Mums share beautiful tribute tattoos to their children

Mums took to our Facebook page and our forum to share their body art - featuring their children's faces, names, birth dates and other symbolic images...


Here at MFM HQ, we have to say we LOVE ex-TOWIE star Dan Osborne’ tattoos of his kids, Ella and Teddy.


And we know lots of you have used ink to pay tribute to your little ones – not always with detailed portraits like these, but in so many other creative and equally beautiful ways.

Here are some of our mums’ amazing tribute tattoos for their children…


Submitted by: Rebecca B

Rebecca says: “My 16 year old has autism and obsessed with skulls so I had the puzzle piece done in the shape of a skull under his name.

“The birds represent my 5 miscarriages. I have 3 boys all rainbow babies. The date is my wedding day.”


Submitted by: Lucie Lu

Lucie says: “Here’s mine for my children when it was first done back in 2015. I have their names and times of birth on the clocks. The caption underneath says ‘I gave them life, they gave me a reason to live’. 

“Dan Osborne’s portrait tattoos are amazing. I would never be able to decide which picture of my children to tattoo on me.”


Submitted by: Laura H

Laura says: “I have flower that correspond with the months my children were born – this is a water lily for July.”



Submitted by: Angela S

Angela says: “My son is obsessed with elephants so this is inspired by him. I also got his name on my foot.”


Submitted by: Mona K

Mona says: “I’m not keen on portrait tattoos but I think Dan’s are very well done. You need a very good artist to pull these off! 

“My son was given a Buddhist name at a blessing – it was Nyima meaning sun – so I got a sun mandala to represent him.”


Submitted by: Chlooepee

Chlooepee says: “I know some are funny about tattoos but I love a bit of ink & can’t wait to get my leg piece extended ?  ‘M’ for Morgan!”


Submitted by: Heather S

Heather says: “Here’s my tattoo, with an empty heart for my little angel 


? “

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