Make some ‘Me Time’

As mum it’s vital to find time for you - here’s how…


Finding time for yourself when you’re a mum seems impossible, but  amid the stresses and strains of life, learning to relax and taking time- out will not only be good for your own well-being, you’ll also notice the balancing effect it will have on your whole family….


1.    Ask your partner or close family member to look after the children for half an hour or so at a regular time each week. Do not use the time to tidy up or put a laundry wash on! Instead, put your feet up and relax, take a bath or go for an energy boosting walk.

2.    If you have friends with children of similar ages start a ‘baby buddies club’, where you share afternoons minding each others children. It will be great for your children to learn social skills as too.

3.    Plan your free-time in advance so not a precious minute is wasted.

4.    If finances permit hire a cleaner. It’s a great idea if you have a small baby as that way you will have some time to sleep when he sleeps.

5.    Start a hobby –  arranging a baby-sitter for an actual purpose will ease your maternal guilt. Hobbies are a fun way to manage stress and will improve your social life. In some cases they could actually provide an income. 


6.    Go all out and take yourself off on a pamper day- we all deserve it every now and then. Visit Wahanda, for some great deals and special offers on relaxing pamper days.

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