Is THIS the best way to ‘do’ World Book Day?

Some schools have chosen an option that means kids do get to dress up - but you don't have to buy or make them an outfit. And there IS a theme - but the kids can choose whichever book they like...


With just days to go, we reckon there are a fair few of you out there who are still negotiating with your little ones what they’ll be wearing on World Book Day.


Yep, the outfit becomes a pretty big focus: will you make it? Buy it? Use something they’ve already got knocking about in their dress-up wardrobe (a Disney Princess number, maybe?)

When we asked our mums about World Book Day, we have to say we were surprised by how many said their school had chosen a set theme for it.

(Isn’t WBD a theme in itself?)

For example, Rah H told us: “We have Harry Potter theme, from Reception all the way up.”

Lisa P said: “We have sci-fi this year, to coincide with a writer from Doctor Who visiting.”

And Teresa E said: “This year is Monstersaurus so a monster costume it is.”

We’ve also had mums mention Disney and Where’s Wally? as themes.

And while some of you liked the notion – “A theme is a good idea otherwise you end up with football kits and Disney princesses,” says Sarah B – others wonder how having a theme for the day encourages choice.

Then JeanVanessa G told us this: “We are having pyjama day for bedtime stories – thank goodness!!!”

And we have to say, this struck us as a pretty good idea indeed.

A bedtime story is, after all, any story you read your kid at bedtime, right? And PJs mean you don’t even have to get them dressed let alone buy or make them any new get-up for the day.

We have to say we reckon this could be the best thing to happen to World Book Day yet.

There’s still an element of fun/dressing up and doing something different, but there can be a bit more time and emphasis put on what book to take rather than what to wear.

What do you think?

What’s your little one going as? Do you think a theme’s a good idea – and what do you make of the pyjama idea? Tells us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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