10 things we’re going to do differently in 2020

What are you planning to do differently in the next 12 months? We discovered 10 main ways MFM mums will be changing their habits


The new year is upon us and for many it’s a time of reflection – looking back on the year gone by – and anticipation – of all the things the next 12 months could bring.


We know that people make resolutions and life changes at any time of year these days, but we still thought we’d check in with mums from our Facebook community to see if any had plans to do things – big or small – differently next year.

And we were surprised by how many told us that, yes – they’d be doing something new in 2020. Recognise any of these…

10 things our mums are doing differently for 2020

1. Doing more of something, rather than less

We’ve all got busy lives, and the new year is a great time to take stock of how much time we’re spending doing things that are important and that we actually want to do.

Stephie-Jade H tells us: “I always make a resolution to do more of something rather than stop doing something. It’s something my head teacher at school once said in an assembly and it’s stuck.

“So this year – it is to visit my grandparents more with my little one.”

Abi W is doing something similar, saying: “I’m taking Mondays off work to spend more time with my little girl. A mummy and me day!” YES!

2. Be better to ourselves

Time with family’s important, but so is time for yourself. So we love the idea of making a concerted effort to be good to yourself in the new year, which is exactly what lots of our mums are doing.

Kayleigh A, mum of 6 who sadly had a miscarriage this year, tells us: “My biggest resolution is to take some time for myself, which is of course not easy when you have 6 children, to give myself a bit of self care to get through it all.

“And a fairly obvious additional goal, is to hopefully be able to carry another baby next year, but not until I’ve taken care of me a little first.”

3. Going off to college

If you love learning and think you can fit it in, you might want to think about going back to college, or taking an evening class in a topic that interests you.

Farzana A tells us she’s planning on doing exactly that: “I hope to go back to uni to pursue something I’ve always wanted to do.

“I kept putting it off but 2020 is going to be my year and I will do it for my kids. No excuses this time!”

4.  Getting crafty

If you love a bit of make and do, and can find the time, you might want tot think about carving some time out for  a little creative fun.

Rebecca C tells us: “I don’t traditionally do resolutions but I’d love to make more effort at trying to be more crafty (especially with the boys) making more presents, decorations, etc – buying less and more thought.”

5. Changing up the job situ

The new year is often a time to consider changing jobs, but for some, like Laura D, it’s not always a choice.

Yet, she’s making the best of a tough situation. “I’ve just found out that I am being made redundant so my resolution will be to find a new job that gives me the flexibility to be there more for my family.”

6. Going more green

As the world seems to be waking up to the fact that we need to take the state of our planet seriously, many of our MFM mums are talking about doing small things to make a difference.

Sammy M planned to get started before the new year even came, saying: “I’m going to try and really reduce our plastic usage. I’ve already started in some areas of the house, but with the help of some eco-Christmas presents, I plan to make more changes.”

7. Stressing less

We’re loving seeing more awareness in the media and in general of mental health and wellbeing, so when mum Meghan B told us her aim for 2020 is to have less stress we gave some serious nods.

She says: “I’ve decided to make 2020 my stress free year. I tend to do things I do want to do for the sake of other people but next year I’m going to make sure I put myself and mental health first.” 

8. Getting more ‘out and about’ time with the kids

“Next year I really want to make the most of my time off at the weekends and try and organise days out for us as a family,” says Emma R.

“It’s become too easy to stay in the house doing housework. My girls are growing up so fast and I want to make as much memories as I can.”

And Charlie H agrees that her change for 2020 is “to attend more toddler groups with my son on my days off!”

9. Seeing friends more

Once babies come along, life gets even busier than it was before, and it’s hard to fit everything you want to do in. And one of our mums, Jenny B, says she really wants to get time with friends back in the diary in the new year, without the kids.

“My new year’s resolution is to try to make more time for friends, especially some baby-free time,” she tells us.

“Since my little one’s been on the move, catch-ups involve more chasing and placating than catching up.”

10. Getting sorted

Why wait until Spring to a house tidy and general clear-out? If you’re keen to get sorted and organised,  why not start now if you can fit in at all.

Charli H says to have “better organisation to get everything done” including “find the spare room under all the stuff stored in there” which we totally get.

And we think the idea of taking your tidy-up a room at a time is a great idea so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

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