Monarch Airlines – a family guide

Here's what Monarch has to offer families and pregnant travellers


Monarch helps take some of the questions out of travelling with a family with its simple guide to flying with babies, children and a bump.


Check-in baggage

  • Passengers can purchase hold baggage starting from £15.99 per person, per sector. Infants under the age of 24 months receive a 10kg baggage allowance on scheduled flights in conjunction with an adult hold bag (subject to payment of hold/checked-in baggage charges)
  • Pushchairs and car seats are carried free of charge in addition to the baggage allowance

Carry-on luggage 

  • You are allowed one piece of hand luggage. Dimensions must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (including handles and wheels) and it must weigh less than 10kg
  • Your baby is not entitled to cabin baggage
  • Travel cots may be carried in the hold but must form part of the 10kg infant baggage allowance (on payment of the relevant bag fee)
  • Buggies are not permitted in the cabin and will be taken from passenger at the gate, when boarding the aircraft


  • You are given the option to check-in online and can pre-allocate your seats to ensure that you are all sat together – prices start from £4.99 per person, per sector. You can also check-in at the airport where seats will be allocated for you and – where possible – families will be seated together

Note: a £30 fee applies when adding a baby to your booking


  • There are no heating facilities onboard but Monarch staff can provide hot water to aid bottle warming 
  • There are no objections to breast feeding onboard 
  • Standard airport restrictions apply to what liquids can be carried onboard


  • Babies don’t receive a meal as part of the normal catering service, however you’re welcome to take your own baby food/feeding bottles onboard
  • Children’s meals can be pre-booked in advance when creating your booking. Prices start from £7.99

Pregnant travel

  • You can fly up to 27 weeks without a certificate
  • A fit to fly certificate is required up to 34 weeks and after this time, you won’t be permited to travel

Cancellation policy

  • Normal sales rules apply with cancellations 

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