Maternity and Child Benefit information

There's plenty of financial support available from the Government to help towards the costs of having a family…


1.You may be eligible for child tax credits for a new baby and any child living with you who’s under 16 (or 20 if in full-time education or training). From April 2011 , the Government will reduce tax credits eligibility for families with a household income of more than £40,000.


2. Find out what you are entitled to, visit,  a website to help you find appropriate sources of financial support, quickly and easily, based on your particular needs and circumstances.

3.The £500 Sure Start Maternity Grant helps low-income parents buy baby goods. You must be receiving certain other benefits to be eligible.

4.If you’re 25 weeks pregnant or more, you may be eligible for a £190 Health In Pregnancy Grant. Ask your midwife for a form. The Government will be stopping this grant on January 2011.

5. The Healthy Start scheme supports mums-to-be, new mums and families with young children who are on benefits, plus all mums-to-be under 18, with vouchers for fruit, veg and milk. To apply, call 0845 607 6823.

6.You can claim Child Benefit if you have a child under 16 (or over 16 if in education or training). It’s £20 a week for your eldest plus £13.20 for every other child.


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