," but that could be because the film is based on the children's book The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.

But that's not all. Parallels are also being drawn between Home and Disney’s hit 2002 movie Lilo & Stitch - "a tale of a young girl's close encounter with the galaxy's most wanted extraterrestrial."

So are they really that similar?

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1. Well, actually we think Home is funnier than Lilo & Stitch.

There are many humorous moments - for older children and adults, the dialogue is memorable. And for little ones, the visual comedy, such as the scene in which Oh is dancing, will have them in, erm, stitches.


2. The villains are not really that scary…

Great news for younger kids, the bad guys won’t give you sleepless nights. The Boov are a group of inept aliens on the run from the nasty Gorg (another group of aliens) and so take refuge on planet Earth. And then there’s Captain Smek (above), leader of the Boov and played by Steve Martin, who my 3-year-old said was the bad guy because of his "evil moustache".


3. Tip will appeal to most young girls…

Tip is brave, smart and tough. When she first meets Oh, she locks him in a freezer in a grocery store but it's not long before she strikes up a charming little friendship with him. Tip’s resourcefulness comes in very handy to avoid capture when on the run with Oh. Played by pop princess Rihanna, she'll probably be a big hit with female movie-goers too.


4. The film has big names like J-Lo and Jim Parsons as well as Rihanna for the voice talent.

The super talented Jim Parsons (better known as Sheldon Cooper in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory) is very endearing as Oh – he makes you love the alien and is oh-so-funny. Having Rihanna as the voice of Tip gives her mass appeal, and the singer lends Tip the spunky attitude that she needs. However, we're not convinced her vocals are versatile enough, especially when she's up against Jim Parsons.


5. There are some hilarious moments for children

Kids will adore the funny parts like when Oh goes into the men’s room, mistakes pee for lemonade, and accidently drinks it. Gross, we know…


6. And adults will be entertained too…

While the movie is predictable in parts, reminding you of a few films you've already seen, there's plenty to keep you watching. Steve Martin is great as Captin Smek and then there’s the soundtrack featuring Rihanna and J-Lo. And adult gags about things like lactose intolerance had many grown-ups guffawing in their seats. Not bad at all…